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How Ramen Noodles Are Made!
Beast Reacts

Beast Reacts

Published on 9 months ago

now im hungry #shorts

Beast Reacts

Beast Reacts . 9 months ago

like this comment if you're hungry now

agusm . 5 hours ago

👇 😋 mom des is lekker
زيد عبابنه

زيد عبابنه . 14 hours ago

لعبه ٣٤ثفيبب
Hau Tran

Hau Tran . 17 hours ago


ออโต้ . 1 day ago

Moumen Radia

Moumen Radia . 1 day ago

if you eat that you be sick ☹️0/10
Ali Mohamed Abd El Aleem

Ali Mohamed Abd El Aleem . 2 days ago

اتمني ان اري مستر بيست😢
Bang jito

Bang jito . 2 days ago

Guy you friend guy guy 😂😂😂 guy

Joko . 3 days ago

Mis terbis coba kamu kumpulin orang islam dan ajak diya ber do'a

Roblox-Hugofuffufu5 . 3 days ago

Im eating Ramen Right now
Noor Alsyed

Noor Alsyed . 4 days ago

Isaiah Pedregon

Isaiah Pedregon . 4 days ago

I got one of your feastables
Justin Credible

Justin Credible . 6 days ago

Wait till jimmy sees how the transition surgery it done….lmfao
Brantley smithers booty butt

Brantley smithers booty butt . 6 days ago

Haithem 2004

Haithem 2004 . 6 days ago

We all miss him
وجدي عبابنه

وجدي عبابنه . 6 days ago

شاهد شهد 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

kyo . 7 days ago

give me a box of ramen
Marcin M.A.D

Marcin M.A.D . 7 days ago


Daнчик . 1 week ago

Бист верни Криса пожалуйста я прошу😢!

GALAHAD . 1 week ago

Then you turn into a woman 😂😂😂😂
Nicoli Quiroz

Nicoli Quiroz . 1 week ago

Gamma ray powder
Only Legends

Only Legends . 1 week ago

Jb Casano

Jb Casano . 1 week ago


Serpent . 1 week ago

We miss him
Jaxon Mays

Jaxon Mays . 1 week ago

Wasn't a bath vat of boiling oil

Halim . 1 week ago

Get away from that freak
Imran Hadzic

Imran Hadzic . 1 week ago

May Allah guide him back to normal 😢🙏
Husam Aoufe

Husam Aoufe . 1 week ago

magid khau

magid khau . 1 week ago

yuo r h jfj
Sparky The Espeon [Overseer]

Sparky The Espeon [Overseer] . 1 week ago

Crazy how people can get so mad so easily
Surekha Salade

Surekha Salade . 2 weeks ago

We miss him 😢

ben . 2 weeks ago

I was eating ramen while watching
Hamdan Siddiqui

Hamdan Siddiqui . 2 weeks ago

Youssef S

Youssef S . 2 weeks ago

Mr. Beast
Youssef S

Youssef S . 2 weeks ago

Give me money one million
*abudy* *albalushi*

*abudy* *albalushi* . 2 weeks ago

Say no to LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈🚫🗿💀
Game Play

Game Play . 2 weeks ago

Kenapa shorts gak di translate?
Rei Caixa

Rei Caixa . 2 weeks ago

How did we get here? I guess it was the weather.
Carl Stirling

Carl Stirling . 2 weeks ago

Love mr.boast!!!

Emm . 2 weeks ago

I’m eating them rn😂
Hietsep WEWE

Hietsep WEWE . 2 weeks ago

Asher miguel Bastida

Asher miguel Bastida . 2 weeks ago

I miss him:/
Sherilyn Guarin

Sherilyn Guarin . 2 weeks ago


Deezisfun . 2 weeks ago

Wait I was eating ramen......
Moldy Mushrooms

Moldy Mushrooms . 2 weeks ago

I watched this short while eating ramen.😂

julytheNERD🤓 . 2 weeks ago

i think yt is stalking me bro im eatin ramen 💀
Lamelo Ball

Lamelo Ball . 2 weeks ago

We miss him
Gemma Doria

Gemma Doria . 2 weeks ago

I’m hungry

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