The Cosmic Wonder

The Cosmic Wonder

Published on 1 month ago

#ghostrider Ghost Rider in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness! Ghost Rider could set up the Midnight Sons to appear in the MCU as well! Thanks to #Noom for sponsoring this video. Take your free 30-second quiz using the link here #sponsored #noominfluencer

Could we get a Keanu Reeves Ghost Rider? There is word going around that Keanu Reeves is in talks to play Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze in the MCU. The X-Men and Illuminati are also rumored to appear in the film. With Doctor Strange 2 introducing the multiverse and the more mystic side of Marvel, Ghost Rider and The Midnight Sons fit perfectly for an introduction in the MCU in this film!

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Comments :

The Cosmic Wonder

The Cosmic Wonder . 1 month ago

So pumped for this! I would LOVE to see Keanue Reeves play Ghost Rider! Who would you like to play Ghost Rider? Woof woof! Take your free 30-second quiz using the link here

Canyshea Wishop

Canyshea Wishop . 3 hours ago

If it isn't Keanu reeves, I would love Anthony Ramos

Philip Smi-Le Nguyen

Philip Smi-Le Nguyen . 1 week ago

Keanu Reeves should play Namor man. He would look so cool and be perfect for Namor and Daryl from walking dead is perfect for ghost rider.

Gary Morgan

Gary Morgan . 2 weeks ago

KEANUE ALL THE WAY! Please Marvel.

Ali Jaan

Ali Jaan . 2 weeks ago

I agree keanu reeves would be the best for ghost rider.


Boxingbear . 4 weeks ago

For those interested there is a very good Darkhold arc in Doctor Strange issues 58 - 62. Dracula figures into the story as does Scarlet Witch. Well worth a read.

David Lugo

David Lugo . 4 weeks ago

nicholas cage ghost rider 1 is the best, if second one wasnt shit we would actually have nicholas cage ghost rider in the mcu 100%

Emma Deli

Emma Deli . 4 weeks ago

"butlokiismephistoconfirmedendofstorygoodbye" LOLOLOL

David P

David P . 4 weeks ago

Norman Reedus would be an amazing choice for Ghost Rider.

Joseph Amaya

Joseph Amaya . 1 month ago

Yo this is gonna be awesome I thought they would never introduce Ghost Rider in the MCU even if it is a cameo also I have no idea who would make a good Ghost Rider I want to say Nick Cage because he was in the first Ghost Rider movies but I don't know

Clumsy Webhead

Clumsy Webhead . 1 month ago

I just want a Spider-Man blade movie about them going through the vampire underground

ITs Nervin

ITs Nervin . 1 month ago

i think as always Nicolas cage would be the perfect fit for the ghost rider roll

Rob Tapling

Rob Tapling . 1 month ago

I like Keanu in this part. That would be a serious cou for the MCU

Santosh Rawal

Santosh Rawal . 1 month ago

Nicholas cage is just perfect ghost rider

Martin Salazar

Martin Salazar . 1 month ago

Cool post 😊👍🙏👏🏻👌


lilsisco . 1 month ago

I hope keanue reeves plays ghost rider but I could also see him play namor

Jamell Jones

Jamell Jones . 1 month ago

I will always enjoy the first Ghost Rider.

Ryan Garrett

Ryan Garrett . 1 month ago

Ghost rider is literally one of the best marvel characters ever. With him coming to the mcu they are opening up a ton of opportunities. The biggest one is the fact that they could run with him and give him his own movie or even a show!!

Kamron Archer

Kamron Archer . 1 month ago

...How is Keanu too old to play Wolverine? James isn't supposed to be or even look young...he's more like a 48 year old Mickey Rourke.


Genus . 1 month ago

I want jhonny blaze ghost rider and not any other ghost riders like Robbie rayes


MR AC . 1 month ago

I think the next person to play Batman should be Jay Leno because he has a lot of cars. I hate when people say that Keanu Reeves for be perfect for Ghost Rider just because he has a motorcycle and he looks cool. I think he should be Mephisto Kraven the Hunter or Nightmare. Keanu Reeves is 56 years old I can't see him do Ghost Rider. Most likely Ghost Rider will be in the MCU for a very long time. I can't see Keanu Reeves doing 8 to 9 movies and Disney+ show. He to big of a actor to do 8-9 movies and Disney+ show. I think Ghost Rider should be a man in his early 30s late 20s

Some body

Some body . 1 month ago

Wanda didn't read the warning before the spell in the book. That's how the multiverse opened lol.


King_Cronos . 1 month ago

Ok dont get me wrong, I love Keanu Reeves but I want Nick Cage back

Deadman Rashaun

Deadman Rashaun . 1 month ago

What do you think of rapper Method Man playing Bishop in the MCU? They look like they can be twins!

King Sadao

King Sadao . 1 month ago

I Want Nicolas Cage as Ghost Rider again!😂

Robert Martin JR.

Robert Martin JR. . 1 month ago

The big bad for Dr Strange 2 is Shuma Gorath.


Loutzenheiser . 1 month ago

Keanu's a top pick for sure. But if Marvel were looking to go younger than Keanu, Norman Reedus would be my pick. We know he's a great actor and he rides motorcycles too.

Steven S

Steven S . 1 month ago

Keanu all the way! 🏍 💀 🔥 🤙🏼

Anthony LaGreca

Anthony LaGreca . 1 month ago

I do agree it would definitely fit Keanue beautifully so hopefully he nails a big marvel Role soon

dylan lasiuta

dylan lasiuta . 1 month ago

I hope they bring back Carter slades ghost rider and explore the old west version of ghost rider.

Mr. Moseby

Mr. Moseby . 1 month ago

Remember when the rumor was nick cage is coming back? Well here's your big announcement. Ngl nick cage is a whole generations ghost rider like wolverine

daniel schooley

daniel schooley . 1 month ago

Too much time spent on the ad i wanted to the subject of the video not 45 seconds on the ad also alec baldwin as ghost rider hmmm nah

Mr What Zit Tooya

Mr What Zit Tooya . 1 month ago

Charlie hunnam as Johnny blaze Norman reedus as Danny ketch Keanu Reeves as dr doom I have spoken

frank j Zbink

frank j Zbink . 1 month ago

I am happy to hear Ghost Rider and the midnight sons, will they use the comic line up.

לירון אביב

לירון אביב . 1 month ago

what with this obsession with KR and the MCU?...

Jonathan Levesque

Jonathan Levesque . 1 month ago

What were the news that came out over that weekend?

Richard Lucio

Richard Lucio . 1 month ago

Will you be doing videos on M.O.D.O.K?

Oscar the Nugget

Oscar the Nugget . 1 month ago

I hope we can get both Keanu and Gabriel Luna both be the Ghost Riders

Maulik Lewis

Maulik Lewis . 1 month ago

Keanu Reeves should definitely play ghost rider , no questions asked😂😂😂😂

Taylor Elwell

Taylor Elwell . 1 month ago

Love Keanu but ghostrider?

Leonardo Santos

Leonardo Santos . 1 month ago

Now this is definitely super exciting news for all of us everywhere. From this video, it looks like we could have idea of when Ghost Rider will be coming to the MCU. Now it does make sense for Ghost Rider to make his MCU debut in this movie because the movie itself is suppose to have a horror aspect, and given the fact that Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) himself can be be really scary, he could fit in perfectly to at least make a cameo, and he could possibly make his MCU debut by being from a different universe. Also, I'm sure we should all know by now what Ghost Rider's story is. If Ghost Rider does make a cameo in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, I guess it also makes sense that he could then appear in other movies and possibly get his own movie as well. The same thing goes for Keanu Reeves being the best person to play the character. Also, to continue on if Ghost Rider does make a cameo in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, I guess it also makes sense that The Midnight Sons could eventually come together because we already have some members of the group who are coming to the MCU soon, and it could be necessary to do because of the Darkhold. So hopefully, everything from this video will come true so that it can all lead up to Ghost Rider coming to the MCU in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as a cameo. It still really disappoints me that almost every Marvel and Sony project has been delayed due to the pandemic that we're currently in right now. But even though this gets more disappointing day by day as most movies and TV shows get delayed or postponed, we all still need to understand that its only for own health. So I hope like everybody else that everyone stays safe and healthy. I'm absolutely looking forward to the Marvel Legends Stormbreaker giveaway. I absolutely hope that I'll be the winner because I don't have any Marvel merchandise of any kind.

Brandon Eubanks

Brandon Eubanks . 1 month ago

No. Nicholas Cage is the only one who can play Ghost Rider.

Patrick Bollegraf

Patrick Bollegraf . 1 month ago

Keanu Reeves as Ghost rider would be epic

Gerald McGoose

Gerald McGoose . 1 month ago

The ten check relatedly stroke because anethesiologist pathohistologically polish afore a far-flung malaysia. puny, soggy chauffeur

Patrick Bateman

Patrick Bateman . 1 month ago

The pic at 7:45? What are we looking at. Is it Dr. Strange and scarlet witch behind him, Vision to the right and ... a Zombie IronMan? Thoughts?

Patrick Bateman

Patrick Bateman . 1 month ago

Loki is mephisto whuuuuut?

Craig Bell

Craig Bell . 1 month ago

Can't wait for ghostrider

Shamoon Rana

Shamoon Rana . 1 month ago

It's not the blip that caused the multiverse to collapse, because when Thanos "snapped", he didn't do anything to the Multiverse, he just erased Half of the population and when Dr. Banner "snapped", he brought that specific population back. But perhaps it could be that when Steve returned to Peggy to "live his life" he accidently caused the multiverse to collapse because he doesn't belong to that timeline, and we all heard what Dr. Banner had to say about altering the timelines... It could really mess things up in a "Snap" :)

Matthew Horn

Matthew Horn . 1 month ago

It better be Johnny blaze

John Connor

John Connor . 1 month ago

Bring back Nichols cage to finish off his arc

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