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Rivian R1T After 500 Miles!
Auto Focus

Auto Focus

Published on 9 months ago

Things I like and dislike about the Rivian R1T after 500+ miles!

The video we shot with it: https://d-yt.com/watch/d7y9z7pjCRM

Rombout Versluijs

Rombout Versluijs . 2 days ago

Hahah i vet those guys were testinf an instagram360 x3. Ive seen video where they use this super long s pfiestick abd the footage basically looks like a drone @5:00
Rombout Versluijs

Rombout Versluijs . 2 days ago

I kive on a tiny caribbean island called Curaçao. I saw one od these riding here couple mobths back. Was amazed by the loo, especiallg that fron and rear light bar. Looks so cool. Here there are not many electroc cars and thus not many charging stations. This electric stuff is pretty new here.

Ps what the hell was that blacl car movong which was aside of this truck. Look so weird under that daro tarp. @3:10
Jerome Jenkins

Jerome Jenkins . 2 days ago

The rear view mirror is it standard or a camera ?
Kellic AnonymousTiger

Kellic AnonymousTiger . 2 weeks ago

Too many foundational issues for the price, IMHO. Sure it will probably get ironed out long term but I'm not dropping a min of 75K on a vehicle that has locking issues, issues with range calculation (I've seen this on other channels.), possible issues with the cover, etc. Especially on a new company who fingers crossed will be here in 10 years.
Yes this is one of the more sick, and cooler EV's out there. But this isn't a $1700 phone. If I'm dropping this kinda bank I want it to be in that luxury category which is what a 75K vehicle falls into which also means close to perfection out of the gate. Yes most of that money is for the tech, but it still should be achieving far better quality for that price.

S G . 3 weeks ago

Rivian, Lucid, Polestar... which will last, which will die.
Chris Kitchen

Chris Kitchen . 3 weeks ago

I’d love to see an update on this video considering eight months of living with it and software updates. I’d be very interested in your comparison of the software especially.

Dave . 1 month ago

Fast foward 8 months later and Rivian is $2 from being Delisted on the stock market 🤣🤣
Expedição Natureza

Expedição Natureza . 1 month ago

You haved Good idea about this car. Congratulation
Haven Melton

Haven Melton . 1 month ago

They look at it because of the lights on the front, it they did not have that Irobot lookiing like, I would have consider

ShyguyisRyguy . 1 month ago

Dashcam just got announced by Rivian as of April 2023, should be coming in a future software update. I read about this the same day my R1T got rear-ended. /:

Fearlys . 1 month ago

Can we get another update on this car later =), thanks!
David Blah -

David Blah - . 1 month ago

Rivian heading towards BANKRUPTCY. Lost 90% on stock market.
Firdavs Abdulloev

Firdavs Abdulloev . 1 month ago

Does anyone know if Marques uses the iPhone handheld or he uses some kind of gimbal? Also does he film to rear camera?
Mathijs Kok

Mathijs Kok . 1 month ago

So you complained about fingerprints on a utility truck. I will never understand Americans.

CarloR . 2 months ago

$73000 is so expensive.
Abhishek Moe

Abhishek Moe . 2 months ago

You sound like you’re complaining every post but your not even knowing how you sound
Ted Baxter

Ted Baxter . 2 months ago

Stop it! They are not taking pictures of the truck. They are taking pictures of you!
Jason Gallardo

Jason Gallardo . 2 months ago

Can you review NIO electric cars
Barn Star

Barn Star . 2 months ago

The Rivian looks handsome in red.

Marco BRA_USA . 2 months ago

I think it looks pretty ugly. But I want one.
something funny

something funny . 2 months ago

I love the review and you make me want an electronic car, to bad I'm still not Rich enough to get one, I'll get there though and you motivate me to be there thank you for the videos 😊
Kelly Moses

Kelly Moses . 2 months ago

The Cybertruck is a moronic design.
Meme Supplier 64

Meme Supplier 64 . 2 months ago

I’m sorry but if your a truck guy and you use this for work your not worried about a little scratch on the tail end

Dirkmez . 2 months ago

No worries with the temp in Celsius , it makes more since anyway, 0c is freezing temp of water and 100c is boiling temp of water.
Páris Piedade Neto

Páris Piedade Neto . 2 months ago

MATT RED EVERYTHING ( would it be cool a satin finish? )
tommy leite

tommy leite . 2 months ago

Thanks for all your honest insights. I´ve always said that EV is not for everyone. And I think the government and media in general are making a mistake pushing every single person to purchase an EV. This is my take:
EV is for people that are early adopters (usually are aware that new tech is not always perfect), people that do not depend on the car for long trips that are time sensitive, people that mostly take short city trips, people that can mostly charge at home (fast charging is sometimes more expensive than regular gas).
EV is not for people that live in remote areas, people that are impatient, people that are tech challenged, people that don´t have a way to charge at home.
Andy's Angels

Andy's Angels . 2 months ago

It may not have a dash cam but when you showed the camera on the mirror you missed the other camera on the mirror facing forward. I’m sure if there’s one on the other mirror and the video is combined then that makes a bad ass dash camera

hiczok . 2 months ago

quality is great on smartphones but lens flare and wind noise is what the have to work on
Mohamed Hassan

Mohamed Hassan . 2 months ago

Metric system rules!!!

Celsius is super necessary.
david c smith

david c smith . 2 months ago

Watch the video of it in cold weather 😮
Alex Cruz

Alex Cruz . 2 months ago

Yeah but your stating a YouTube channel with millions of sub in your brand lol
John J Riggs Archery

John J Riggs Archery . 2 months ago

Nah, it need more computers and touch screens. Maybe add an espresso maker.
G Train

G Train . 2 months ago

That's because only numpties use F...

シムカ . 2 months ago

12:18 coz stop use bananas and other stuff for measuring, use metric system lol
Wissam Fekir

Wissam Fekir . 2 months ago

4:14 Nice! 👍
Anne Boyer

Anne Boyer . 2 months ago

Why you would still continue to talk positively about a charlatan like Musk and his diagonals-sketched-by-a-9-year-old vehicle that was supposed to release long ago, is beyond me. Maybe you're too 'invested' after all the positive coverage over the years and lost objective truth.
Monica Pelayo

Monica Pelayo . 3 months ago

I want a rivian R1T soooo bad but obviously it’s hella expensive

Proudfoamer . 3 months ago

What the charging range?

pbsing . 3 months ago

I was wondering if the R1t had a dash cam feature. Hope Rivian updates the feature soon. BTW how do you access and copy videos from the truck? Let's say you need a video for a police report or something. How large is the hard drive?
Travis Pierce

Travis Pierce . 3 months ago

What if they did charging stations set up like gas stations. Where you charge from the side instead of in a parking lot format. It would make it easier for electric vehicles to charge and be able to reach regardless of where the charging port is.
s ga

s ga . 3 months ago

You could possibly be a candidate as a spokesman for Rivian.. seriously sir.
Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell . 3 months ago

Weakest links are lack of level 3 DC fast chargers. MOST public chargers are slow level 2. We need more level 3’s. All of Teslas superchargers(Dc fast charger) are level 3 130-250 kw. Public level 3 mostly 50 kw. Rare 100 kw let alone their advertised 350 kw
Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell . 3 months ago

Love the Lightning especially headlights and bar lights

suche114 . 3 months ago

great review, i think its not a good looking truck.
Joel Crow

Joel Crow . 3 months ago

What does he say at hello "Cubby EHD here"?

Kaiō . 3 months ago

I’m curious, would you still buy this truck over the Ford F -150 Lightning?
B Bremer

B Bremer . 3 months ago

At $48k it would be very impressive. At over $70K, not so much.
sanjay bhatikar

sanjay bhatikar . 3 months ago

Was behind one of these on the expressway and God.. it is so slooooow!
Ffrenchie Ffrench

Ffrenchie Ffrench . 3 months ago

Are you using the front or back cameras? What settings? I have a 13Pro but not sure where to start.
Thank you

Josh . 3 months ago

Bro you can't spell car.

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