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Would You Rather Have 128 Minecraft Diamonds or Real Diamonds?


Published on 2 weeks ago

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Would You Rather Have 128 Minecraft Diamonds or Real Diamonds?


Angeleah Hilborn

Angeleah Hilborn . 18 hours ago

Creeper rain
Tinmiak Snow

Tinmiak Snow . 19 hours ago

My man almost said the f word

Skeletonslash . 22 hours ago

You could’ve done a
extra round
Donna Bourguignon

Donna Bourguignon . 1 day ago

Creeper 15

Ghanliao . 2 days ago

Mon C

Mon C . 2 days ago

Christi Johnson

Christi Johnson . 2 days ago

bilinas mini

bilinas mini . 2 days ago

I enjoyed this video thank you Nathan for making this video.

wandaa887 . 2 days ago

In Sugar Grove I like your videos The Stinking Rose every single video I watch and I forgot your name but I know your name come over to her house and I'll let you see how much Furniture we have in my mommy broke her back so you maybe to come home over I don't know but you can come over and fall me this do you do when your bored I put a lot of games show can you how many games do you play dysphonia G but has no YouTube

shred87 . 2 days ago

Unspeakable you're awesome I would love to be 1 of your videos and by the way my name is lily and I am 9 years old I would love to be in 1 of your videos please🙏😻
Andrew Bahena

Andrew Bahena . 2 days ago

Unspeakable would you rather say Jesus is real or Jesus is not real
Liam McLeish

Liam McLeish . 2 days ago

Chicken joe1428

Chicken joe1428 . 2 days ago

Hi unspeakable! I think you should do a normal Minecraft play through. I think that would be so cool. No mods or anything. Maybe a texture pack or 2. But I think this idea would be cool!

dozala . 2 days ago

What do u think?😎

Axolotl_Rae . 2 days ago

Courtney Smart

Courtney Smart . 3 days ago

Michaela Boitano

Michaela Boitano . 3 days ago

I would rather anvil rain

camden88 . 3 days ago

I liked when you called aswd a slam bogr
Tori Micheltorena

Tori Micheltorena . 3 days ago

April Villegas

April Villegas . 3 days ago

Krista Flake

Krista Flake . 3 days ago

Andre-Johan Stevens

Andre-Johan Stevens . 3 days ago

nabil bel

nabil bel . 3 days ago

you won unspeakable aswd didnt win
Oliver Woolfrey

Oliver Woolfrey . 3 days ago

Karen Price Erdpohl

Karen Price Erdpohl . 3 days ago

Karen Price Erdpohl

Karen Price Erdpohl . 3 days ago

Ian Shersher

Ian Shersher . 3 days ago

Aswd more like loser wd
Arianna Brentt

Arianna Brentt . 3 days ago

both is fine with me
Simon Nickols

Simon Nickols . 3 days ago

Good vidoes
wong candy

wong candy . 3 days ago


CropoxeSV . 3 days ago

Your the best thank you so much for bringing me joy when I was 6 years old your the first Minecraft channel I've ever watch you are the best thank you
Professor Wonkle

Professor Wonkle . 3 days ago

Do you remember when Breanna Pranked you
Georgia van Eijkel

Georgia van Eijkel . 3 days ago

Did you know that you can do /give unspeakelblegame light_block to give you an invisible light

Jude . 4 days ago

Me anvil my friend creeper

Mar . 4 days ago

anvil rain 4 sure
Andrew Eversole

Andrew Eversole . 4 days ago

This is not actually my server

Unspeakablefanchrisland . 4 days ago

Anvil rain
Emily Bass

Emily Bass . 4 days ago

Anvil will have a chance to miss you

4mariki . 4 days ago

Preston said that you are a Christian wait you are? What church/ denomination are you?
m ker

m ker . 4 days ago

Mr. nothing

Mr. nothing . 4 days ago

Unspeakable I don’t watch you anymore because im 16 but you were my Child hood YouTuber I was with you till 100 subs your first vid was the top 10 tnts keep up the good work man
Ashley Reinhard

Ashley Reinhard . 4 days ago

callus no scoped you
Zoe Layson

Zoe Layson . 4 days ago

Do huggy wuggy 2
Jerry Hayes

Jerry Hayes . 4 days ago

I think that you are bedr then aswd
Jerry Hayes

Jerry Hayes . 4 days ago

Daniels favorites

Daniels favorites . 4 days ago

I love scorpions

XXXtentacion_fan . 4 days ago

I don't know why but red looked a little better every time. Good job unspeakable.

Lil,Ray,Sysy . 4 days ago

doire aintu

doire aintu . 4 days ago

Unspeakable I'll be so very happy and will make my day)
AstroYash Senpai

AstroYash Senpai . 4 days ago

Wow I am seeing him after such a long time. I'm turning 18 this year and he has been with me for all this time. You were the first mc ytber I ever watched :) love u unspeakable and I hope you, moose and shark are all happy. Would love it if you saw this

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