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The 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV is the Best Deal in Electric Cars!
Auto Focus

Auto Focus

Published on 6 months ago

Chevy Bolt EUV, shot on Pixel 7 Pro!

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The Studio video: https://d-yt.com/watch/Z1_JGSG707U

Port Cybertryx

Port Cybertryx . 1 day ago

Sadly Chevy is discontuin the bolt ev and euv
mark spence

mark spence . 4 days ago

Word. The Bolt EUV seems very expensive at first, but if you have access to chargers, it is a good value.
F Gamby

F Gamby . 1 week ago

You did an excellent job reviewing this Bolt. I'm glad I stumbled upon your video while doing a search. Keep up the good work!
Clay More

Clay More . 2 weeks ago

Very good review :)

mysteryshrimp . 2 weeks ago

I have a bolt EUV as a rental right now.

Going from 15 to 80% at 50kw charging took 65 minutes.

They obviously made the decision to take room from the trunk and give it to the passengers.

The Hyundai Kona is without question the direct competition. It was what Hertz told me I was getting before handing me the chevy keys, and it's probably what I would buy right now.
Taco Bell Mexican Pizza

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza . 2 weeks ago

Chevy bolt is awesome man

ThatFloridian . 2 weeks ago

This is a steal of a city car it can be road tripped but with it being capped at 55Kw charging it’s not fast if this had 70-100 kw charging it would be a amazing car all around

Way . 3 weeks ago

Great review!
Tony nimmons

Tony nimmons . 3 weeks ago

They should simply put an alternator in those electric cars so that would cancel out all the charging all the plug it in and all the brick region
William Ledbetter

William Ledbetter . 3 weeks ago

I will probably never get a Chevy bolt just because it’s ugly

Thomas . 4 weeks ago

I rode in a few a these EV's & let me tell ya they are by far the best. I've been saving up ta buy one real soon.

CritiQ . 4 weeks ago

Love the channel. I would like to know what you think of the sound systems in all these cars that you review. Especially since it's a very unique experience in every vehicle.
LG Skiller

LG Skiller . 4 weeks ago

I'd be interested in a comparison with other EV's in this price range with similar range (ex. mini SE) although it is a tiny car lol
Michael Bell

Michael Bell . 1 month ago

$36k for all that plastic? lol. People actually think this is some kind of deal and an "economy" vehicle? This world is doomed....


How much is the price?

Z . 1 month ago

GM should of went out of business many years ago. This is what happens when a company fails and you keep them alive. They fail again and again. Can we let someone else take over and give it a try now? Maybe don't bail out shitty companies?
Travis Yarbrough

Travis Yarbrough . 1 month ago

Super SLOW DC " Fast " Charging. Not even to full in an HOUR !!!!!! Slows way down at 80%

ALEX HSIEH . 1 month ago

And it's gone

idonjuany . 1 month ago

Rest in peace Chevy Bolt. 2016-2023 😢
Hamid Kian Gaikani

Hamid Kian Gaikani . 1 month ago

Why front wheel drive reaaaaaally? It’s disappointing 😢

ggggg . 1 month ago

lt1 with a couple affordable packages + tax credit should bring this down to around 24-25 which is EXTREMELY affordable. I regret getting my kona over this, there's more room in the back then the design would suggest. even the bolt ev has more rear legroom.
Two Dogs And Their Family

Two Dogs And Their Family . 1 month ago

I would have been nice to note that the Bolt has some of the fastest L2 charging out today at 11.5kW. So while it isn't very fast for L3 DCFC for long road trips, it charges very fast at home or work and works great around town. I average 3.6 mi/kWh and don't try very hard, many get 4+. And after the $7500 tax credit, you can get a base model bolt for around $25k.
Drew Colpurs

Drew Colpurs . 1 month ago

I think a major detractor for the audio quality is that it's stereo, so as he's holding and moving the phone, we're getting vastly different quality and loudness between ears.

VideoForDoh . 1 month ago

Rare that I watch a video twice months later but this video is not only compelling but the car itself seems to be holding up, imo
The-EXpertStreet B-Racer

The-EXpertStreet B-Racer . 1 month ago

As much as I want American car (owned many of them). Nowadays it lacks their driving experience standards and became like cars of Japan in early 2000s. Since EVs are the future, I advise to buy Japanese and Korean EVs. Going for anything else is a mistake.
Malsawm Khaute

Malsawm Khaute . 1 month ago

Sound is better then iPhone 14
Thomas Passarelli

Thomas Passarelli . 1 month ago

I had a 2012 Toyota Prius C. It had 130,000 miles. I got in an accident and totalled it. It had the orginal battery. I then had a 2021 Hyundai Ioniq it had 55,000 miles no issue. I traded it in. Just wanted an EV. I currently have a 2023 chevy bolt. With 20,000 miles I put on it. 2023. First year no battery recall. Only major issue is the seatbbelt fire shield recall. Will solid state batteries eventually replace lithium ion batteries? Is lithium the new crude oil? Also EV have less transmission issues because they are more simple in EVs and have less gears. A Nissan Leaf battery has no conditioning (called) system, the Leafs batteries are air cooled. Some ICE still have fires, recalls, and other issues.
Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell . 2 months ago

We need more level 3 Dc fast charger or Tesla’s private network superchargers(also Dc fast charger) at least 120-250 kw. Sadly, most charging stations usa only level 2, 7-19 kw. Sadly, most public DC fast chargers are only 50 kw. Rare 100 kw let alone 350 kw they always talk about. Tesla navigation keeps you informed of next charge station and availability with so many stalls in good repair. Located safe areas with restaurants. In and out 15 minutes with 250 miles of added charge. Seamless. We need only level 3’s not 2’s but level 3’s very expensive. Teslas Msrp helps pay for more superchargers. Competition pushing that problem to taxpayers and other private companies. Tesla super chargers with more solar and battery storage. Able to undercut costs/ kwh competitions costs. Tesla always thinking ahead. They started with low gas prices and no tax incentives
Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell . 2 months ago

A Toyota gets the jjob down without drama. It’s reliable and that’s all I want crowd. A corvette and Lambo fill the same niche but one pulls on your heart strings more. One vehicle more an adventure or journey. You look forward to the next drive. You give the car a second look or two as you walk away. Your almost thrilled just looking at it as driving it. Yes, some buy as a Joneses thing. They do not know if made in England, Japan or Italy. They do not really appreciate but real car enthusiasts do. Yes, the corvette most bang for the buck but still a Chevy. Bolt a great commute car. Nothing special just gets the job done.
Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell . 2 months ago

Legacy auto should give you more than you expect vs startup companies. Startup companies have huge debt over profits vs legacy companies.
Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell . 2 months ago

Bolt EUV 169.5 inches length. Model Y 187 inches, Mini Cooper countryman suv 169.7. Again, why does cheap mean smaller. GM can afford larger at same price point.
Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell . 2 months ago

GM had huge parts bins should be more equipped and nicer than similar priced competitors car. When you buy a HJC motorcycle helmet, worlds largest, more premium materials same price point of competitors. Startup like Tesla and Rivian had to start from the ground up at huge costs. Legacy auto already owned dirt, buildings, and infrastructure plus GM 10 billion in subsidies, Ford 8 billion. Where is the money going
Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell . 2 months ago

Why a push button to start. Tesla you get in and go, no drama. Why do some cars still use fob buttons to open and lock cars?
Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell . 2 months ago

You made a great point of expectations of interior. In the 60-70’s very few cars on the lot. Most were ordered and everything à la carte. From air conditioning, power seats, power windows, power steering and brakes, am radio vs more premium radios, rear window defrosters, leather, cloth,etc. The Japanese cars were more fully equipped from the factory as it speeded up production line if all cars similar. Now more cars on lots but harder to find minimal optioned cars. People expect power windows, seats, air conditioning, etc., standard. When Hyundai elanta arrived with fully optioned like a $70,000 competitor for $25,000 manufacturers had to rethink differences like nicer interiors. Tesla same options all their vehicles but size of the vehicle differentiates. Interesting
Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell . 2 months ago

Truthfully, this newest version of the interior is much improved.
Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell . 2 months ago

I have watched auto reviews for years. I love your format. You hit all the good and bad. A 10 minute video is perfect. Thx
Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell . 2 months ago

Sitting in similar msrp cars gm vs Japanese more hard plastics with GM.
Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell . 2 months ago

Bolt is tiny. Just a little larger than mini Cooper. Why do inexpensive cars have to be tiny? Another reason for manufacturers to discourage from buying???
Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell . 2 months ago

A new gas car is $48,000 mid size. Average mid size new tech EV $58,000. They are still selling new old school Escalades for over $100,000!!! EV no oil filters in land fills every 5000 miles. Charge at home and save, no petrochemical odors, no exhaust leaks into cabin, low maintenance
Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell . 2 months ago

For a rental type car best bang for the buck

Vauger99 . 2 months ago

I get the EV in about 2 weeks!
Caramel Pup

Caramel Pup . 2 months ago

Never buying Chevy again, had to rebuild my transmission for $3000 at only 55k miles on my 2012 Chevy Cruze which I got for 7k from my coworker. Cheap upfront cost cars but the insanely early repair and costs will get you in the end.
Robert Kulikowski

Robert Kulikowski . 2 months ago

A very simple and informative presentation.👍👍
Troy S.

Troy S. . 2 months ago

Love the review. Could influence my decision.
jesse demers

jesse demers . 2 months ago

I like to hear more about cars like this. I haul around a lot of video equipment and i don't see many electrics other than luxury pickups that can do that
Da Alpha Supreme

Da Alpha Supreme . 2 months ago

I build this EV. It is a steal. GM will get rid of Android Auto & Apple Car Play on EVs on all future products
Kevin Bonds

Kevin Bonds . 2 months ago

Thanks for making me take another look at the Bolt. Still driving and loving my 2013 Volt - so I’m a fan. Would like you to include V2L ability in your reviews if possible. Cheers.
Dayvid Graybill

Dayvid Graybill . 2 months ago

I’ve been watching your channels for quite a while now. I show your Spot Boston Dynamics video in one of the philosophy courses I teach. You have really good insight on tech and EVs. Recently I was thinking about buying an ID.4. Are you going to road test one soon?
Ridley Ramos

Ridley Ramos . 2 months ago

I am tall, how is the head space?
Nathan Payne

Nathan Payne . 2 months ago

Oh, you gettin that Chevy money.

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