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The Aftermath of the Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather Fight


Published on 2 weeks ago

Taken from JRE #1664 w/Josh Dubin:

Comments :

donny d

donny d . 3 hours ago

That was NOT a fight,a professional boxer can kill a normal guy. It happens all the time... It's crazy even remotely thinking it was a real boxe match. The freak show was not about Logan being bigger...but the craziness of an amazing athletic making a fool of himself for money... Logan of course is trash and everything he does is trash... lucrative but still trash.


DARTH VAPER . 3 hours ago



T M . 14 hours ago

Rogan being acceptive towards the Paul brothers just shows why he’s the best in the business…. Wether he actually felt that way in the beginning, was flipped, or is just faking it he knows how shitty it looks to be that grumpy old man. Compared to Dubin faking it… starting off giving them credit & by the end trying to get Jake to fight Andre FUCKING Ward… the undefeated monster who without injuries would get $100+ Million to fight fucking Canelo. Lol yea bro to show Jake Paul’s legit in his 4th fight he should fight Andre Ward


CsGoat968 . 15 hours ago

I think Jake throws more straight and hard punches because he’s confident there’s a 99% chances he’s going to win, Logan fought an actual boxer (one of the best ever) which is probably why he looked more sloppy with his punches Side note I don’t think either of them can actually stack up to half the amateur boxers working their way up the ranks

Tavish Srivastava

Tavish Srivastava . 20 hours ago

When did rocky fight hulk Hogan?


frawldog . 22 hours ago

Get me on your show

Lies Tricks

Lies Tricks . 1 day ago

Joe Rogan vs Logal Paul. Come on make it happen and watch the internet explode

Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson . 1 day ago

Soon as I heard about the fight I knew it was for the money


Michael . 1 day ago

People want to see them get fucked up yea BUT they engineer fights so they WONT get fucked up, thats why its utter bullshit. They literally fake it so they won't get knocked out, so boring and shit

Maka Maka

Maka Maka . 1 day ago

Joe is an idiot. The reason why someone like Logan can make money with a fight is because we live in a clown/ post capitalist country

Saint Brosef

Saint Brosef . 1 day ago

These oldheads are feeling angry and disappointed because they don't know how to stream things for free. I watched it, closed the tab and put on something else for free after that too.


Carlitos622 . 2 days ago

Sweet clip brother 🔥🤟

A Duality

A Duality . 2 days ago

id be happy just to get enough money to service and fix my car from a boxing match.. and these guys are bitching they didnt get 20 mil from a single night.

Rhys Jones

Rhys Jones . 2 days ago

Mayweather placed a 35 million net in Macu China that the fight would go the distance

Scott Simmonz

Scott Simmonz . 2 days ago

UFC is just as rigged and SCRIPTED as WWE. THE GEMATRIA EFFECT


Guitargreat . 2 days ago

Fake fight

susan T

susan T . 2 days ago

the aftermath of this exhibition is alot of rich assholes got richer because there's millions of broke idiots paying to watch and gamble cash on the outcome.lol


guinnesslv . 2 days ago

A B list mediocre comedian Tells us how.


FBI . 2 days ago

Josh dubin looks like Jorge Masvidal if he was older

Adam Edwards

Adam Edwards . 3 days ago

Joe should interview George Foreman.

Hey Buddies

Hey Buddies . 3 days ago

Joe changed that stupid spaceship studio set? Lol. FInally

Podtrash Radio

Podtrash Radio . 3 days ago

It must be so painful to Logan that even after he fights Floyd Mayweather he still gets mistaken for his brother Jake lol.... Logan was never in a Disney show that was Jake Paul. Jake Paul fought Nate Robinson & Ben Askren and is fighting Tyron Woodley August 28. Logan fought KSI the UK YouTuber twice, draw the first time and he lost the second time.

screwball the odd

screwball the odd . 3 days ago

After that video of ra the rugged man talking to money mayweather. He only fights bitches

Darren Mcgovern

Darren Mcgovern . 3 days ago

Who cares the fight was shit sick of fake fights with nobody's these days its fucking sad

Alan Smith

Alan Smith . 3 days ago

He couldn't fight andre ward. People would have to go prison for setting that up. He'd be safer shooting himself in the head than getting a ring with andre ward


radunboxings . 3 days ago

To be honest I would class Mayweather as world greatest 🤷 against popular opinion but never was taken by him anyway

The People Brothers

The People Brothers . 3 days ago

50-1 babyyy


DanielMichaelSchaal . 4 days ago

Floyd Mayweather is like a heel in professional wrestling. He makes the crowd want to see him get beat

bcvbb hyui

bcvbb hyui . 4 days ago

“You’ve got to give credit to floyd for even doing it”- yeah well don’t worry he got a lot of American credits. 😂

Stev-o B

Stev-o B . 4 days ago

Any man, thats looking at 20mil, would get in a ring, and take a beat down. Lol, you're an idiot if you think him getting in there and taking a few hits, makes him a badass, then you sir, are a coward.

Alvaro Rodriguez

Alvaro Rodriguez . 4 days ago

It's the same old story all over again. A guy who's not supposed to win, wins and turns the business on its head, then he gets trashed by a semi-legimate opponent, and not long after everyone has moved on. This is exactly what will happen here. Call it for what it is, that Logan Paul did not look good in the Mayweather fight. He threw looping punches and overall his "boxing" is garbage. The "good" brother has also never looked good in a ring other than punching out people who were either terrible or utterly out of shape and injured (and only in there to get paid).

Deven Murray

Deven Murray . 4 days ago

I’ve never watched anything from any of the Paul brothers. Ever. I barely decided to click on this video. You want this shit to stop that’s the only way. Just ignore.

nieooj gotoy

nieooj gotoy . 4 days ago

woman after each victory.

Junior pena

Junior pena . 5 days ago

The Paul brothers are fake as fuck.

Junior pena

Junior pena . 5 days ago

Come on joe Rogan,When you have more years experience than the kids been alive,What's 35 pounds😑

Altogether Separate

Altogether Separate . 5 days ago

Same situation as WNBA or WUSA Soccer. What about me? How much money do you generate.


Tom . 5 days ago

Sounds like they are talking about Rome coliseum. Only difference is ppl don’t fight for their lives.

Matthew Alkman

Matthew Alkman . 5 days ago

They covered every talking point you woood assume they would “Look it’s not fair but people like these guys”. That’s all this video is

Joe Wagner

Joe Wagner . 5 days ago

This isn't new. There's always been ridiculous exhibitions. Ali went overseas and fought a kickboxer. What's new is people who think this is new.


MoNexus . 5 days ago

Spotify is only allowing me to listen to the audio. No video. Technical error?


Ano . 5 days ago

Mike Tyson Vs Jake Paul ...

Small Fry

Small Fry . 5 days ago

Bitch please, Mayweather threw that fight. Rewatch it and watch for the moment Floyd keeps Jake up on his feet after he got Paul a stiff jab

Harry Bauer

Harry Bauer . 5 days ago

you could tell Joe isn't very jealous of all the money he's mentioning but just amazed and dumbfounded. Rite on Joe

Corek BleedingHollow

Corek BleedingHollow . 5 days ago

Holy shit. I didn't know Logan Paul was built to be a boxer


Mr.B . 5 days ago

Can we see the both Paul brothers on the Podcast.... That'll be cool to see..

Truth SeeKr

Truth SeeKr . 5 days ago

Why don't they start Actual YouTube Boxing as a separate Sport. I paid $50 for the PPV and it was exciting to Watch Floyd do his Thing, He's a Great Fighter nothing but respect!!🥊


Rob . 5 days ago

Mike Tyson is next

asioe kiou

asioe kiou . 5 days ago

I'd love to see Jake Paul fight Tyson. Tyson might end his clownish career.

Cesar Medrano

Cesar Medrano . 5 days ago

Why wouldn't floyd walk toward maidana cus he was scared to fight a real fighter

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