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Published on 1 week ago

IDOL HISTORY: Season 21 WINNER Iam Tongi & James Blunt perform super emotional duet of "Monsters". 😭 #IdolFinaleSee

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American Idol 2023

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Emerald Archer

Emerald Archer . 35 minutes ago

James needs to give that song to that Iam, its his now.
St1ngray ZA

St1ngray ZA . 45 minutes ago

My dad passed away on fathers day back in 2018...the pain has never left me...I am now alone
Bennett Tyler

Bennett Tyler . 2 hours ago

This is just pure amazing, I'm not gonna lie, not many songs in this world makes me cry. I don't know if i lack a heart of love or what and I dont even have a relationship like that with my father but man not only does this song make me love my father but damn it It makes me cry.

Yung . 2 hours ago

I lost my dad when I was 16 every time I see him perform this song I cry I miss my dad so much I feel what he’s going through
Kasper Nielsen

Kasper Nielsen . 3 hours ago

top10 duets of all time hands down

MarkoniBojo . 3 hours ago

Legendary man ❤amazing, super emotional. Loss my grandma two years ago, she raised me while my immigrant parents were hard at work. She took care of me and my younger brother. Shits not easy but you gotta push forward
JP Connor

JP Connor . 3 hours ago

Just incredible!!! Hawaii standup!! 💪🏽
Jr 17

Jr 17 . 4 hours ago

Oh dad.
I miis u so much

otac93 . 4 hours ago

Only stones did not cry to this
Mauricio Marinho

Mauricio Marinho . 5 hours ago

Um dos momentos mais bonitos.

Ryan . 6 hours ago

Sleeeeeeeeeeeep and lifetime, go on James you beast, class act pulling iam through the song
Mark Stevens

Mark Stevens . 6 hours ago

Can we please agree that James Blunt has been one of the most disrespected artists of our lives, and the world owes him an apology.

TheZombieNixon . 6 hours ago

Only found this song recently but god damn James Blunt wrote one of the best songs ever

Marless . 6 hours ago

I need to see videoclip of James in which leading actors would be him and Tom Cruise. I think it would be hard to tell in exact moments which one is which.

spyda1066 . 7 hours ago

Such moving lyrics, performance was excellent and on point. Well done guys 👍
takeout sosa

takeout sosa . 7 hours ago

man this emotional but crack up at the same time 😂❤
Shantal Singh

Shantal Singh . 7 hours ago

Iam tongi is an awesome singer but dam James blunt is absolutely materfull and brilliant, thanks iam for showing us what a brilliant singer James is
Francis Uy

Francis Uy . 7 hours ago

its hard.. i lost my dad too 9 yrs. ago.untill now it still breaks my heart every time i hear this song.. i miss my dad.. 😢😢

Frenemy . 7 hours ago

True love from kid to his father ...❤
Mr.j Gutierrez

Mr.j Gutierrez . 7 hours ago

Jelly roll is a real one. ❤
Pasili Pouono

Pasili Pouono . 7 hours ago

Iam Tongi voice is so amazing when Iam Tongi singing I’m crying 😭😭😭😭
Simon Riley

Simon Riley . 7 hours ago

I like how james took over when it was to hard, even though it was hard for him as well
Franco Vilches López

Franco Vilches López . 8 hours ago

OMG. ❤
Alphonso Effendy

Alphonso Effendy . 9 hours ago

you make my tears drop

MrSnow . 9 hours ago

Maretha Regis

Maretha Regis . 9 hours ago

James is the hero. ❤
jojo Estranger

jojo Estranger . 9 hours ago

great song😢

94henry . 9 hours ago

Lakshmi Patra

Lakshmi Patra . 10 hours ago

Very good 👍
Michael King

Michael King . 10 hours ago

Watching this at this time is very hard.....i just left the hospital telling my grandfather goodbye as he is about to join our heavenly father

shanzaaa . 10 hours ago

Jelly roll ah 2:00 gets me every time. He feels that emotion, everyone does 😭

KyuJin . 11 hours ago

Tongi sounds better..

NerdUK . 11 hours ago

wow that has just broken me! the power of music!

Anime's . 13 hours ago

James blunt is one of the greatest singer of all time. no debate , he prove it time and time again

ERAZ . 14 hours ago

Sedih Lagunya 😢

Ebonk . 14 hours ago

01 - 10 😅

DwiMaryanto . 14 hours ago

Eduardo Cruz

Eduardo Cruz . 14 hours ago

Awwwww!!!! 😢😢😢😢

Kalipengging . 15 hours ago

1.10 - 1.16 is the saddest of all. Look at the way Iam looking at James. My head hurts.

eMHaandAlbus . 15 hours ago

Such a beautymotional momment, i know it's hard for james but thankyou james you create a beatuful song
Michelle Guzman

Michelle Guzman . 15 hours ago

Absolutely beautiful ❤️
Timothy Anderson

Timothy Anderson . 15 hours ago

Last time I watched this show I made fun of mom for crying. I bawled to this. Damn.
yoga adhitya

yoga adhitya . 15 hours ago

I'm lunch in the office, iam watching, and iam cry, everybody look at me😅😢😢😢😢

GBPackersMinecraftFan80 . 16 hours ago

My dad left me at 4 and to this day i have to be the man in family especially after my uncle died on may 15th ... noone understand
Ivan Basten

Ivan Basten . 16 hours ago

Merinding sumpah

NotYourOrdinaryDad . 16 hours ago

About every chorus skipped but this was well done

Gordo KICKSASS!!! . 17 hours ago

Wow the similarity between the two, Outstanding! I got a little chocked up

staciemahoe . 17 hours ago

The full support from James Blunt, when it was clearly emotional for him too, was just incredible to see. What a pro and amazing human too.

I feel blessed to be able to see this and be able to rewatch it. Thank you both for delivering your gifts to the world 🙏🏼
Yoshi Nitzuma

Yoshi Nitzuma . 17 hours ago

No entiendo el inglés pero el sentimiento y la emoción de ellos te llegan al
Corazón y lloro 😢 que hermosa música y como extraño a mi padre 😢
dian mahara

dian mahara . 17 hours ago

Respect for james blunt!!❤ love this song…🥹🥹

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