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"I'd light you up, man!" Best of Aaron Rodgers Mic'd Up!
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Published on 2 weeks ago

"I'd light you up, man!" Best of Aaron Rodgers Mic'd Up!

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Comments :


teezy13500 . 3 hours ago

Marshawn: Arron Imma smash you ass Aaron: After or before? Viewers: ....Sus
arTemIs Иче

arTemIs Иче . 18 hours ago

Rodgers for the win, baby.
Bo Bettencourt

Bo Bettencourt . 1 day ago

This literally shows every throw mahomes is doing Rodgers been done it
Isaiah Cruz

Isaiah Cruz . 1 day ago

He’s extremely underrated for how good he is
Papa Domino's

Papa Domino's . 1 day ago

Alright story time, so I was like 11 or 12 years old and I went to this like Christian camp thing and there was a game room and I see this tall guy in Green Bay Packers t-shirt and looks exactly like Aaron Rodgers

Nada . 2 days ago

nathan vega

nathan vega . 2 days ago

For those of you who have watched greys anatomy. Doesn’t Aaron Rodgers remind you of Derek shepherd
Yeelicious -

Yeelicious - . 3 days ago

Do Eli Manning, never heard him Mic’d
King Pasi

King Pasi . 4 days ago

Joseph Bennett

Joseph Bennett . 4 days ago

Green Bay is the best team in the nfl
J.D. Matthias

J.D. Matthias . 5 days ago

Compared to Favre, Rodgers is a complete *yawn* on an open mic
Declan O' Halloran

Declan O' Halloran . 5 days ago

As a vikings fan he's a huge rival but I've nothing but respect for him..itll be a sad day for the sport when he retires..unbelievable player...take it easy on us this coming Sunday will ya..were fragile at the moment
wiz sharif

wiz sharif . 5 days ago

That lineman is clueless
ryder franks

ryder franks . 5 days ago

Didn’t Odell get in trouble for smacking a cop on the ass
Kitlynn Mccaig

Kitlynn Mccaig . 6 days ago

I was told about miss Landlay but I wasn’t that sure if I could invest with her. It was like a miracle I invested and I received my profits back . Connect with her on Instagram . @joelclaytonfx
David De Anda

David De Anda . 6 days ago

🐐 🧀
Huy Nguyen

Huy Nguyen . 6 days ago

Aaron is all about Aaron, that's why he will not win another super bowl.
John Gladden

John Gladden . 6 days ago

*REALLY INTERESTING; **#BOTH** *A. Rogers and Troy Aiken are **#GODLESS**, 🖤 Bought & Paid, Bedeviled* ☠️☠️☠️ #Soddomites.. *Same as Cam Newton..* All Three have Super Satanic Ability, Cause Demons are #Assisting???* *HMMMM... ( Repent too Jesus or 🔥🔥🔥 Burn, That's a* *10-4* ). #REDEMPTION ✝️ 👑 🛐
Aaron Wilson

Aaron Wilson . 6 days ago

The bj raji bit was so frustrating for me to watch lol
C.O.B. D.Z.

C.O.B. D.Z. . 6 days ago

This guy make any wr a all pro.
Kobe Is The Goat

Kobe Is The Goat . 6 days ago

My🐐💯🏆 🏆🏆💍🏆🧀
dcoog anml

dcoog anml . 7 days ago

Lmao imagine being at Cal with ARod, Marshawn and Djax there at the same time, place be wild

Jiraden . 7 days ago

Back when Jennings and Rodgers had a good relationship T_T

FigureItOut . 1 week ago

He’s better than Tom Brady.
Jacob Davis5212

Jacob Davis5212 . 1 week ago

I miss these days ngl
tony sobon

tony sobon . 1 week ago

I hated the MIc'ed up part but liked the highlights. Without question the most talented QB i've seen play , i love they showed some of his runs , he's not a running QB but he has always been so good at getting very good runs yards when it's there.
Das Right

Das Right . 1 week ago

Pat Mahomes is waaaaaay better than this joke.

TheFirstSlice . 1 week ago

God I miss Jennings and Driver so damn much.
Scooter Stax

Scooter Stax . 1 week ago

A rod and marshawn convo was legit real recongnize real they both are great players!!

Cj . 1 week ago

Youre a light drop off no matter what you say or think im physically stronger than you and just in general I don't use gadgets you not a spell caster its bootleg
willy-J -bean

willy-J -bean . 1 week ago

Aaron Rodgers is the dad of football
Trev Carter

Trev Carter . 1 week ago

Aaron be getting quiet around Suh.

Ghettopotato5 . 1 week ago

as a bears fan i have so much hate but so much respect for him
J Clutch

J Clutch . 1 week ago

I wish I had a girl to hype me up the way Greg Jennings hypes up A-Rod
The Ninja

The Ninja . 1 week ago

Get this man another superbowl
Andrew Holden

Andrew Holden . 1 week ago

6:34 vintage connection - Jordy with the NASTY head fake
Seth Marion

Seth Marion . 1 week ago

Take a shot every time you hear rainbow this video......😵
Simon Gujbhi

Simon Gujbhi . 1 week ago

Can you believe people actually try to say he don’t get along with teammates??
Kenjen Vang

Kenjen Vang . 1 week ago

All the rodgers haters are gonna miss him when he’s retired...packers fan are blessed to have farve then Rodgers. Sad that the packers wasted his career.
dueeh nyyu

dueeh nyyu . 1 week ago

He has like a slingshot for an arm, this is coming from a die-hard Marino fan.
Banana Surplus

Banana Surplus . 1 week ago

Greg Jennings hype af

jasonator221 . 1 week ago

mike mccarthy before he ate another mike mccarthy
Kameron Knodel

Kameron Knodel . 1 week ago

as a Steelers fan Aaron is my 2nd fav Quarterback of all time
Sanchez Sanchez

Sanchez Sanchez . 1 week ago

Man I love Coke head Rogers

doyouknowdawae . 1 week ago

And then he got lit up by the bucs. The end
Tahjir Taylor

Tahjir Taylor . 1 week ago

aaron rodgers been doing what mahomes doing now

R S . 1 week ago

Damn Rodgers used to be a biggin
Ben Swartz

Ben Swartz . 1 week ago

Want him to win a super bowl
huttio srreu

huttio srreu . 1 week ago

Idc what anyone says he’s the MOST TALENTED OF ALL TIME NO DEBATE not one of the most talented THE MOST TALENTED
Jeff O'Neill

Jeff O'Neill . 1 week ago

All these Mahomes comments are hilarious. Obviously these people don't know that Mahomes literally studies Rodgers 😂

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