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ALL ACCESS: Canelo vs. Jermell Charlo | Ep 2 | Full Episode | SHOWTIME PPV


Published on 1 week ago

Episode 2 of the Emmy® winning series brings viewers beyond the ring with unprecedented access as pound-for-pound greats Canelo Álvarez and Jermell Charlo prepare for a historic blockbuster showdown between undisputed superstars.

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#CaneloCharlo is SATURDAY, September 30th on SHOWTIME PPV.

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Hugo Fernandez

Hugo Fernandez . 41 seconds ago

Charlo ain’t focused
Saww GR

Saww GR . 23 minutes ago

Saww GR

Saww GR . 23 minutes ago

Saww GR

Saww GR . 23 minutes ago

Spirrow cabrom
Daniel D

Daniel D . 33 minutes ago

Charlo looking on the thin side for this, shiet

Cashkid891 . 3 hours ago

Straight up racism, first thing bro said was Canelo is the face of Mexican boxing... What is that suppose to mean??
Terry Wilson, II

Terry Wilson, II . 5 hours ago

“This don’t get put on hold.” 🦍✊🏿
Terry Wilson, II

Terry Wilson, II . 5 hours ago

NOLA ⚜️✊🏿❤️‍🔥
Terry Lashon Jr

Terry Lashon Jr . 8 hours ago

Whose everybody putting they money on?
Nicholas Ali

Nicholas Ali . 8 hours ago

The fans win ❤
Nicholas Ali

Nicholas Ali . 8 hours ago

The boxing 🥊🥊 fans needed to see MELL in this light, CUS him and his brother have a reputation of being brash and arrogant. Far from it. He's hungry and confident. 🦁 🦁 🦁 🦁 Lions ONLY🙏🏿
Nicholas Ali

Nicholas Ali . 8 hours ago

Ron Sizzle 402

Ron Sizzle 402 . 9 hours ago

I believe this will be amazing fight it will End Between Rounds 10-12 watch Championship Rounds is were the fight Ends It will Not Go to the Judges 💵 time Let's gooooooooo 🥊 #Nebraska

Gamebred26 . 9 hours ago

Why is Charlo's neck always cocked to the left??
Info Matrix

Info Matrix . 10 hours ago

I think Charlo not going to a fight camp is a major mistake.

I get he wants be with his fam but dude, you haven’t fought in 2 years. you’ve been with your fam the past 2 years, its time to go to work.

You don’t take your girl and kids with you go to work…. He has all year to be with his kids but he can’t set aside 5 weeks to go to work and focus on the biggest fight of his career???

How many times per night does that baby wake him up?? How many nights is he up late arguing with his girl cuz she’s jealous of how he looked at his chef??

I like Charlo but I also feel bad for him. The ppl around him seem kinda fake to me, idk.

Canelo W via KO in round 6 or 7

billy . 11 hours ago

Wait so when charlo steps in the ring he loses his belts; right? And when he loses to Canelo he loses everything but money i guess. 😂

billy . 11 hours ago

I think Charlo is gonna fight like Daniel Jacobs. Its gonna be an easy fight for Canelo. I'd rather see ryder vs canelo 2 😂😂
Drake M

Drake M . 12 hours ago

Bro his head always cocked to the left side 😂😂😂
David Hudson

David Hudson . 23 hours ago

I don't like the fact that Charlo is moving up 2 weight classes 154 to 168 to take on Canelo. Canelo is bigger and stronger. Maybe Charlo uses his height and reach advantage to counter Canelo's strength? Can't wait! 🥊🥊
listen up

listen up . 1 day ago

Charlo is a warrior for doing this..
mark ballesteros

mark ballesteros . 1 day ago

I dont think ive ever seen Charlo this way. A family man. I like this Charlo
Real Talk

Real Talk . 1 day ago

Guys get your free money on this fight! There's literally no way Charlo can win either by KO or outboxing Canelo like Mayweather or Bivol did to get the bias Canelo judges to give Charlo a decision! So bet 5k or 10k! Bet a house on it! Bet whatever you have in your life savings on Canelo for this free money!
cristianoFshI Rodrigues

cristianoFshI Rodrigues . 1 day ago

Fan dos dois ...muito ansioso pela luta....próxima queria ver era ggg e bivol já pensou em
Murtaza Nadeem

Murtaza Nadeem . 1 day ago

Really enjoyed that segment on charlo. Good to get to know the guy more
Miranda Summerset

Miranda Summerset . 1 day ago

Canelo & his wife got an awkward relationship
He had a son with his assistant same time as she had his daughter....not very loyal lol
Bdavoice Arnold

Bdavoice Arnold . 1 day ago

Team Charlo!!! 🥊💪🏾🥊
Edgar Casillas

Edgar Casillas . 2 days ago

And you getting KO is part of it too playboy
Heber Banegas

Heber Banegas . 2 days ago

Great job, showtime 🥊🥊 Thanksss !!

Juggernaut . 2 days ago

Cmon showtime, not all of us give a rats about why these boys fight. We all havd kids, we watch to escape. Entertain, don't make us feel inadequate

garridowein . 2 days ago

con todo cabrón!!
Orgullo Verdulero 7 (OV7)

Orgullo Verdulero 7 (OV7) . 2 days ago

Its gonna be a Terrifying thing. Mark my words
qopoy dnon

qopoy dnon . 2 days ago

Although I want Canelo to win, I can't be mean to Charlo. Let the strongest man prevail!
Adrian X Maat Enlightenment

Adrian X Maat Enlightenment . 2 days ago

Respect to both boxers, but they can't be wearing them hoochie daddy shorts like Tyson 🤣🤣🤣💀
bankz oz

bankz oz . 2 days ago

Good fight for CANELO, Charlo gets TKO by 11 th or 12 th Rd... CANELO gonna beat that ass .... for sure
bankz oz

bankz oz . 2 days ago

Nooo wayyyyyyyyy, Charlo great 👍 fighter, Champion, But no wayyyyyyyyy is he gonna go past the 10 th Rd, CANELO by TKO 11 th or 12 th Rd. CANELO will beat Charlo.

Jeremy . 2 days ago

Charlo trying not to laugh doing yoga 😂

BlackSheeQ . 2 days ago

Charlo Cap AF he don’t talk to them older kids This ish for Showtime

Apokalypze . 2 days ago

That Dominican cat is an embarrassment , there Kissing butt like crazy

Jacksteppa_9 . 2 days ago

What’s the name of the song at the end?
Arturos Michelangeli

Arturos Michelangeli . 2 days ago

This fight hasn’t even happened yet? For C*****’s sake what are you talking about?

Chicharito . 2 days ago

Gano varios
..pero todos comprados Co. Clausulas y.con $$$$...fraudelo alvarez siempre seras Una mentira
Benjamin Castaneda

Benjamin Castaneda . 2 days ago

Since when do balloons bleed?

Geeky_22 . 2 days ago

I genuinely don’t understand how someone can dislike jermell after these episodes lol even as a canelo fan

ESSJ333 . 3 days ago

Canelo wins be decision

MACHETELOCO . 3 days ago

Any body fighting canelo will get a big pay check ,If you dont make money u dont make sense..is gonna be a great fight but im sure canelo will win 🇲🇽💯
June Deniro9720

June Deniro9720 . 3 days ago

Tht part bout family nd putting life on hold as a dad nd provider.. nah shyt don't stop

Andres . 3 days ago

Why does everyone forget Canelo tested positive for clenbuterol? He’s the one fighter who seems to have buried that.

TaeNaeDoe . 3 days ago

Bof'yall shutup
Rodrigo Rodriguez

Rodrigo Rodriguez . 3 days ago

I see Canelo is really focus so for me that's mean Charlo doesn't have many opportunities to win

rrmay1990 . 3 days ago

Charlo is not going to win this fight. Just not good enough.

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