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Trying DISGUSTING TikTok Recipes


Published on 1 week ago

My esophagus is rated E for Everything.
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Raye J

Raye J . 25 minutes ago

TikTok chefs are the epitome of a coin lol. Either they’re so talented at cooking you think they were born to use their skills there or they making abominations that are either what they do eat or are made for rage bait!
Marigold Morkov

Marigold Morkov . 35 minutes ago

I'd say you could just compost what you didn't want to avoid food waste, but that food is probably a biohazard 💀
Fat bitches with strap ons

Fat bitches with strap ons . 1 hour ago

there’s no way this isn’t fetish content
Mr. Fahrenheit

Mr. Fahrenheit . 2 hours ago

i think it’s the commentary in these tiktoks that makes it worse
Yellow Watermelon

Yellow Watermelon . 2 hours ago

So much of this video could be taken out of context
Lily Lance

Lily Lance . 2 hours ago

Watching this makes me realize that the accidental for bidden mac & cheese that me and my husband made sounds better. Basically we heard that putting condensed milk into macaroni and cheese could make it taste better, but we both forgot and use sweeten condensed milk instead. Do not recommend.

LeahkOffical . 3 hours ago

this is white people cooking
Clara Burkin

Clara Burkin . 3 hours ago

As I watch this late at night in my dorm at the Culinary Institute of America, I become increasingly disturbed and disappointed by humanity.

DI0RG£ . 3 hours ago

No cuz I actually laughed soooo hard 😭😭😭😭😭

Sage . 4 hours ago

“Jesus saves”. No. No he does not.
Yeet Feet

Yeet Feet . 5 hours ago

"oh yeah 😩" 😭😭
Violeta Barrera Garces

Violeta Barrera Garces . 6 hours ago

im sending my prayers 🙏🏽

Zynexx . 8 hours ago

How I havent heard of your channel until today absolutely disgusts me. In the last 3 hours you have successfully became my favourite content creator

Ura . 8 hours ago

I’m glad you did this because there is no way in hell itself I would do this. The devil would have to torture me endlessly and I still wouldn’t do this.
Salamander Edward

Salamander Edward . 9 hours ago

Today is the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur. On this day, we fast.
This video has helped me by making me not want to eat food. Thank you 💙
Sara Fortin

Sara Fortin . 9 hours ago

Does ANYONE else only think of really bad porn when they see these tik tok cooking vids that are overly brightly lit kitchens with narration from the camera man? that with the bad acting just makes me think they're about to awkwardly cut to the sex scene. i just can't handle these awful clips lol
Kateryna Sirko

Kateryna Sirko . 10 hours ago

"You gotta have cheese with your pies cause otherwise it's just not savoury"


*cries in European*
Fullmetal Heichou

Fullmetal Heichou . 11 hours ago

im germany and i have no idea what half the ingrediens were. was she cutting cheese with scissors?
Joan Cooper Snark

Joan Cooper Snark . 11 hours ago

What was the music at 6:02 its driving me mental

exhaustedHomo . 11 hours ago

the worst part to be about pastaception is that op had the audacity, the BALLS, the G U M P T I O N to IMPLY she learned that SINFUL ACT in italy. as if my people would ever DEIGN to DISRESPECT spaghetti in that manner
Emma Drew

Emma Drew . 13 hours ago

Emina Olcott

Emina Olcott . 13 hours ago

I love this so much!!! 😂 so fun and honest at the same time, love you humor!!
Joel Griffin

Joel Griffin . 14 hours ago

On a scale of hot dog stuffed pasta to Pringles Pie slop I give this video a "Sloppy Milk" in the notice me senpai voice
FireFox the fire Element

FireFox the fire Element . 14 hours ago

The only thing the first monstrosity did was awaken the Italian mafia

yasminx . 15 hours ago

3:58 scrub daddy :(
Cain Suojanen

Cain Suojanen . 16 hours ago

Most of these food videos are not recipes they are for a different adult audience.

C . 17 hours ago

The 9 thingys for scoring lowkey stressed me😂 i thought i was miscounting
Sphinx The sand-silk

Sphinx The sand-silk . 18 hours ago

Congrats on the million frog, been here since 100k and glad to have stuck around
Mecha Engie Harvey

Mecha Engie Harvey . 18 hours ago

10:10 is that the music of the dueling banjo taunt from tf2

Pink-Hart . 18 hours ago

I am Italian, and I cried watching this, I’m paying for therapy to all the Italians out there that had to suffer
Jasper JONES

Jasper JONES . 19 hours ago

First I could feel my Italian ancestors rioting in their graves... by the end of the video, all of my ancestors were rioting in their graves
Noe The Moose

Noe The Moose . 19 hours ago

I cannot explain why but you have Justin McElroy energy and I mean that in the best way possible.
Fake Bobby Hill

Fake Bobby Hill . 22 hours ago

Oh woooow!
Leonard Fabian

Leonard Fabian . 22 hours ago

I Don't even have cooking skills and even i knew this was wrong on every level great video tho.
Great Frost Hawk

Great Frost Hawk . 1 day ago

All of these recipes are culinary war crimes 🤢
Samantha Allen

Samantha Allen . 1 day ago

This made me gag 10/10
Renee Worcester

Renee Worcester . 1 day ago


anacampanita21 . 1 day ago

I’ve been avoiding watching this video as I’m currently pregnant and scared that I’d either form a specific craving for one of these recipes or be nauseous enough to vomit. Both happened and now I want ramen lasagna. I hate it here

Thekingofunfunny . 1 day ago

Blood Moon

Blood Moon . 1 day ago

you have a really fancy blender.

blackmillkshake . 1 day ago

not sure anymore if i'm laughing or crying???
Diana Perkins

Diana Perkins . 1 day ago

I physically gagged when the boiled Pringles were poured
Hannah Sellers

Hannah Sellers . 1 day ago

I love everything about this video😂 your channel is one of my favorites

2LuvIs2Rage . 1 day ago

Throw it back on me
Mr. Lemon

Mr. Lemon . 1 day ago

it’s okay, you can quit youtube now, you need a mental [and physical- that’s NOT healthy] break, funky.
Sage Johnson

Sage Johnson . 1 day ago

school lunch moment

Andrew . 1 day ago

As someone who has been making their own pasta by hand for years this whole "remaking pasta" trend online has me so confused. Most dried pasta you buy in stores is just semolina flour mixed with water. You can skip the whole grinding down of the pasta and just buy the flour.

Also, why go to all that trouble and still use room temperature canned sauce? At least simmer it to remove the bitterness!
My ass would not survive tiktok
Courtney Wells

Courtney Wells . 1 day ago

I think I just heard my very passed away Italian Nonna is screaming

love . 1 day ago

I love you I feel bad for you cooking 🧑‍🍳
Solei Alcaide

Solei Alcaide . 1 day ago


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