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letting you in on the truth about MTV, depression + a life update
Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau

Published on 8 months ago



i love you.

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Suzette wolff

Suzette wolff . 2 days ago

It hurts the worst during the last time it will hurt. Then we release that pain. That trauma. And it never hurts or affects us again. Growth. 💜

SavannaTheSavage . 4 days ago

You should make a podcast about how do you wanna make the world a better place and speak your truth there? I would love it, I feel like everyone has a podcast now And we love the authentic you just be you do you whatever makes you happy, we just want you to be happy Tana I love you so much
Sydney Brede

Sydney Brede . 1 week ago

It's sad looking back at this video that was 7 months ago and seeing her instagram and posts on YouTube now is just her smoking everyday and her health not good and then you watch this video I don't know it's just sad

SavannaTheSavage . 3 weeks ago

Luhv from Cali 👧 luhv yewww Tana! Glad you’re doing better =^-^=

kgamerification . 3 weeks ago

You should never associate that video in bed...... With anything to do with clout. They are completely separate things that are oil and water.... They don't mix and shouldn't be.
Burbur Lopez

Burbur Lopez . 3 weeks ago

This has really been something I needed to hear... I've had so much trama in my life that at times I feel that no matter what I do I will never be ok since the moment I found my best friend my husband dead I have craved death I just got released from a prison unit that I did a year behind and today I haven't gotten out of bed once I still want to die I want to get better but I don't care to get better and it feels impossible since I don't have any family or friends support ... This gives me a lil hope that I can come out of this dark depression and not end up dead by the end of 2020
Keke Smit

Keke Smit . 4 weeks ago

When she talks about killing her self I understand what she was doing by not caring for her health. I’m currently going through the same thing. This whole year has been full of HURT. Idk how to explain that but I’m sick. I have something seriously wrong with me and I just don’t even care to go to the doctor. I have no feeling. No care in the world to do anything. Even if it means not taking care of my health. I’m just tired. It’s something real and people go through it and no one knows because they hide it so well. My step mom died from being so depressed and neglecting her health in March..
Zachary Brown

Zachary Brown . 1 month ago

I love you so much tana😭😭❤️
Chynna Stephenson

Chynna Stephenson . 1 month ago

Damn does this girl EVER have nails that aren’t broken?
the 3 turners'

the 3 turners' . 1 month ago

I love you Tana!😘😍💋💗🤟💐
the 3 turners'

the 3 turners' . 1 month ago

I don't look at you any different if anything I'll look at you better because I too had a bad childhood I too struggle with addiction I still have depression anxiety and it just feels so good to know that I'm not alone and you can tell that yours sincere and real and down to earth and that's one of the best qualities in the person
Charles Deskins

Charles Deskins . 1 month ago

Are those your account s and kids with Jake aka alvin Deskins
Nicole Rodriguez

Nicole Rodriguez . 1 month ago

Awww you are so great idk how i am not hearing about you😍 you are popping sis
Tannah Marie

Tannah Marie . 1 month ago

hello. just wanted to tell you. that we have similar names. my name is tannah. i'm a gamer. i would also help my friends with their youtube channels. stay healthy and god bless.
Ayana Watson

Ayana Watson . 2 months ago

wow, you take my breath away. what an amazing authentic soul🤎 you are my queen 💛
Linux Jedi

Linux Jedi . 2 months ago

Feminism is not interested in equality. Feminism is interested in feminism. And feminism knows that equality would make its movement obsolete. The more power given to it, the more it has to lose if equality is achieved, and thus the farther away equality gets. Debunked✅
Kinsey Sedgwick

Kinsey Sedgwick . 2 months ago

Ty for this video Tana I have watched every single video from ur YouTube videos to ur music videos to ur reality show. Your friend ships with omari an Ashley an trevor an Jordan are so special an love for each other is amazing. I'm so proud of you sending you love an prayers to continue to be strong an advocate for others hope to meet you some day love u girl.keep doin u an grow

misssnicole . 2 months ago

I’m 30 and I feel like I’m just now finally coming out of that space of just constantly numbing and being addicted to instant gratification and distraction from the pain that I feel because of trauma that I went through in my life, trying to gain clarity and find peace without my addictions, but it is really hard I mean I still can’t completely put down weed but I feel more clear headed when I’m not smoking....And when I’m not smoking I also feel like I can connect more to my spiritual side connect more to God or the universe or whatever you wanna call it and I feel more at home and less anxious and angry and sad and heartbroken. No matter what you believe there is definitely a great force of light and darkness in this world, my gut leads me towards believing it’s God...but I’m still trying to figure out all the details and what I believe and that’s okay, but I can definitely see that you have light in you Tana, I know that you have a good heart.... and I just hope and pray that you find peace and clarity and that your inner child can heal and you can feel safe to just be your trues self. 💗 Life is fucking hard, depression sucks, I think one of the good things that can come from living a kind of fucked up life is you have the ability to use it for good, people with empathy can inspire the world and help people to not feel so alone and if you can learn to love/nurture yourself and allow yourself to heal from trauma that breeds empathy and tapping into that is your power.
Amber Hoard

Amber Hoard . 2 months ago

you’re so strong i love this side of you and can’t wait to see what the next video to the series will be about thank you for starting youtube and saving my life 🤍🤍

Allegra . 2 months ago

Ariana Grande said something similar in her billboard woman of the year speech in 2018. She said how it was the most successful year for her career but the worst of her life... kinda crazy how we strive for that goal and then when you’re there... it’s just kinda of empty.
The Kiah Jane

The Kiah Jane . 2 months ago

This spoke to my heart. Thank you for making shit like this, Tana. Thank you.
Leilani Haywood

Leilani Haywood . 2 months ago

More likely the most people have been here most people here most Video. Tana Mongeau was most likely that the most people would be happy with. More likely the most people video.
Kathryn Moran

Kathryn Moran . 3 months ago

I love your videos and your vibes also I love you 🖤🖤 pls reply Tana
m hurf

m hurf . 3 months ago

You are lucky you have a mom

Vandalla . 3 months ago

You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people. What say you in your defense?
Samantha Marie

Samantha Marie . 3 months ago

This is the real tana 🦋

bluecrush_5 . 3 months ago

She said the same exact thing one thousand times in one million different ways. I like her and have for awhile but seriously girl. I wonder if she thinks people won’t understand her or something.
Truzeh / Hollowsesh

Truzeh / Hollowsesh . 3 months ago

0:09 nip slip lmao
Amy D

Amy D . 3 months ago

Love this tell all. Thanks.

GypsyPage . 3 months ago

You can find me on OnlyFans: gypsypage
Jacqueline Gomez

Jacqueline Gomez . 3 months ago

what happened to this?
Out Of Time

Out Of Time . 3 months ago

Tana, I look at you and I see a lady who has a great head on her shoulders. You are beautiful, you are sweet, you are talented, you have money, and you have the whole world at your hands. Dont let everything in.your life effect you. Do what makes you happy and forget the rest. You seem like such a great person and I'm sorry that your relationship with your parents affected you. They did give you life and great looks.. So take the good girl, and leave the bad. Its awesome how well you can speak to us. Its awesome listening to you open up and talk about your life.. You did a fantastic job making something out of your life so young and you have the whole future ahead of you.
Mae Fitzpatrick

Mae Fitzpatrick . 3 months ago

Editing or not, MTV didn't put those million of terrible statements in your mouth. Your "explanation" and "apology" videos are so beyond manipulative. Anyone who has been manipulated can see the signs when you talk. You can't blame your upbringing and mental health for ALL your bad behavior. At some point you actually have to accept accountability.

Dani . 3 months ago

Your hair looks so pretty like this

Georgia . 3 months ago

21:49 how did she even get Xanax that wasn't laced with fentanyl
alexandra nicosia

alexandra nicosia . 3 months ago

love thiss loook.!! the hair, the makeup, n the white looks so good on her
H Alm

H Alm . 3 months ago

yeah yeah yeah blame it on MTV for your sick mentality and behavior.
federico gonzalez

federico gonzalez . 3 months ago

Thabiso Mongoai

Thabiso Mongoai . 3 months ago

Thabiso Mongoai

Thabiso Mongoai . 3 months ago

Dena Katarina

Dena Katarina . 3 months ago

Thank you so much for sharing this, you have no idea the effect it has on other people
syazana zainudin

syazana zainudin . 3 months ago

I really love her
Hannah Ondler

Hannah Ondler . 3 months ago

It’s funny she says if anyone else got sick she would drop everything and care so much, yet there a pandemic going on and she makes a video saying she doesn’t care .
jessica thomas

jessica thomas . 3 months ago

You are glowing you look amazing you even sound healthier if that makes sense 😂 so proud of you tana. We’re always routing for you ❤️
jessica thomas

jessica thomas . 3 months ago

Tana I literally love you so fucking much.
Yazmin Ocampo

Yazmin Ocampo . 4 months ago

LMAOO homegirl can you stop playing the victim for .3 seconds, yes its amazing that you are acknowledging your mental health but WITH that comes APOLOGIZING to everyone you got fucked up on the way, but clearly you can't acknowledge that, because of your ego. ALL those times you were maddddd LATE, ALL those MICROAGGRESSIONS, the blatant DISRESPECT coming from all the MTV videos? Girl we get it, you came from a humble past, and WHAT??? Do you not realize you are NOT the only one going through a hard time? ALL of your friends have problems, and probs hate themselves too, and yet they were ALWAYS there for you, just because YOU are not mentally okay does NOT mean you can be a cunt baby, don't get it twisted. Get it together, stop lying to yourself, grow up. Only THEN will you be able to make this world a better place as you claim you want to do.

Allidian . 4 months ago

Stop with this rise up, strong inner self. You’re still worthless and clapped!!

Allidian . 4 months ago

If you self harm. No one would care and I would laugh!!!
Pure Awaken

Pure Awaken . 4 months ago

Ignore the haters don't try to fix a bridge you didn't bomb. Keep going, enjoy the little things. Not alone, the realest fans are just the silent ones. Peace
Megan Rainey

Megan Rainey . 4 months ago

I love you and I knew right away watching the mtv that something was seriously wrong. I understand how you feel. You described so much of how I feel. You are so beautiful and it will be okay. 🤍🤍🤍🤍 I hate when ppl say that to me but just know that it will be

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