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What happened to AlbertsStuff?


Published on 1 week ago

like I said in the video I do uphold my apology a few years back for anyone negatively effected from ignorant things said on the channel
tl;dr: youtube landscape changing, my personal outlook changing, and wanting to have a future on the platform
today i talk about some of the reasons why i stopped posted to the albertsstuff channel


albert . 1 week ago

like I said in the video I do uphold my apology a few years back for anyone negatively effected from ignorant things said on the channel
too long didn't watch: youtube landscape changing, my personal outlook changing, and wanting to have a future on the platform

jxx☆.. . 4 minutes ago

It's kinda shocking to hear albert swearing again. But in a good way, of course. My sister has been watching your channel since it started, and both me and her find it really cool to see you doing this type of content again and coming clean about this stuff. Glad to see this again!

has . 13 minutes ago

I’ve been watching his channel for years now man and honestly i get was he has said in past videos about how he is growing older and the community who watches his videos are also growing older, it really makes sense

Weegee . 22 minutes ago

AlbertsStuff is his evil twin that he trained years to destroy

m1rran0 . 1 hour ago

Hey albert
Master Monke

Master Monke . 1 hour ago

hearing him not talk about albertsstuff and when he got a new channel hearing him talk about albertstuff just doesnt suprise me
Mark Dvorak

Mark Dvorak . 3 hours ago

I think for some people on the YouTube. Channel. I probably just surprised. And they're not used to this. And I fully get it. You're adult and you're allowed to say things that you want to. Saying things that you mean or don't mean. Is it normal human function Don't get it wrong.

EnterXVr . 3 hours ago

This is really you?

Vlodstar . 3 hours ago

Crazy how bro made my childhood worse 💀

ArsenicCatnip🫧🐾 . 3 hours ago

Steven Hawkins vibe 1:39
nora littlechild

nora littlechild . 3 hours ago

This is so funny lmao
Flxffy Bxnni

Flxffy Bxnni . 3 hours ago


★ᴍᴀɴᴅʏ★ . 3 hours ago

I'm realy not used to flamingo to flamingo cursing I so I really dislike it which is why I only-rewatch his 2019-2020

Sam . 3 hours ago

Can you make a Q nd A on this channel less censored as the flamingo channel??

CR7G0AT . 3 hours ago

0:51 ooooo Albert sweared😂

LavaCreeperPeople . 4 hours ago

the only people complaining are snowflakes

CKO . 4 hours ago

i remember when you told "matty B" that you liked friendzone and then he tried to rape you and left XD

barsibatoes . 4 hours ago

only fans when 🥰

Idk . 4 hours ago


cannedroblox . 4 hours ago

I love how Albertstuff is kind of coming back.. atleast some of it. I remember like years ago when I was like 6 watching all of videos my favorite were probably the hotel or the meepcity ones. I always forgot to subscribe to that account and I think I did later on, but yeah. I’m pretty happy it’s coming back
soviet doggo patrol

soviet doggo patrol . 5 hours ago

It feels refreshing that albert is swearing again lol
Sydney Souter

Sydney Souter . 5 hours ago

Bro your ripped

Skuvllyy . 5 hours ago

The lack of bot channels is so refreshing

nvxxv . 6 hours ago

im inlove with this. 🥹🩷

Gojo . 7 hours ago


Megamac . 7 hours ago

My penys has warts my penys good at sports
G Mann

G Mann . 8 hours ago

Will you ever do other games then just roblox?

OreoCraft . 10 hours ago

albert looks like my uncle

bluesquid . 10 hours ago

Thank you for showing us your feet. Greatly appreciated 💗.

Zackingo . 10 hours ago

lmao how every point where he swears there's just a big bump

jqkurtz . 10 hours ago

hes just like laughability 🤩
ال الل

ال الل . 11 hours ago

I really want see more of these videos!
Maori Ranga

Maori Ranga . 12 hours ago

crack up lol, good stuff

Yes . 12 hours ago

I love albert swearing 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️

inutile . 12 hours ago

bro literally just became idubbbz

orin_whatever . 13 hours ago

Eren Jaeger

kat:P . 13 hours ago

Still love him as Albert aretz, Albertstuff, flamingo 🤷🏻‍♀️he's just him🫶
Nigel Brabyn

Nigel Brabyn . 13 hours ago

nctzen stay

nctzen stay . 13 hours ago

Honestly getting used to his childlike persona on flamingo after watching albertstuff and hearing him curse sounds so good but so weird like its just surprising and unexpected like that image of him like changed from adultish to childish and then hearing a few curse words like is a shock but tbh i do enjoy it and i also like his confrontation of things and this channel and the new little web cam! We are here for you albert!!

miatypebeat . 15 hours ago

yall dont know abt albertsstuff fr

paulina . 15 hours ago

can we keep this channel private so that’s e can stop those cringey edits?

Alko . 15 hours ago

you're short lol

Yikes . 16 hours ago

I honestly really like hearing you talk about stuff other than roblox! Don’t get me wrong I love roblox but hearing one of my fav YouTubers talk about other topics makes me really happy! Maybe it’s because I personally love hearing people talk about anything really LOL anyways I hope you post more since I really like ur more mature videos!

Blinder . 17 hours ago


Andon_Live . 17 hours ago

Hearing Albert swear is something I never knew I needed

meer . 17 hours ago

The old you is coming back🙂
Sabine Martinez-Fry

Sabine Martinez-Fry . 18 hours ago

I’m waiting for the SunnyV2 “What caused Flamingos Downfall?” Video
Mr Sped

Mr Sped . 18 hours ago

its beautiful hearing the old albert again
Eddsworld Fan :p

Eddsworld Fan :p . 18 hours ago

It's nice to see Albert growing with his audience nowdays

aqirlex . 18 hours ago

I like racist Albert it funy

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