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Tom MacDonald

Tom MacDonald

Published on 4 months ago

Tom MacDonald

Tom MacDonald . 4 months ago

Full Video Here: https://youtu.be/fKTsVMHIIYo Hope y’all enjoy it! Comment and let me know if I should do more stuff like this!
Honey Hendricks

Honey Hendricks . 4 weeks ago

When is Tom MacDonald going to propose to Nova?
Brenda Howell

Brenda Howell . 4 weeks ago

Dude, your EGO has gotta go. Let go my ego
matthew hendrson

matthew hendrson . 1 month ago

You have a amazing wise woman standing beside you always listen 👂 to her , 😊 behind every great man stands a great woman

TiaC . 1 month ago

apple engisch

apple engisch . 1 month ago

So sweet. Lol 😂I take it back. With a smile. 😂

N K . 1 month ago

You're amazing, Tom! Huge fan ❤

JOE MOMMA . 2 months ago

you're good my man
Reese-Tech Guitars

Reese-Tech Guitars . 2 months ago

If you have people that truly have your back and love you? If so, you're rich. Nuff said. :)
Felicia Willson

Felicia Willson . 2 months ago

Ok just love ya!!!!

Darrell . 2 months ago

I see you're not answering any of your comments from your fans come on Tom
Judy Ragen

Judy Ragen . 2 months ago

Tom .... YOU SEXY DEVIL ❤👏👏
Michael Angel - Facebook/Michael.Angel.1048

Michael Angel - Facebook/Michael.Angel.1048 . 2 months ago

Good answers Tom! Well thought out lol
Pia Moltzau

Pia Moltzau . 2 months ago

oh man oh man
T Martinez

T Martinez . 2 months ago

I love his smile and his teeth are so white and straight 😊
Clayt Alien

Clayt Alien . 3 months ago

old ogre

old ogre . 3 months ago

Is Tom McDonald rich? Tom has a woman who truly loves him, he is massively talented, not afraid of hard work, still knows how to have fun, is not afraid to speak his mind, and is faithful to his parents... and I think Tom knows his God, I'd say Tom McDonald is one of the richest men I know! Oh and he ain't poor penny wise either!
Sammy A

Sammy A . 3 months ago

Tom MacDonald is awesome! That is all everyone needs to know!
Jamie Sydney

Jamie Sydney . 3 months ago

The need for fame is a deep psychological problem stemming from not enough parental attention

Leroy . 3 months ago

I think your rich in talent.
Rick Hyden

Rick Hyden . 3 months ago

Tom, we love you. I'm 72 years old and your music moves me.
Cheryl Stewart

Cheryl Stewart . 3 months ago

What are those tats on your face
Tshego Masemola

Tshego Masemola . 3 months ago

Viola Steed

Viola Steed . 3 months ago

I love you Tom MacDonald you are the greatest artist in this planet you are the great of the greatest
Bloody FreakinLawnmower

Bloody FreakinLawnmower . 3 months ago

Im 72 and never liked Rap until TM...his words reflect a lot of my feelings about society.
Michael Angelo

Michael Angelo . 4 months ago

I know you have a little bit of money brother but you're very rich in spirit you're rich because you have your beautiful mom and dad and you're rich because you have your beautiful woman you guys are a great team all of you I love you all God bless you all brother just remember I'm one of your greatest fans crazy is that sound I totally support you brother I feel like I'm rare in the regards to speak my heart to you the way I do
Craig Vaughn

Craig Vaughn . 4 months ago

Most improtan question... Is Nova really Jewel??????? Answer me Tom and Nova!!

r3ptile . 4 months ago

Why does Tom fear antiWhitism so much, that he White flights into the language, culture, clothing, appearance, and speech patterns of another race? The solution is combating antiWhitism with GO FREE (Jason Köhne). Not retreating behind a nonWhite identity.

TAMMIE AKIN . 4 months ago

Nova!🥰 i just can't help but love that sweet girl & how she wrangles Tom!

Butterflymustfly_123 . 4 months ago

He probably is Macklemore
Butter Beans

Butter Beans . 4 months ago

Why did you write all that stuff on your beautiful face?
Jessica Horzempa

Jessica Horzempa . 4 months ago

No answers
Rhonda Moon

Rhonda Moon . 4 months ago

Sir Thank you so much for putting out information about Satan worshipers. I am a Survivor of Satanic ritual abuse and people need to know what is going on right in front of their face 👀

Jannah . 4 months ago

Macklemore 😂
Idaho Trump Dog

Idaho Trump Dog . 4 months ago

The fact that you donated a considerable amount of money to one of my veteran Charities makes me happy I donate to Wounded Warrior Project and there's several others out there but I can only afford to donate to 1 but you did donate I think it was $7,000 I can't remember but even so that's awesome I wish I could afford to do that I saw your video clip earlier today they had pictures of everybody that bought your CDs I was not surprised to see older people in there congratulations I'm 64 and I think you're awesome
Tina C

Tina C . 4 months ago

When are you going to marry your girlfriend? Why facial tattoos, do you regret them. I have tattoos and regret mine. I’ve see you before you tatted up your face, and wowza you were a handsome guy.
AmethystEmpress Divine Tarot🔮🧿

AmethystEmpress Divine Tarot🔮🧿 . 4 months ago

I love you guys sooooo much 🕯🤲🤍😇💫🧿
@Tom MacDonald
@Not Nova Rockefeller
Chris Miller

Chris Miller . 4 months ago

They better get with the program here and both The Bear stations need to play Ghost 👻👻👻 97.8 out of Fort Wayne n Pieres Music Club & 103.9 The Bear 🐻 out of South Bend, IN cause Notre Dame rapists are allowed to still play football 🏈 so play some Tom MacDonald n Nova. Start spamming those stations n places.

Tony . 4 months ago

I don't know if your rich or not but I know your music is !! Thanks !
Red Wing

Red Wing . 4 months ago

😂We literally got zero answers in this short… I’m dying to know if this dude is Macklemore!!!? 🤦🏽‍♀️
Pink Always

Pink Always . 4 months ago

(~);} has Tom macdonald experienced shakedown?

L P . 4 months ago

Has Tom McDonald heard "Hi Ren"
Chaney Hueser

Chaney Hueser . 4 months ago

Still learning this damn technology shit! Love every bit of Nova and you!
Michael Rigdon

Michael Rigdon . 4 months ago

You guys are awesome! Much love! ❤
Susan Colon

Susan Colon . 4 months ago

Lara Dux

Lara Dux . 4 months ago

Is Tom my favorite rapper....yes...do I like Nova...yes...I think you guys are cool, wish you lived around here, you seem like people I would love to hang with
Kurt Downey

Kurt Downey . 4 months ago

I've liked this twice
Christal H

Christal H . 4 months ago

I love you. You are so adorable and your sense of humor makes me smile.
Michael Mccorry

Michael Mccorry . 4 months ago

Never answered any of my questions and got scammed by subscribing to you. Un subscribing. L8er bro.
Ski mask is cool.

Ski mask is cool. . 4 months ago

, can you help me make a song? Tom m

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