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Denitslava Makeup

Denitslava Makeup

Published on 9 months ago

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Nasra Ally

Nasra Ally . 44 minutes ago

This is the second cutest person i ever meet in2023

Nik's . 5 hours ago

cosmic metallic peel off mask BY freeman
Katie Smith

Katie Smith . 1 day ago

Pull upward when taking off masks etc. your pores face slightly down as a rule so you aren’t pulling as much out when you pull down. Especially with pore strips. I tried pulling up toward the ceiling and so much more came out.
UTUBE watcher

UTUBE watcher . 1 day ago

Your cute ,how does it make you feel have a man old enough to be your grandfather thanks your hot men every old men have sex on there mind
Araceli Zacarias

Araceli Zacarias . 4 days ago

Pür glitterally gold
Brightening peel-off mask
Gregory Sudhi

Gregory Sudhi . 4 days ago

I want to see you try ....
Gregory Sudhi

Gregory Sudhi . 4 days ago

Deni there is a straightener that will let you have a heart shape on your hair ....pls try it ...and we'll give 1 million likes ....pls
Toca girl

Toca girl . 5 days ago

Try the blue diamond filter
Melinda Richard

Melinda Richard . 1 week ago

Bro I just never trust face Masks
Emir Softic

Emir Softic . 2 weeks ago

I like your guys sey
Jess Paige

Jess Paige . 2 weeks ago

I love her voice. It’s so cute and entertaining!
Ilarija Ceklic

Ilarija Ceklic . 2 weeks ago

U are the queen😂😂😂
Ilarija Ceklic

Ilarija Ceklic . 2 weeks ago

Boom Diamond ring 😎 😂😂😂😂😂

IAmRoyalty . 2 weeks ago

While other girls accept chocolates or flowers from an admire, the only way to win Denit's heart is to get her something sparkling💖.
Notstarrystacy- quitting

Notstarrystacy- quitting . 2 weeks ago

Senagence golden peel off face mask is super shiny
Ria Nelson

Ria Nelson . 2 weeks ago

Okay lol your really funny but I have no idea why you making yourself look like Santa, in the thumbnail I thought u were going to get a face shave😂

𝕟𝕠𝕠𝕟𝕖 . 2 weeks ago

your voice is so cuteee🥲
8108 Kashvi Bindal

8108 Kashvi Bindal . 2 weeks ago

Got me so so bad
I was laughing for the next 10 minutes....
n addison

n addison . 3 weeks ago

It dosent sparkle, but I see alot of shimmer!

-Eva-💙 . 3 weeks ago

Are there glitter
Deni lets find out
Isabel Haikal

Isabel Haikal . 3 weeks ago

Jovanny Mendes

Jovanny Mendes . 3 weeks ago

"am i rich now,i have diamonds"..😅me thinking should I buy or not is it so expensive that's it makes u rich 😂😂
Verky Jeonsel

Verky Jeonsel . 3 weeks ago

Oh it's kinda old video, but you MUST try skin79 Aurora Peel Of Packs, there are three kinds and they are HOLOGRAPHIC ;___; all of it, the packaging and the mask on your face too 😄 it's the main reason I bought them 😅

Alice . 3 weeks ago

You make me laugh so much 😂😂

Lov_ari . 3 weeks ago

Maria Beteta

Maria Beteta . 3 weeks ago

I'm am your mother you listen to me
Fides zulu

Fides zulu . 3 weeks ago

Do you know I cute
Sharon Little

Sharon Little . 3 weeks ago

just make a face mask with a LOT of glitter
Atikilt Haile

Atikilt Haile . 4 weeks ago

Girl, it makes your face sparkly, not a facemask
lekisha rathore

lekisha rathore . 4 weeks ago

Ya u r rich .rich with our hearts
benish kiran

benish kiran . 4 weeks ago

ur so cute and funny
Sophia Bishop

Sophia Bishop . 4 weeks ago

Here's something that I figured out gold is more than diamond if you don't know
Remy Reed

Remy Reed . 4 weeks ago

UwU facemask
My side of the story

My side of the story . 4 weeks ago


Whatch doin

Btw Lov the vid deni
Erika Hollingsworth

Erika Hollingsworth . 4 weeks ago

It’s on your for head

LizzyRose . 4 weeks ago

Try "ALIVER Starry sparkles face mask"

LizzyRose . 4 weeks ago

I loveeeeeee your EARINGSSSSSSSSSSSSS every time your vids I'm like omg so cute where'd she gettem

Mariposa . 1 month ago

Omg sparkles yassss
Sofia Bender

Sofia Bender . 1 month ago

If your looking for sparkles you should bye a rose gold face mask there very shiny
Etienne Favreau

Etienne Favreau . 1 month ago

Try T-Zon peel of face masivo
Harper Bodkin

Harper Bodkin . 1 month ago

Did somebody say sparkling -Dani (I love this so much)
fabio torro

fabio torro . 1 month ago

Well in Germany we have VERY sparkly face masks even the ones "without sparkels" are often a little sparkly
Carla Curl

Carla Curl . 1 month ago

Before you even ask I know what that is because it's like sparkly and stuff when you put it on
Princess K

Princess K . 1 month ago

I love the way you make us laugh,I watch all your videos and your shorts
Jacey Doirron

Jacey Doirron . 1 month ago

Ur should try the spa scription bedazzled peel off mask

Bbarbatelli . 1 month ago

Try looking up unicorn facemask
Elta Peto

Elta Peto . 1 month ago


Shizuku🐶☘️ . 1 month ago

This is the first short I watched from Denny’s channel❤🥹🥹😊

ROUND EYE . 1 month ago

U are for sure the cutest girl I’ve ever seen 😫❤❤❤❤

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