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Motionless In White - Slaughterhouse (Feat. Bryan Garris) [Official Audio]
Motionless In White

Motionless In White

Published on 2 weeks ago

Motionless In White's official visualizer for 'Slaughterhouse' (feat. Bryan Garris of @Knocked Loose) - available now on Roadrunner Records.

Pre-order the new album "Scoring The End Of The World" out June 10: https://motionlessinwhite.lnk.to/STEOTW

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Animation by John Howe
Crow Album Artwork by Ninajo Art

Break down the wall again

You made a deal with the devil in a bloodbath
Now there’s a price on your head seal the contract
Automatic, systematic
We want our pound of flesh and we slice thick

Kill em all kill em all no successors
Flip the script and oppress the oppressors
Finding strength as we sift through the carnage
We want our pound of flesh and we’ll take it

You fucking fascist
You fucking pig

You sit back as we collapse, packaged up and sold for scraps
Evade the butchers tax, then write us off
And it’s hard to stop the bleeding hung from hooks and barely breathing
But we’ll break break break down the wall again

You tell your stories of the things that you’ve been through
But they’re as false as the teeth that you lie through
Nobodies buying but you sell sell sell
In the land of the free, you’re a slave to your wealth

You fucking fascist
Die you fucking pig
This is the consequence of opulence

You sit back as we collapse, left to fight over scraps
While you auction off our backs to buy your crown
(Force fed the lies)
And it’s hard to stop the bleeding hung from hooks and barely breathing
But we’ll break break break down the wall again
Break break break down the wall

One mutilation under god
God in the cross, devil in the nails
Whatcha gonna buy with all your money in hell?

You sit back as we collapse, packaged up and sold for scraps
While you auction off our backs to pay the tax
(Eye for an eye)
Victims of your invention, all we’ve got are cruel intentions
But we’ll break break break down the wall
Break break break down the wall again

Cut you up, cut you up, cut you down at your knees
Watch you beg like a rat for your luxuries
Cut you up, cut you up, rip the teeth from your mouth
You won’t survive in your slaughterhouse


#motionlessinwhite #slaughterhouse #scoringtheendoftheworld

Ace Phoenix

Ace Phoenix . 10 minutes ago

This song kicks so much ass and I love it. Can definitely feel that knocked loose energy throughout the song. Vocally my favorite song from them too, so much emotion packed into his delivery. Seeing many comments about how they don't like the lyrics of this song and that it's too liberal. It's not a left or right issue... this is just a general wealth issue. Honestly surprised anyone's offended by the lyrics. Keep slaying MIW, hyped for the new album!
Andy Holbrook

Andy Holbrook . 2 hours ago

Wish your music was more like this i miss the blehh's sounds so badass
Out Of The Daze Productions

Out Of The Daze Productions . 3 hours ago

Come get some then.

ix_D3monzz_xi . 4 hours ago

When Chris screams eye for an eye I burst into tears
Gog Equinox

Gog Equinox . 6 hours ago

The message is easy to grasp but speaks volumes
Johnpaul Guadiana

Johnpaul Guadiana . 8 hours ago

It's like an anime theme song I love it❤
Adriana Castelán

Adriana Castelán . 8 hours ago


Uprising . 14 hours ago

Good song. Lyrics leave a bit to be desired
Shayne L.

Shayne L. . 16 hours ago

I love knocked loose but this honestly the less "mickey mouse" Bryan has ever sounded. Everything fits well here. 10/10
Денис Данилов

Денис Данилов . 19 hours ago

Opening riff is very close to Slipknot's - Pulse Of The Maggots))
Sarah Van Veerdegem

Sarah Van Veerdegem . 19 hours ago

I don't love this song, sorry. So hard for me 😅 but good job
Broken Desolation Official

Broken Desolation Official . 20 hours ago

I don’t come to YouTube to watch fucking ads if I wanted the product that badly I’d find the shit in my own 2 ads is fucking ridiculous

TheCivildecay . 22 hours ago

Bryan Garris makes every song better

StickToYourBacon . 23 hours ago

What a boring load of mediocre pop shit.

DR ToTeM . 1 day ago

just banger

REI WINS GAMES . 1 day ago

sehr gut ich empfehle dieses lied jedem

RALPH Ozer . 1 day ago

This is my favorite song By MIW
leonardo paz

leonardo paz . 1 day ago

Artahi Khan 7E

Artahi Khan 7E . 1 day ago

just an awesome collab!!!!
Jami Faye

Jami Faye . 1 day ago

Eat the rich 🍴
Yeety Man

Yeety Man . 1 day ago

I get called Emo because I listen to this music
jack barber

jack barber . 1 day ago

Sooo awesome love it can’t wait for the album

RoboAlexa . 2 days ago

This Slaughter me.

HCWz-_-Over1999 . 2 days ago

Ulva Ragnarsdottir

Ulva Ragnarsdottir . 2 days ago

Lucas Natson

Lucas Natson . 2 days ago

Thats lil too havy for my taste but still like it :D
Francis Koniak

Francis Koniak . 2 days ago

Katie Thompson

Katie Thompson . 2 days ago

You know it's good when you get goosebumps 🖤

Moisés . 2 days ago

Damn it!!! that song is so excited!
big penis parker

big penis parker . 2 days ago

favorite band as of rn i listened to every single track of every album and over is all insane (not a fan of reincarnate) but it seems like this album will be either right with or better than graveyard shift or creatures
Dom Fowler

Dom Fowler . 2 days ago

This is my favorite song
Gerald Singer

Gerald Singer . 2 days ago

How do i unseen this
Gerald Singer

Gerald Singer . 2 days ago

This is pure shit
Bao Anh Nong

Bao Anh Nong . 2 days ago

this is an ambush!!! sickkkk

𝐋𝐀𝐍𝐃𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐊𝐒 . 2 days ago

The second breakdown was fucking awesome

𝐋𝐀𝐍𝐃𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐊𝐒 . 2 days ago

This song is 🔥

Mota . 2 days ago

Yuri Kurnosov

Yuri Kurnosov . 2 days ago

Oh, God

ThatWhiteFlashGuy . 2 days ago

Pulse Of The Maggots vibe on that first riff anyone?

LuKeH0rr0R . 2 days ago

Fuck corporate abuse!!!!
Rian Gabriel

Rian Gabriel . 3 days ago

Espera a um Tempo esse Prova de Vocal no Ritimo Certo e tom certo.
Arrazaran 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

MrDJIN86 . 3 days ago

Over a decade of guiding me through my life..thank you MIW

ZombieBear15 . 3 days ago

If this is setting the tone for future songs, billion percent im down!
Hammy lowery

Hammy lowery . 3 days ago

I like👍🤘
Jeremiah Paiz

Jeremiah Paiz . 3 days ago

This makes me feel alive.
Dino Rakic

Dino Rakic . 3 days ago

What drop is this in?
Erik Jason

Erik Jason . 3 days ago

This song blast really hard, pure insanity throughout the whole track.
Anthony Brownlee

Anthony Brownlee . 3 days ago

just when you think they cant get better BOOM! here is more awsomeness for your earholes.
Kris Bishop

Kris Bishop . 3 days ago

Song is dope…

The lyrics are bland and kinda ruin it though I’m not gonna lie 🤷🏻‍♂️

The “I hate billionaires” thing is different today than it was in the 70’s or 80’s.

These days it comes off as whiny and “woke” and not as rebellious and intellectual and those who wrote on that theme in the past…

Other than that the hook melody is great the song is high energy and that dissonant outro section is 🔥 🤤🔥

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