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What REALLY HAPPENED at my Meet and Greet... *CRAZY* | Louie's Life
Louie's Life

Louie's Life

Published on 2 weeks ago

This was my first meet and greet in about two years and all I can say is, I was not expecting this at all... There were so many of you perras there! I was so nervous and had no idea what to expect because it had been so long but all I can say is, I was shocked! I gave y'all a little suite tour, gave y'all a little dance tutorial, show you some bts of the event, and just bring y'all along this crazy trip!
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Louie's Life

Louie's Life . 2 weeks ago

if you haven’t tried MY CHAMOY make sure to snatch yours at picapica.tx.com 💜💜😋
Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Smith . 51 minutes ago

I live in forth worth
selena quintinilla

selena quintinilla . 12 hours ago

i didnt went i woke up late 😫😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭im depressed now
Tanya Guerrero

Tanya Guerrero . 13 hours ago

Ohh not mee opening my mouth while you trying to give us Pedialyte 😭😂😂
Alexys Delgaldo

Alexys Delgaldo . 2 days ago

I cried!!!! I love you so much and the way you said “you had to meet him” 😭❤️
lala loks

lala loks . 2 days ago

It's a vibeeee ❤️
Jose Castillo

Jose Castillo . 2 days ago

Hi l love you im 9
Esmeralda Marquez

Esmeralda Marquez . 2 days ago

I love you so much 🏳️‍🌈

MakeupbyDreamer . 2 days ago

I love seeing the turn out love the fact that you recorded wanted to see more ughh next time next time so happy for you babes

MakeupbyDreamer . 2 days ago

Omg Louie that was such a great turn out Dios te bendiga mi vida y que Dios te siga bendiciendo chula 😍

Oleic . 2 days ago

I thought adam was going in his pjs but its his outfit 😭😭😭😭 bestieeee😂❤️ i thought it was a hospital gown too
juany rubi torres garcia

juany rubi torres garcia . 2 days ago

I was gonna go but my dad said no😩🙄 I love you so much and you make my day 1000 times better

Lolliee . 2 days ago

Not me tearing 😪 , so proud for you ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍🌈
Rihanna Nava

Rihanna Nava . 3 days ago

i wanna party the baddest 😩🙏🏽
Anabela Salas

Anabela Salas . 3 days ago

We saw your post on your instagram with yoati’s new born baby girll❤❤❤❤❤

Alexa . 3 days ago

omggg i wish i could meet you dude!!!
Alex the Wolf

Alex the Wolf . 3 days ago

Awee I support you, and I wish I could of been there 😫😫🥲
diana M

diana M . 3 days ago

Thank you for the laughs when I’m sad or lonely ! You deserve all the love! 💜💜💜. I’ve been here since the longest & it’s so beautiful watching the glow up!
doire aintu

doire aintu . 4 days ago

Omg omg thank you so much for the experience for the time you dedicate to my son you are the most beautiful person in and out we love you ❤️
Rosa Hernandez

Rosa Hernandez . 4 days ago

Making me cry bro perioddd changing this world for the better bad bitch 🫶🏼🥹❤️❤️

LazyGirlLa . 4 days ago

The way you slapped yourself at the end haha I'm like wtf I would never slep you haha

LazyGirlLa . 4 days ago

I want to party with you 😭😭 my friends are boring too haha

LazyGirlLa . 4 days ago

Lmao 🤣 I love your videos your so funny

Jennifer . 4 days ago

Seeing you with the beautiful little boy interacting with him your whole personality just came out and then how you were with his mom and what you said to her was so sweet of you and raw, that’s why i watch you Louie because you are so humble and beautiful inside and out ❤️
Antoinette Duran

Antoinette Duran . 5 days ago

I just love louie he is so down to earth n full of love what a big hearted person 😩❤️❤️❤️❤️
dolita windo

dolita windo . 5 days ago

Keep doing you! This vid made me emotional
Alexis Limon

Alexis Limon . 5 days ago

Not me crying rn 🥹
We love you Louie! We hope to see you soon again here in Brownsville, Tx!!!♥️ Never change!!!
Kaylynn Garza

Kaylynn Garza . 5 days ago

Meeting you was a dream come true i will never forget the moment with you 💜💜 your my lock screen love 💓💓
Yesenia Hidalgo

Yesenia Hidalgo . 5 days ago

You are the best fr🥹
Myra XOX Beauty

Myra XOX Beauty . 5 days ago

I’m glad you liked Brownsville! I was in line for 9 hours and got a bad sunburn and didn’t get to meet you😭 but I hope you return & I get to finally meet you!🤗💜
Monica Flores

Monica Flores . 5 days ago

I was at the island over the weekend. We were in close proximity! Come back to the valley soon!! 💕
Jacqueline Espinoza

Jacqueline Espinoza . 5 days ago

omg that first boy 😭♥️ I love this literally cried your so humble love you!
Karoll Rivera

Karoll Rivera . 5 days ago

This video made cry, I fucking love Louis 💕
Elizabeth Cortez

Elizabeth Cortez . 5 days ago

OMG I LOVE YOU so much and im so happy for all ur blessings and all ur exito to come .... 🥰🥰🥰💜💜💜💜💜💞
abbsnn cose

abbsnn cose . 5 days ago

Omg omg thank you so much for the experience for the time you dedicate to my son you are the most beautiful person in and out we love you ❤️
Ruby Navarro

Ruby Navarro . 5 days ago

Vero’s Vlogs

Vero’s Vlogs . 6 days ago

Im beyond happy for u Louie u deserve this and more by the way I already purchased your chamoy and 100/100 love it 💜💜💜🔥

R S . 6 days ago

You are such a beautiful soul and deserve the world. Thank you for all you do.

boboyfrgu . 6 days ago

I LOOOOOOOVE THIS!! You’re so sweet ❣️❣️

MairaIsabel_life . 6 days ago

I was crying! Just watching how many people you make happy and how happy you get!! I love it Louie 💜💜💜
Jessica Valverde

Jessica Valverde . 6 days ago

IM CRYING!!!! The lil boy😭😭♥️ i LOVEEEEE LOUIE😭😭😭😭😭😭
destiny sanchez

destiny sanchez . 6 days ago

I was not expecting to cry when I clicked on this video 😭🤧❤️ I felt the energy through the screen 🥲
Yosselin Mariana Diaz

Yosselin Mariana Diaz . 6 days ago

louie you melt my heart 💜

Killua_is_cute🫶🏼 . 6 days ago

My friend literally LOVES you and she got to see u. You live in the Rgv too
vianey lopez

vianey lopez . 6 days ago

I love love loveeeee louies personality !!! youre so funnyyyyyyy. One of my fav youtubers for sure <3
Alondra Moreno

Alondra Moreno . 6 days ago

Nunca voy a parar de admirar el increíble ser humano que eres louieeee ❤
Selam Teka

Selam Teka . 7 days ago

Love all the way from Ethiopia 💜💜
Arely Pe1

Arely Pe1 . 7 days ago

i started balling when he hugged the little boy i dont think louie realized what a big deal it was for him ! louie is to humble to know he is such an inspiration for so many

chrishefner . 7 days ago

the little boy omggg 😭💜 .
mariana gonzalez

mariana gonzalez . 7 days ago

OMG!! The little boy and the mom♥️ I can’t believe I wasn’t there. I live 2hrs away from Brownsville, but unfortunately im in Houston. I Love your energy ♥️♥️

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