Bee Magicink

Bee Magicink . 12 hours ago

lmao tear em apart.
Kristy Rasnick

Kristy Rasnick . 13 hours ago

And you didn’t have to sell your soul,
Righteous Mac

Righteous Mac . 1 day ago

"Hahaha haha 💯"
- Michael Mac Thomas
Friendly Fire

Friendly Fire . 2 days ago

I sometimes wonder if these people that are owned puppet slaves of satan hate wht they are forced to wear...sam smith
Vestok GMT

Vestok GMT . 2 days ago

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 man GET them allllllll😎💯💯💯💯
Deborah Mann

Deborah Mann . 3 days ago

Let's do this you got that right ❤️🤍

Philosophia . 3 days ago


NothingButLove . 4 days ago

Aliens you say?
You got me
David Prather

David Prather . 5 days ago

LOL! I'm just kidding, I'm not Sam Smith..😂
John Merrit

John Merrit . 5 days ago

Tom love your work the truth never sounded so good GOD BLESS
Andrew Wells

Andrew Wells . 5 days ago

Rebekah Mitchell

Rebekah Mitchell . 5 days ago

As I've been trying to tell you Tom MacDonald I am a little boy wich who does pma premier martial arts and I am a big fan also I would like to see you in person I am planning on naming myself KBKC kickboxing kid chef all making recipes to send them out into the world😊 into different restaurants I am going to do a virtual restaurant I love how you tell the truth and you're awake I finally found somebody out there I love you music share the love always

Kal-El . 6 days ago


lkporter1989 . 6 days ago

Why do you have mexicans in your video? Hahahaha jk jk jk im a jew i can make jokes like that legally
Cody Chepa

Cody Chepa . 6 days ago

Tom is to worried about others success
Jessica Shaw

Jessica Shaw . 6 days ago

I’m dying
🌹bella Palmertree 🌹

🌹bella Palmertree 🌹 . 1 week ago

Amy Amir

Amy Amir . 1 week ago

😄 🤣 😂
Hawk Cyber Gear

Hawk Cyber Gear . 1 week ago

No Tom, he's not an artist, just you and Nova.
Cody Martin

Cody Martin . 1 week ago

I think you should have thought twice before uploading this video.

WR13 . 1 week ago

Sam Smith really went to the store and said gimmie the Dr Suess Fit
Travis Moore

Travis Moore . 2 weeks ago

Gradual Decay

Gradual Decay . 2 weeks ago

Leah Forrest

Leah Forrest . 2 weeks ago

Reminds me of an umpa lumpa😂😂😂
Robinson Navarro

Robinson Navarro . 2 weeks ago

Cathy M

Cathy M . 2 weeks ago

J.B. Day

J.B. Day . 2 weeks ago

I love the song!!! John Rich sounds like he's as cool of a dude as you are Tom. ❤

clayne48 . 2 weeks ago

You're an idiot dude, and it's fucking awesome!
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Keegan McLeod

Keegan McLeod . 2 weeks ago

i cant wait until youre forgotten
ispy urmom

ispy urmom . 2 weeks ago

Thats sus
Bruce Judy

Bruce Judy . 2 weeks ago

Bruhh😂😂😂😂 the costume got me so bad😅😅😅😅
Jahleel Monet

Jahleel Monet . 2 weeks ago

Rick Armstrong

Rick Armstrong . 2 weeks ago

Your not even mentioned on "Billboard" or "Spotify " I cant find you anywhere, so where can I find your Ratings?
Geri Cole

Geri Cole . 2 weeks ago

Hangover gang forever! Onward March truth Warriors..gnc
Tracy Marsh

Tracy Marsh . 2 weeks ago

Dude ur hilarious. And we have the exactly same color of eyes.
Julia W

Julia W . 2 weeks ago

I love you more every day Tom!
Julia W

Julia W . 2 weeks ago

Perfect! I just dumped the only cd I owned of his the other day. I was thinking of shredding it but I actually got more pleasure watching my 4 dogs destroy it.
The Big Panda theory

The Big Panda theory . 3 weeks ago

😅😅😅😅😅this is hilarious
Derick Mcgoona

Derick Mcgoona . 3 weeks ago


hollyh1969 . 3 weeks ago


Kathleen . 3 weeks ago

Keep your ding dong away from me, needs to be part of the vernacular.

cstgg . 3 weeks ago

Master Chief

Master Chief . 3 weeks ago

Well one thing is for sure - this video is cringe AF - may god have mercy on anyones soul who supports and/or waste their life with this……. 😭😭😭

scootinflh . 3 weeks ago

"keep your ding dong away from me"
Rachel Lovelace

Rachel Lovelace . 3 weeks ago

Stephanie Stinnett

Stephanie Stinnett . 3 weeks ago

Tom, Kind Sir, You STILL are an ultimate Troll. & we love you for it!!❤
Ms. X

Ms. X . 3 weeks ago

Love your sense of humor!

mwoods5166 . 3 weeks ago


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