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An Updated HOUSE TOUR... The Completely Redesigned Final Layout!!
morgans vlogs

morgans vlogs

Published on 2 weeks ago

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0:00 - chapter 2
2:00 - week of windows
4:22 - a quick message
7:37 - the door of all doors
19:16 - weekly teacap baby

If you're reading this comment "the rhinestone hat cured her"

morgans vlogs

morgans vlogs . 2 weeks ago


so I looked up on Reddit why is my cat peeing in the toilet and it said “she wants to become you.” there’s that. happy weekend lol
Nicki McMaster

Nicki McMaster . 12 minutes ago

I get so humbled everytime I see Morgan😂😍🤧
angelina Vargas

angelina Vargas . 2 hours ago

Haven’t seen your videos in a while and let me just say you are glowing! So beautiful
Sushi Vet

Sushi Vet . 2 hours ago

Jazmine Cierra

Jazmine Cierra . 3 hours ago

14:18 to 14:24 is so me😂😂 love your videos! ❤
Amelia Love

Amelia Love . 5 hours ago

The bathroom should be on the side so you can have ventilation and someone will not stank up the kitchen. Window is a must!!!
Santiago Á

Santiago Á . 10 hours ago

Buenos dias mi amor!!!
ssaaaaaaaad 👨‍🦲

ssaaaaaaaad 👨‍🦲 . 17 hours ago

Kali B

Kali B . 1 day ago

The palms is still there!
Angelica Dajio García

Angelica Dajio García . 1 day ago

The photo 2:01 😍

Christa . 2 days ago

❤you look amazing 🤩

kyle . 2 days ago

morgan where is the merch?!
Brandi Smith

Brandi Smith . 2 days ago

Whitney Song

Whitney Song . 2 days ago

More please
jenn desharnais

jenn desharnais . 2 days ago

That's not a problem...it's every cat owners dream!! If you train your cat to use the toilet...NO MORE CAT BOX!!
I had a cat that used the toilet once but not every cat will do it.
Kacy Ray

Kacy Ray . 3 days ago

She's gorgeous!🌹
michelle parada

michelle parada . 3 days ago

Make a podcast
dori lyn dedi

dori lyn dedi . 3 days ago

does anyone else ship morgan and lucas
ElcheReyes475 قصغثي

ElcheReyes475 قصغثي . 3 days ago

Damn Morgan you are so beautiful 😍
sarah wilson

sarah wilson . 3 days ago

We have the same bed spread from target !! ❤😂
Ralph Buchwitz

Ralph Buchwitz . 3 days ago

You know what you need? to mary rich an Italian Count, then get divorced really rich, become really eccentric and live a celebrity life. Baroness Morgan of Medici. Jet Setting from Rome to Milan, from Paris to London. Now that I'd love to watch! Shame on me as I could easily make this happen if I wasn't so protective of my fortune. Even though I know I'll never have kids. Gay as F, you know...
Ralph Buchwitz

Ralph Buchwitz . 3 days ago

I want double features. 1 video on Morgans vlogs and 1 on Morgan reacts. I like both Morgans but not in the same video. They have so different personalities. Plus it's more content I enjoy...
Layde Vix

Layde Vix . 3 days ago

How is cookie pooping in the toilet a problem 😭😂 I wish my cat would do that
Alpha Mindset

Alpha Mindset . 3 days ago


ArtsyMae . 4 days ago

I love this glow on you girl ❤ you’re thriving!!

Sherri-Ann . 4 days ago

My day is complete! Watched you and then Ryland and Shane’s anniversary, perfection! Thanks for you post Morgan. ✨🌸✨

BeatlesNinja . 4 days ago

Morgan: "I'm having a sober spell..."
Also Morgan: **cracks open a bud light**
I love you girl. 😂😂

Naomi . 4 days ago

Ok every one talking about the cat peeing .I'm wondering about you and Lucas.? 🤔
Ane Olivia Uri

Ane Olivia Uri . 4 days ago

I think u should collab with Drew Scott, @lonefox, for the entertainment room! Or like, hire him hahah<3
Kristi W

Kristi W . 4 days ago

Omg can’t wait to see your bathroom that is what I want too! Does Bryan’s company come to California 😅
Jaquelyn Chrisdon

Jaquelyn Chrisdon . 4 days ago

Cookie peeing in the toilet is not a problem! I tried everything to get my cat to do that and he never would. I hated doing litter. If I could just flush it that would be ideal.
Zephyr Moon

Zephyr Moon . 4 days ago


michellenk13 . 4 days ago

Girl! I NEED to see that bathroom after it's done. I have been telling everyone about how I was a shower and tub in the same space and I can not wait to see how yours comes out!!!
Mishka Allen

Mishka Allen . 4 days ago

Some people spend months training their cat to pee in the toilet with a training tray that they take the rings away, at least she is going in the toilet and not on the carpet xxxxx
Mishka Allen

Mishka Allen . 4 days ago

I you selling or moving in? Can’t wait to see the finished product, you have put blood sweat and tears into this house ❤
Ashley Crager

Ashley Crager . 5 days ago

Her peeing in the toilet seems like a success rather than a problem
Madison Porter

Madison Porter . 5 days ago

every single outfit hit. where do you shop?
Lupe Vargas

Lupe Vargas . 5 days ago

Yeeiiii tu casiiitaaa!!!!!!!! 🎉❤❤❤

Teesh🖤 . 5 days ago

Ugh love it!
Laura Williams

Laura Williams . 5 days ago

Morgan I have followed you since the beginning, and I am so so happy for you, I’ve loved following you on this journey and you are doing amazing! And found some amazing new friends too 🥰❤
Jose Nieves

Jose Nieves . 5 days ago

You look so good Morgan! So happy for you 😉
Kaitlynn Duncan

Kaitlynn Duncan . 5 days ago

You look incredible in that black shirt and jeans! Where is that black shirt from?????

iceyiana . 5 days ago

Primary bedroom 😊
Jessica Anderson

Jessica Anderson . 5 days ago

“Exterior penetrations” lmao
Amy Mikolajczak

Amy Mikolajczak . 5 days ago

WHAT that's amazing that cookie just pees in the toilet! you're luckyyyy. Did you teach her that?

Lifeistooshortbread . 5 days ago

It's finally coming together! Morgan you look skinny af wtf girl haha share your secrets
Michelle R

Michelle R . 5 days ago

The rhinestone hat cured her.

Mrs.Mudkip . 5 days ago

These guys are awesome!!

bluerosegurl . 5 days ago

It physically pains me that they're not wearing masks!
Kayla Lowry

Kayla Lowry . 5 days ago

Morgan makes home renovations so much fun and entertaining to watch. But lets be real, id watch anything morgan posts!!!

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