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Moneyboss Detroit

Moneyboss Detroit . 2 months ago

8:50 you can hear the crowd yell suiiii 😔😔

itzdarad . 3 months ago

At 8:08 when they make the pass, the defender slides and accidentally tackles his teammate while trying to intercept 😂
Shaurya Jain

Shaurya Jain . 3 months ago

Great game Modric at 36 with a hat trick assist, Vini jr first hat trick and Benzema being the second all time goal scorer of the best club in the world. Keep going HALA Madrid🇪🇸
Jayy biggaveli

Jayy biggaveli . 4 months ago

Now i see why Benz got that Ballon fr bro a beast
Jayy biggaveli

Jayy biggaveli . 4 months ago

I swear I be getting Vinny and Saka from arsenal mixed up sometimes 😭😭 til Vinny start dancing
Joseph Brice

Joseph Brice . 1 year ago

please give Vini the 10 when Modric leaves

Dave . 1 year ago

And they say Liverpool has the best attack in the world. Real Madrid is way more lethal and unpredictable than them in the front. Plus RM's midfield is also better. I'm very confident that Real will win the CL final
shane halben

shane halben . 1 year ago

People want to talk about MLS defense being bad. This was the worst defense we’ve ever seen

ginger . 1 year ago

Final score Liverpool vs Real Madrid: 2 - 5
Road To Dream TV

Road To Dream TV . 1 year ago

I love Spanish soccer, I was a Barsa fan in 2010.
Primitive Math

Primitive Math . 1 year ago

Big Benzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Nick . 1 year ago

My two favorite players CR7 and Vini
Alex Buren

Alex Buren . 1 year ago

Can't wait to see pompous TAA try defending Vinicius...Marcos Alonso isn't quite the same, hate to break it
Marco M

Marco M . 1 year ago


marsh . 1 year ago

What a top class match from the Madrid lads!
Satish Nepal

Satish Nepal . 1 year ago

It’s crazy to think the last 10 years Madrid have spent only 179 million. Not even in the top 20 clubs in spending the last ten years
HE’S coming soon

HE’S coming soon . 1 year ago

Believe in Jesus... Read the Bible.
Chris Loomis

Chris Loomis . 1 year ago

Go ahead Real Madrid, I've been rooting for you since childhood!!!

Sasuke . 1 year ago

Vini hat trick ???
kleef Harris

kleef Harris . 1 year ago

Diaz he's a talented player, needs to play in a team like Sevilla, valence or Villareal
Financial Inspiration

Financial Inspiration . 1 year ago

No one talks about camavinga he lead the attack phase in the 1st goal and he's very influential in the game, I think he's learning fast from KCM.
Jerry B Nasty

Jerry B Nasty . 1 year ago

R MADRID will send those EPL fanboys back to the caves when MBAPPE arrives

allthatihave14 . 1 year ago

I can’t believe I’m saying this I never thought I would but benzema should win the Balon and player of the year

Plaster_Rd_NE404 . 1 year ago

Vini Jr and Rodrygo went from being promising to world class this season. They should also build a statue of modric outside the Bernabeu.
Glenn Hubbard

Glenn Hubbard . 1 year ago


Emin . 1 year ago

this commentator annoys me
Oscar Leon

Oscar Leon . 1 year ago

Vini is just starting I say he will b nominated with mbappe in the later years for the ballon d or

Vlad . 1 year ago

Yeah, ruin the highlights in the title of the video. The mark of a great company.

tee-lee . 1 year ago

Munda Amara

Munda Amara . 1 year ago

That suiiiiiii
Jesus has given you all. Repent or die.

Jesus has given you all. Repent or die. . 1 year ago

Repent to Jesus Christ
““Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:25‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Rage_x . 1 year ago

This is a true team, you take anyone of these players in the starting 11 out, it will severely effect the team. The chemistry within these players is something I’ve never seen before

Necrolock . 1 year ago

The goal keeper is golden.

Dom . 1 year ago

It’s sad seeing how Levante showed 0 effort the whole game 😂💀💀💀💀

elperurican777 . 1 year ago

I remember it was frustrating to watch Vini Jr. a season or two ago... missing open netters or medicore passing. Now he's gotten better at finishing chances & a delight to watch on the pitch. Hala Madrid!
Jonathan Melara

Jonathan Melara . 1 year ago

Pero si el levante no jugo
Justus Heers

Justus Heers . 1 year ago

Honestly hats off to the Levante keeper he had some quality saves
alexander aragon

alexander aragon . 1 year ago

Bro the narrators are as dull as a butter knife, they barely know what they talking about. I’m so sure they just reading a pre match sheet someone gave them and swing it. Valverde hit the post from outside the area and they just like “eh”. Ffs
renik daroosee

renik daroosee . 1 year ago


LasBlancasComps . 1 year ago

41 g/a for Vini he is so much better than Salah yet idiot farmers league Prem fans compare Salah to Benzema. When Vini is clear of Mo Salah
Sky Maldog

Sky Maldog . 1 year ago

Benzema getting the spotlight he deserved after Cr7 leaving :)
Shavar Elliott

Shavar Elliott . 1 year ago

Modric is so goated
Christopher Nava

Christopher Nava . 1 year ago

Congratulations Benzema 👏🇨🇵

VRCMF . 1 year ago

That first Modric assist really shows what type of a player he is. Was being closed down-took on the pressure and found a pass no one else saw. Great finish by Mendy too

ESOCCER . 1 year ago


YourgirllovesIt . 1 year ago

My eyes teared up when I heard the first Hat-trick for Vinicius being chanted by the Bernabeu.
Jamil Saleh

Jamil Saleh . 1 year ago

You have to tip your hat off for Ferland Mendy on scoring that awesome goal . And of course congratulations to Karim , Vini and Luka 👏👏
thierry barbosa

thierry barbosa . 1 year ago

vini jr joga pra caralho

xander . 1 year ago

doesn’t phase me , liverpool will thrash them . WE WANT REVENGE . don’t forget vardridistas that liverpool are the only team to beat vardrid in a european final . paris in 1981. oh wait , you guys only follow vardrid recently so you don’t know the history
Alexander Trinidad

Alexander Trinidad . 1 year ago

The difference in class from both teams was so noticeable. Just wow!

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