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Trying to find the words when no words will do 🥹😭
Tom MacDonald

Tom MacDonald

Published on 4 months ago

Ice Castles

Ice Castles . 2 days ago

~ and he said, Thank You
Luis Cortez

Luis Cortez . 2 days ago

Good job Tom
blood jesters

blood jesters . 2 days ago

Yep still think ghost is your second best song out there well done Tom ❤❤❤

Sassypants57 . 3 days ago

I’m sure you hear this lol the time, but your songs are incredible. Mind you, I don’t like rap as a rule, but I’m completely blown away by your sings. You nail the truth every time! Thank you.❤
Theron Harris

Theron Harris . 1 week ago

Thanks Tom, for all that you do. Woooow!!! You are the coolest, and BRAVEIST man I have ever seen!!!! STRAIGHT UP!!!!👍😊🇺🇲💯💯💯💯💯
james george

james george . 1 week ago

Keep up the good work. Thank you.
Derek Conklin

Derek Conklin . 2 weeks ago

Ghost is a masterpiece my 6 year old always ask this song. I feel she loves you more than i
John Lacombe

John Lacombe . 3 weeks ago

This guy is awesome a very very intelligent man love you brother keep making great music.👊👊

Chi-Gypsy . 1 month ago

Gratitude....HUGE MAGNET.....Well done, Genius ❤..we love you and Nova too 💕
Angela Wiles

Angela Wiles . 1 month ago

Love "Ghost"!! Congrats Tom!!!
Armando De La Torre

Armando De La Torre . 1 month ago

Loved that song bro!! Keep up the great work!!!
Angel Marrero Jr

Angel Marrero Jr . 1 month ago

Amazing song!
Lisa Edwards

Lisa Edwards . 1 month ago

I'm a hard core speed metal gen X chick I love my life and ghost is my. Fave love crap your whole faam are perfect so keep your ghost she's your heart and your hers it's so clear

digvane . 1 month ago

tom mcdonald thanking the people who he knows made it possible for him and not prancing around like those lunatics who think it's all about them now that's being humble. many more #1's to you tom
Adam King

Adam King . 2 months ago

You rock bro
Evans Hawes

Evans Hawes . 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing your success with us
fan for life

Leo . 2 months ago

Your song best rapper ever is really fucking good
Alex Taylor

Alex Taylor . 2 months ago

It’s a great song.
donald gage

donald gage . 2 months ago

Good fucking job man, respect ✊ ( still hate music, gonna go check out GHOST )

@Lanettfielder44 . 2 months ago

Am I to old to take sighing lessons in trying to visit around the world another day another story.
I'm waiting to go no car to willingness to get up go

@Lanettfielder44 . 2 months ago

My pleasure I'm still pushing my freebie living forward pay forward now I need to
Bill Francis

Bill Francis . 2 months ago

Thank u for being a light in the darkness
Antonio Hamdaraz

Antonio Hamdaraz . 2 months ago

Don't stop doing what you're doing bro. Love ya forever!
Christine Pirie

Christine Pirie . 2 months ago

Where you live
Tammy LeBrun

Tammy LeBrun . 2 months ago

I absolutely love that you wrote a love song your way
Sweet Taters

Sweet Taters . 2 months ago

Come on Tom…we don’t ever doubt you, why would you doubt us 🤷‍♀️❤🤷‍♀️❤️🤷‍♀️❤️

Heather . 2 months ago

the reasons it's #1 is you can feel the true love for her. you have an amazing voice also. and,as in all your songs, it's catchy. I'll find my self getting stupid ppl in my head randomly

JGRAHAM . 2 months ago

I'll support you in everything you do Tom. Hangover gang forever!!
Good Day

Good Day . 2 months ago

All our best it's a grate song and it touches a lot of people because it's easy to see you have over came what was dropped on you.

GHOST . 2 months ago

I love the song because my name is Ghost!

Mr Z SILLY VISION . 3 months ago

We love u Tom keep up the amazing work

nenna . 3 months ago

"Ghost" is such a good song. But my favorite is "Best Rapper Ever". I almost know all the lyrics 😁
Dave Herrick

Dave Herrick . 3 months ago

Bro you are my playlist
Jo Heath

Jo Heath . 3 months ago


b . 3 months ago

Dreams are awesome to have but to end up in Hollywood is the scariest thing to be a part of now that they are being exposed left and right of the evil perverted crap they do.
fred kinder

fred kinder . 3 months ago

thank you for makeing the music and great lyrics and thank the fans and my self bc i play the shit outta ghost so keep on playin ppl share it love it enjoy it
Shirley Torres

Shirley Torres . 3 months ago

Tom I want to thank you for being so real you are like my favorite ever.thank you love your wife too.🥰🥰🥰🥰
Barry Harkins

Barry Harkins . 3 months ago

No problem I love honesty and you're honest 😎
Hot Springs

Hot Springs . 3 months ago

Your the best
Charles Manning

Charles Manning . 3 months ago

Your just freaking awesome
Pamela Olger

Pamela Olger . 3 months ago

God Bless you and your Girl!!!!!!!.. Ghost 👻 awesome...❤🧡💛💚
Christina Emerick

Christina Emerick . 3 months ago

Ghost is 1 of the realest songs ever written holds so many truths 🎯🎯🎯& I am in love with this song♥️
The Spoiled Texan

The Spoiled Texan . 3 months ago

No. Thank you, Tom. I needed that so badly!
Shawn Sites

Shawn Sites . 3 months ago

I love the song call ghost

HettyBettyBoo . 3 months ago

The song is brilliant and soo sweet!!!!! We follow you because you tell the truth. If your truth is that you love Nova, why should we react negatively ❤️
S c

S c . 3 months ago

Just dont changeyr MUSIC make sence its TEACHABLE
zo nation

zo nation . 3 months ago

Tom, you and Nova are helping to lead the fight. PLEASE remember how important you are in this culture war. It's NOT about waking up the "sheep"... It's about gathering the Lions! We hear you! Much love! ❤
Connie Atkinson

Connie Atkinson . 3 months ago

I love that song sooooooo much!!!!!! You and your family deserve it all, including your beautiful girlfriend. You are both so lucky to have found each other!
Katie LaCasse

Katie LaCasse . 3 months ago

Your welcome you and Nova deserves this your welcome H.O.G. forevrr
Samuel Guito

Samuel Guito . 3 months ago

You’re jah sent

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