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Am I right or am I crazy? 🤔🤔🤔
Tom MacDonald

Tom MacDonald

Published on 3 months ago

Joshua Clinkscales

Joshua Clinkscales . 15 minutes ago

Preach Tom
Kevin S

Kevin S . 28 minutes ago

It’s all by design
Daniel Gaddis

Daniel Gaddis . 20 hours ago

A lot of this stuff is always happening. But now if a flea farts in bumfuk Egypt you going to know about it in your notifications.

Glen . 1 day ago

That's fight, organized confusion,they have thing's going just how they want it,and will continue to have it going like this😮
Dave Lodge

Dave Lodge . 1 day ago

That just punched me in the face, OUCH. Love ya Tom,the real deal
Hank Dutton

Hank Dutton . 1 day ago

The narrow gate if ever there is one. Spot on Tom.
Dwight Hardy

Dwight Hardy . 2 days ago

So we canceling major brands thru boycotts . Coke, bud light, target, Harley what’s next?
Blue Moose Traveler

Blue Moose Traveler . 2 days ago

Chaos theory
Phade Phaze

Phade Phaze . 2 days ago

As predicted in the Bible 2000 years ago, sir

DCajun . 2 days ago

I've been saying that the system criminal, lies, and set up that way They are stripping our rights and freedoms little by little until we won't have any . Eventually in time we are all gonna be slaves. Why because we don't have strong leaders with spirit and a big heart no more that's for humanity it's all for power and pockets.
Jeremy Grimes

Jeremy Grimes . 3 days ago

I've seen the pieces moving into places for decades, but I'm just a crazy conspiracy theorist.
Pretty Astounding

Pretty Astounding . 3 days ago

HimTom……I love what you just said.
Ronald Meadowd

Ronald Meadowd . 3 days ago


the_introverted_extrovert . 3 days ago

Damn that was kinda brilliant
Deborah Mann

Deborah Mann . 3 days ago

You take the word WOW to a whole nother level 🤜🤛💯💥👍
William Barnes

William Barnes . 4 days ago

As an ex army soldier(usa) the shit you spit is true. Moreover no than it was 24 years ago when I served.....as a Canuck that you are..... thank you for being a voice of Actual America
Maureen Banks

Maureen Banks . 4 days ago

I am usually filled with a holy Joy, most of the time. I pray more than one rosary s day when i can. I don't let all the horrible stuff in the world bring me down. I offer up all my suffering in atonement and repentance for my sins and the sins of this world. This is a spiritual battle we are fighting, folks. Beware the invisible things. Don't forget you each have your very own guardian angel whose assigned task is YOU!
Keith Gaines

Keith Gaines . 4 days ago

My guy
Scott Shaw

Scott Shaw . 5 days ago

Put the phone down and get outside and smell the roses . I deleted FB 3 years ago It’s very liberating.

DollarBill"s ride down the Rabbit hole . 5 days ago

I've been saying the same thing but I get blocked and restricted views 🤦
Cody Mobbs

Cody Mobbs . 5 days ago

Your the man Tom!!!
Darin Wriedt

Darin Wriedt . 5 days ago

You should have just not watched anything online. Just disconnect and enjoy life. It can be so peaceful. You already know how messed up things are, so it's not ignorance equaling bliss. 19 days of no social media can change an individual a lot.

Crash . 5 days ago

There you go spitting that truth fire again!gen-x we are the shit!
Lana S

Lana S . 6 days ago

You are exactly right
Dean Vassos

Dean Vassos . 6 days ago

Zin Ringham

Zin Ringham . 6 days ago

Brother, PREACH! 💕👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Julianne . 6 days ago


PzGraphics . 6 days ago

You mean the Biden system?

J44C44 . 6 days ago

The system is letting us know about these problems and the system gives us tools to fight it. We just need to realize that we the people have the power but need to have the courage to stand together and put aside our petty differences to stop their end goal (total domination of society)…hold to your personal opinions, allow others to hold theirs, and stay free!!!
bosko peklar

bosko peklar . 7 days ago

O yes this is thrue 😢😢😢😢
Ronald Martinez

Ronald Martinez . 7 days ago

Facts all on purpose

TRc . 7 days ago

Truest ish I've heard in a while
Cathy Giles

Cathy Giles . 7 days ago

Your right!
Allison Park

Allison Park . 1 week ago

Thomas Lowrimore

Thomas Lowrimore . 1 week ago

No sir this is a result of sin and evil and people that continue to push God out of their lives and out of our government in and out of our schools God is finally going to have enough and he's going to say no more

IronFaz . 1 week ago

Red pilled
Leon’s Candles

Leon’s Candles . 1 week ago

I agree 100%

Cilou6 . 1 week ago

If we had a common enemy, foreign to the planet, what better choice than to unite under a single global government and be very careful that all citizens are under control?
Claudia Gomez

Claudia Gomez . 1 week ago

Your right.
Rosco Ross

Rosco Ross . 1 week ago

When I say the chit you say. I'm crazy, and you get paid. Good on you.
Kelly Dawn Sonnier

Kelly Dawn Sonnier . 1 week ago

You may be crazy 😅 not about this tho
Alex Sachse

Alex Sachse . 1 week ago

Spot on...
Kassimweaver Weaver

Kassimweaver Weaver . 1 week ago

Yo cool ass bro, keep the message real. Damn yo this might be too real
ethan taylor

ethan taylor . 1 week ago

Jesus is coming back soon I'll be ready I hope u are too brother
one of one.

one of one. . 1 week ago

One person other than me totally understands is point, but try telling that to any average American. Everything is going smoothly and exactly to America's plan . Destabilised the world find yourself at disposable enemy this time Ukraine is the fall guy to spread panic through Europe America at it's best selling more war weapons than they can make buy completely de stabilising the rest of the world shame on you USA. Living in fear on your side of the world but you do realise this will not last 👹
Planting Hope

Planting Hope . 1 week ago

The United States of Illusion.
Mitchell Delude

Mitchell Delude . 1 week ago

Text me back ..that would restore a great deal of confidence in several amendments! I doubt you'll even see this !!
Mitchell Delude

Mitchell Delude . 1 week ago

No!! Its not falling apart! Not even close! We ultimately won't let it! Doesn't serve anyone especially the powers that be!!!
Mark Boulton

Mark Boulton . 1 week ago

Very true tom
Darren Baillie

Darren Baillie . 1 week ago

It's not incompetent it's by design

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