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Published on 1 week ago

Jeff Bridges (‘The Old Man’), Kieran Culkin ('Succession'), Damson Idris (‘Snowfall’ & ‘Swarm’), Michael Imperioli ('The White Lotus'), Pedro Pascal (‘The Last of Us’ & ‘The Mandalorian') and Evan Peters ('Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story') join The Hollywood Reporter for our Drama Actor Roundtable.

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Drama Actor Roundtable: Pedro Pascal, Kieran Culkin, Evan Peters, Damson Idris & More

The Hollywood Reporter

Alex Toriz

Alex Toriz . 26 minutes ago

the fact that Kieran is asking the questions that any fan would ask to those amazing actors is priceless, he represents us!!!

jericho0o . 38 minutes ago

I want to have a beer with Kieran one day. Just seems like that type of guy

Naomi . 1 hour ago

Jeff Bridges being unaware of 'The Last of Us' was a real highlight for me
Aashir Shahzad

Aashir Shahzad . 1 hour ago

these comments need to show more love to my boy Damson Idris! he is literally a legend in the making, watch this space.
Aimeé Lopez

Aimeé Lopez . 2 hours ago

what’s with all that candy kieran is wearing? lol am I missing something
Nidhish Shivashankar

Nidhish Shivashankar . 2 hours ago

Moderator looks like kendals wife from succession

Gregor . 2 hours ago

Is Evan Peters ok? Jesus Christ man.
ivannia mora

ivannia mora . 2 hours ago

Yo descubrí a Pedro Pascal en Narcos y me deslumbró como actor y luego como persona. Me encanta Pedro
James Clark

James Clark . 3 hours ago

He was Quicksilver dude can play other stuff

BruhMaster69 . 3 hours ago

I love Kieran Culkin in Scott pilgrim. Wallace is one of my favorite characters of all time!
Kathleen Selig: My Tattered N Torn

Kathleen Selig: My Tattered N Torn . 3 hours ago

All these actors are amazing but Jeff Bridges is just epic.

Michelle . 3 hours ago

I wish the moderator would have done better to bring in Evan Peters.
Aunt Vesuvi

Aunt Vesuvi . 3 hours ago

Thanks, Lacey! 🎬 Thanks, Jeff! Thanks, Kieran! Thanks, Damson! Thanks, Michael! Thanks, Pedro! Thanks, Evan! #THRRoundtable #JeffBridges #KieranCulkin #DamsonIdris #MichaelImperioli #PedroPascal #EvanPeters

A A . 3 hours ago

My goodness. What an excellent panel. And most of these guys are still so...underrated. I feel like their work should be getting MORE notice.
Juliana Jackson

Juliana Jackson . 3 hours ago

I love how real and insecure Pedro Pascal is. His characters always had a sense of relatability to them (especially, in my opinion, his character in the Last of Us) but it is so nice to see how relatable he his just playing himself. What a guy truly.
Matthew Palanca

Matthew Palanca . 3 hours ago

Oh man, poor Evan. Sounds like Dahmer really took a toll on that dude.
Rə Né

Rə Né . 3 hours ago

It's really nice to watch their interactions with one another and how Pedro and other younger actors want to learn and recognize the experiences of a seasoned actor like Jeff Bridges.

bobby4tw . 4 hours ago

I'm only here for Evan Peters. Show him your love. This guy's is incredible and very versatile.

xdiscoballx . 4 hours ago

Jeff Bridges is a national treasure.
Rayline Mueller

Rayline Mueller . 4 hours ago

I absolutely love this group together. All of them are amazing actors.

bobby4tw . 4 hours ago

Evan Peters for LIFE. Give home more roles to play. Such a great guy!!

Ellie . 4 hours ago


Guanjyn . 4 hours ago

Always knew Evan would be one of the next greats from when I first saw him in American Horror Story season 1. Pedro seems nice but I can't forget the way he dogpiled on the cancellation of his co-star in Mandelorian.

ThePickleUpYourNose . 4 hours ago

Kieran is brilliant, i’d love to just talk to him lmao he seems so easy to talk to and wholesome
Sid Dabholkar

Sid Dabholkar . 4 hours ago

26:22 the Tron Joke
Katherine Stevens

Katherine Stevens . 4 hours ago

Jeff Bridges' great Tron joke -- and no reaction. Come on, y'all.
Penicio Del Toro

Penicio Del Toro . 4 hours ago

Please don't let Lacey Rose host anymore of these. She completely ruins every episode she hosts by saying "yep" "yeah" and "mhmm" WHILE the guests are giving their answers or having a discussion. She's so awful.
David Aldridge

David Aldridge . 4 hours ago

Regarding that Franklin Saint quote @ 10:00

Hollywood powerbrokers are gonna hear that quote about him trying to summon “devil” energy and they’re gonna love it. They want that aura spreading through as many hearts and minds as possible

Cloudkiller . 5 hours ago

Great cast of amazing actors and great discussion….but why the F$#& is the audio mixing so bad!!!!!! Jesus!!!
Charlie Tredway

Charlie Tredway . 6 hours ago

I always get so relieved and happy when Lacey Rose is the moderator. I’d be grateful if they just fired all other THR on screen talent and cloned her.
Napoleon X

Napoleon X . 6 hours ago

The host is like an annoying relative.
Gavin Swink

Gavin Swink . 6 hours ago

Please give Evan Peters a comedy or just something positive..I miss a more smiley lighthearted Evan😢
abc def

abc def . 6 hours ago

Kieran Culkin is very short
Yislainne Itzel

Yislainne Itzel . 6 hours ago

I'm so concerned about Evan, i know he is a introvert but he looks so exhausted💔

$EMTEX! . 6 hours ago

as a psychology student one thing I noted that Pedro does alot when he talks is making eye-contact with everyone in the room, which makes them feel more involved and have a sense of belonging in the conversation. so sweet!!

Alberto . 7 hours ago

Anyone looking for the Tron joke, go to the 26:10 mark for the start of it. Fair warning, it didn’t get the laughs that it deserved.
Jed Ares

Jed Ares . 8 hours ago

They should’ve talked about Heath Ledger moree 🥺
Ronan M

Ronan M . 9 hours ago

Evan Peters is such a pretentious downer
Sander Sillaots

Sander Sillaots . 9 hours ago

The way Pedro watches Evan at 14:40 makes me think that he felt Evans pain and suffering from doing those dramatic roles all the time

chane . 9 hours ago

I really love this concept of just a bunch of different actors coming together and bonding over similar or individual experiences. I’m now even more aware of the pressure that comes with roles that are so contrasting from one another.
Laney Bowdoin

Laney Bowdoin . 11 hours ago


SilentHamish . 11 hours ago

25:30 Here's THE BEST joke from Jeff.
Afri Ayub

Afri Ayub . 12 hours ago

You look at Evan Peters you just wanna spank him for not mailing those forms to corporate.
Rob James

Rob James . 13 hours ago

They all missed the Tron gag
Raven G

Raven G . 13 hours ago

IM SCREAMING the Dude!!!! And Evan?!
Vishnu Menon

Vishnu Menon . 14 hours ago

Ali from Ben Hill

Ali from Ben Hill . 14 hours ago

Jeff Bridges is permanently high.

Tyrion2024 . 15 hours ago

Kieran Culkin is so a The Last of Us fanboy.

Thank you sir.

Silvibug . 17 hours ago

This table is my fave so far. So many of my faves of alltime here.
Video Game Adaptation News

Video Game Adaptation News . 17 hours ago

Honestly Kieran is super lame for asking the same questions Pedro was asked 100s of times.

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