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Justin Bieber - Come Around Me (CHANGES: The Movement)


Published on 9 months ago

Changes Out Now: https://justinbieber.lnk.to/Changes

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Production Company: OBB Pictures
Directed by: Nick DeMoura
Executive Producers: Justin Bieber, Scooter Braun, Allison Kaye, Michael D. Ratner, Scott Ratner, Miranda Sherman, Kfir Goldberg
Choreography by: Kida The Great
Dancers: Justen Taylor, Jabari Timmons, Cameron Sykes, Kendrik Willis, Angel Jen-Mausis, Jayy Hancock, Tre De Rego
Produced by: Andrew Sandler
Director of Photography: Taylor Randall
Production Designer: Francesca Maldonado
Editor: Jordan Orme

#ComeAroundMe #Changes

Music video by Justin Bieber performing Come Around Me (CHANGES: The Movement). © 2020 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Comments :

Bharat Sarki

Bharat Sarki . 9 hours ago

Awesome voice & awesome dance.
Bena Gard

Bena Gard . 14 hours ago

Who taught you how to drive stick? You a fool with it, love the way to fool with it And the way motion, motion in my lap Love the way you move with it,, Greenminded activated 😃😃😃 I know I’m not the only one who keep repeating this line to understand the words lol,, Got addicted with this song
Suga's Sexy leg

Suga's Sexy leg . 16 hours ago

Ma boi Ni-ki lit the dance with this amazing song 👌💚
PrincessK Multifandom

PrincessK Multifandom . 17 hours ago

Here again because of ENHYPENs Ni-Ki dance cover. Now part of my playlist. This song is really good. :))
Shahida Parveen

Shahida Parveen . 18 hours ago

Who is kai in this song. Or it is be exo kai?
Tony Stark Iron Man

Tony Stark Iron Man . 18 hours ago

I was one of these people
sharron winardi

sharron winardi . 19 hours ago

ni-ki brought me here
Val V

Val V . 1 day ago

Jhonwendel Ganit

Jhonwendel Ganit . 1 day ago

I wanna die tonight but i im fighting my depression by watching they dance
ren ren

ren ren . 1 day ago

Nishimura Riki brought me here.
Mn lyrics

Mn lyrics . 2 days ago

Changes is the best album of 2020,why people are criticising it
Asha Kurnauth

Asha Kurnauth . 2 days ago

Road to 20 Million
Balsa Ratkovic

Balsa Ratkovic . 2 days ago

Dance crew name?
Britknee Piźa

Britknee Piźa . 2 days ago

Tbh I only came here for kida
KK Palma

KK Palma . 3 days ago

KK Palma

KK Palma . 3 days ago

Rennan Oliveira

Rennan Oliveira . 3 days ago

Sou o único brasileiro que é completamente viciado nessa musica ? cara, essa musica é muito injustiçada, é boa D++
Sin Clair

Sin Clair . 3 days ago

ENHYPEN Ni-Ki brought me here. And this is a good song, btw.
kelly may

kelly may . 3 days ago

s/o to Ni-Ki for bringing me here
fiona galeza

fiona galeza . 3 days ago

I'm here bcs of Enhypen Niki
몰라.j 07

몰라.j 07 . 3 days ago

Anyone from Enhypen NI-KI?
Ling Igot

Ling Igot . 4 days ago

Remi Hauzel

Remi Hauzel . 4 days ago

4TH GEN DANCE PRODIGY NI-KI OF ENHYPEN !!!! https://twitter.com/ENHYPEN_members/status/1330479847446077453?s=19 CHECK OUT HIS COVER. IT HAS ALREADY GAINED A MILLION VIEWS !!
Julieth Ordoñez

Julieth Ordoñez . 4 days ago

This music is the best i love it❤💕🔥
e E

e E . 4 days ago

Johnson Kush

Johnson Kush . 4 days ago

Just perfect 👌
Savita Pardhhi

Savita Pardhhi . 4 days ago

Ma. Sophia Pardiñas

Ma. Sophia Pardiñas . 5 days ago

Elvira Omo

Elvira Omo . 5 days ago

Whos here cs of niki?
ZT - 06GJ 808967 Hazel McCallion Sr PS

ZT - 06GJ 808967 Hazel McCallion Sr PS . 5 days ago

Here cause of Enhypen Niki showing Justin's dancers up

cutieprettysweetie_ . 5 days ago

nanas sayang enhypen py

nanas sayang enhypen py . 5 days ago

I'm here because of Ni-ki
devin daulagupu

devin daulagupu . 5 days ago

smooth as fck ♥️
Luiza vitória Maia tempester

Luiza vitória Maia tempester . 5 days ago

$ te amo Justin Bieber ❤️❤️
from S

from S . 5 days ago

krrrrrrrr ♥︎♥︎
prommm fush

prommm fush . 5 days ago

Idk y, but his songs produced after his marriage has become calming & cooler!!
Alyssa Tumpang

Alyssa Tumpang . 5 days ago

who's here because of Ni-Ki?
Lee Yuna

Lee Yuna . 5 days ago

Came here cuz of Ni-ki the song is so good
Theodore Raemin Lacson

Theodore Raemin Lacson . 5 days ago

NI-KI of ENHYPEN made me go here because of his dance cover. link of video: https://twitter.com/apricitypk_/status/1330488969193267204?s=19
Diane Ludovice

Diane Ludovice . 5 days ago

penguin hoon

penguin hoon . 5 days ago

Ayooo someone is here because of Ni-ki's dance on twitter!! yeah btw I'm here for that too
Alexxa Julia Opeña

Alexxa Julia Opeña . 5 days ago

Im here because of enhypen ni-ki🤩
Silviya Karanjit

Silviya Karanjit . 5 days ago

I came here because of ni-ki enhypen and i think this song deserves so much more hands down one of my faves song now
Diana Muñoz Oliva

Diana Muñoz Oliva . 6 days ago

Love Justin, belieber her forever😘🥰
Subhranil Ghosh

Subhranil Ghosh . 6 days ago

It's cool song,if u agree give a thumbs up 👍
Nicole D

Nicole D . 7 days ago

True beauty in art only chosen must see Capone hidden On a treasure hunt
Baburam Sunar

Baburam Sunar . 7 days ago

There dance is like drugs for me too smooth clean good to such artists
Noelani Velez

Noelani Velez . 1 week ago

such a vibe, love the changes album, this is one of my favorite tracks tho <3
Nicole D

Nicole D . 1 week ago

Food pantry where from where at Years ago Knew Food truck

OscarUrroz22 . 1 week ago


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