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Colorado State Rams vs. Colorado Buffaloes | Full Game Highlights
ESPN College Football

ESPN College Football

Published on 1 week ago

The No. 18 Colorado Buffaloes overcome an 18-point deficit in the fourth quarter to defeat the Colorado State Rams, 43-35, in double overtime. Shedeur Sanders threw for 348 YDS, 4 TDs and 1 INT as Coach Prime and the Buffs improve to 3-0.

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Chodeoriki . 7 hours ago

I mean beautiful pick from shilo but no14 got some feet, gotta give props.

Claudia . 13 hours ago

I know Travis is screaming from his hospital bed😢
Aj Geha

Aj Geha . 1 day ago

Harrison drowning in it

RG2 MOTOVLOG . 1 day ago

Good football game

monos70 . 1 day ago

Great game, next destination for CU is Destination: Fucked
fukcheapsh it

fukcheapsh it . 2 days ago

europe sabotage... ok so what is it then ok now who talked is a w .. bcs i said europe ok this is america see w defending europe in america D ON sand ers HIS D IS ON WERE SAND OF TIME BCS ... WHAT ai what right now if we even gave one dollar everyone on earth is enough for space plus its printed so what he always ch eating for
Pete Palmer

Pete Palmer . 2 days ago

That was a college colorado super bowl wow
Abortion Survivor

Abortion Survivor . 2 days ago

How Bout them Ducks!
Drums Only

Drums Only . 2 days ago

Golden crucifix necklace.
Nick West

Nick West . 2 days ago

Commentator said Oregon defense was covering well. That guy was holding RECEIVER!😊

Reagan . 2 days ago

Colorado still has proved absolutely nothing. Whole team struggled against Colorado state. Can’t wait till they get blown out by Oregon. All those Deion sanders 🥩 riders🤡🤡

ThrottleBlipsN'TwistedGrips . 2 days ago

Moral of the story? don't let your dirty players lacerate somebody's liver, and Karma might let you win
Dick Fitswell

Dick Fitswell . 3 days ago

That CHEAP-SHOT HIT on Hunter was criminal and the dude should be sat for 5 full games. He knows what concussions do to brains. He though he was tough until he sulked away from the Buffalo sideline. If I was his coach....He would leave the stadium immediately and head to his house and start packing his bags cause he is off the team. Same for the ridiculous horse collar

RetroProdz . 3 days ago

Bro caught up to him like DK metcalf 💀

N P . 3 days ago

Deon Sander's all-star team was supposed to have crushed lowly CSU, but CSU had none of that. CSU played smash-mouth football and exposed the hype. Total Respect for the Rams!

DYE-A-LOG . 3 days ago

What a game ! Colorado sure is entertaining 🏁
Key Millz

Key Millz . 3 days ago

Great game.... Saunders sons is the real deal.
Jerry Adams

Jerry Adams . 3 days ago

Colorado State played dirty all nite long they had about 5 personal foul glags
Sammy Morgan

Sammy Morgan . 3 days ago

He literally toke the ball after jimmy fell with it how is that a pic
Jorgen Mandl

Jorgen Mandl . 3 days ago

Go rams

Talk_dat_Shiiiii . 3 days ago

Jimmy Horn knee was Down

Talk_dat_Shiiiii . 3 days ago

40sec on the Clock, CU 2nd & 14 for a first down, Shadur passes it to Jimmy, Jimmy Horn catches it and is brought down on the 2yard line, oh, Wait a minute 😲they're saying it's a Touch Down... CU would've Scored anyway with in a First & Goal situation 🤷🏼‍♂️
Long V

Long V . 3 days ago

#11 csu you got a bounty on your head and next game they see y’all it’ll be the other way around 🤷‍♂️
Tj Carhart

Tj Carhart . 3 days ago

Craziest part is even with how crazy this game was, it still wasnt even the craziest game of the DAY! 11 ranked TENN losing to FLA was wiiild
Masked Creator

Masked Creator . 3 days ago

The CSU coach wanted to say the refs took away from thier performance, when ironically he was the pne to take away from thier performance..what a disgrace to college athletes aroind the nation..
Robert Thompson

Robert Thompson . 3 days ago

The announcer said "Stuntin' like his daddy!'' ROTFLMAO!
Notorious BSF

Notorious BSF . 3 days ago

Now that was a mf football game

Huncheaux . 3 days ago

im a *NEW* CSU fan, by way of *LSU* but that Holker kid? he looks like the tight end in SanFran.
lion tamer

lion tamer . 3 days ago

People forgetting that this is coach prime 1st year with this team🤷‍♂️
Nate Shepardson

Nate Shepardson . 3 days ago

1 flag per play in this one
Moon SKeetz

Moon SKeetz . 4 days ago

Sold punting by both sides

LgndaryJ . 4 days ago

Greatest college football game of all time.
Terrell Johnson

Terrell Johnson . 4 days ago

Shilo looked like his daddy

Reeree . 4 days ago

Whoa! That was Awesome! Congratulations Coach Prime and The Buffaloes! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Marshall_Weber . 4 days ago

What a game, it has to be so much fun playing for Ole Prime Time!!!

tucci3tears . 4 days ago

the hit on hunter is why every team needs a goon like the nhl. that safety needed to be cooked hard

tucci3tears . 4 days ago

how did that kid from miss st. vs lsu get targeting and the dude that hit hunter not get the same call?

Felix . 4 days ago

Lol after the game Deion Sanders side step and moves woman out the way like "move b**** wrong time wrong place"

airwky . 4 days ago

I was in Deion Sanders English class Freshman year at FSU. I sat next to another redshirted football Defensive Back who clued me into Primetime. That was the only time I saw Prime in that class to meet professors and took remaining classes in Football Dorms during season. My redshirted DB seat mate who had a knee injury had to come to class crutches and all... Exciting times back then...
Geezer D Luffy

Geezer D Luffy . 4 days ago

Im confused why does the description say colorado overcame an 18 point deficit in the 4th qtr? The put up 1k points in the 4th they werent down 18
Geezer D Luffy

Geezer D Luffy . 4 days ago

Colorado needs to work on their d line and turnovers and they'd be a top 10 team cause every teams going to be coming in hyped up just because it's sanders team
Elite Nation

Elite Nation . 4 days ago

Deion and CU has made me so much cash this season lol
D Ni

D Ni . 4 days ago

That was the loudest fort collins has ever been.

tomarcuskelly . 4 days ago

I'm sure you will come back AGAIN like me!!! BELIEVEEE ME LOL

codecaine . 4 days ago

What a game!
Rashea M. White

Rashea M. White . 4 days ago

josiah luby

josiah luby . 4 days ago

josiah luby

josiah luby . 4 days ago

travis hunter is the oat

RJ . 4 days ago

Coach Sanders, I believe.
Sneiko the Diva

Sneiko the Diva . 4 days ago

The commentary for this game tho 👌🏾👌🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 I was up until 3am est..well worth being tired on Sunday

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