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What Your Fortnite Skin Says Of You..


Published on 1 week ago

What Your Fortnite Skin Says About You.. This #Fortnite video contains Fortnite skins, sweaty Fortnite skins and tryhard Fortnite skins! Subscribe for more #Bancily content!

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Comments :


Bancily . 1 week ago

What's your main skin? 'll tell you what it says about you if it wasn't on the list.
Ty Mason

Ty Mason . 10 minutes ago

This is so wrong lol
Stinky inky

Stinky inky . 32 minutes ago

Video idea: sweatiest superhero combos
DUMI Nyathi

DUMI Nyathi . 59 minutes ago

Michael Neely

Michael Neely . 3 hours ago

Could you do Sky stalker or Rouge agent
Oskar Isen

Oskar Isen . 3 hours ago

Creasy Kahn

Creasy Kahn . 4 hours ago

i only had the default skin and the dark bomber.
Milis PvP

Milis PvP . 4 hours ago

Is zaide sweaty
Gamer Shrek

Gamer Shrek . 5 hours ago

Alr I use snowbell with snowflake from chapt. 2 season 1 with leviathan axe
RelaXadY Reactions

RelaXadY Reactions . 5 hours ago

None of this are my skin

Guitarsandotherthings . 5 hours ago

I am menace

WSGcors . 5 hours ago

what about gingerbread raider?
Paul Cox

Paul Cox . 6 hours ago

He does he know me really well masterchief and elite agent
Hi its Valcrys

Hi its Valcrys . 6 hours ago

I have skins but use default and im litterally a sweat and my irl name is justin.
Hi its Valcrys

Hi its Valcrys . 6 hours ago


Midnighttrev . 7 hours ago

Uzi,Uzi, fuckme
Trash RadaR

Trash RadaR . 7 hours ago

Im 22
BrO oF tHe YeAr 2011

BrO oF tHe YeAr 2011 . 8 hours ago

im godly at sniping
Doritoz Exploitz

Doritoz Exploitz . 8 hours ago

I am Mandalorian man
NewdealEmgold Emboldened

NewdealEmgold Emboldened . 9 hours ago

i usally use headhunter prime

luke2006 . 10 hours ago

i bought focus the day it came out and i love it so much. but now that it’s sweaty i don’t want to use it much anymore
Carter Hudson

Carter Hudson . 11 hours ago

YOU LEFT OUT GINGY BOIO, also I only have the default and auroa skin on your list I dont like auroa but i got gifted so ye... Ive pretty much got gifted everything i have besides season 9 battlepass i got that one my self

ADAPT Wavy . 11 hours ago

Dummy is me fs
slowlybutsurely69 TV

slowlybutsurely69 TV . 11 hours ago

here since 20k subs
GamingwithJP Gg

GamingwithJP Gg . 11 hours ago

My friend the dummy me the Manic and my brother The whole white super hero
Akram Helal

Akram Helal . 14 hours ago

Nikk King

Nikk King . 18 hours ago

I'm literally scarlet commander. All my friends say I have crazy aim and I always want to win. My edits and builds are fairly decent so I win in most fights
The Kid You Can’t Guard

The Kid You Can’t Guard . 20 hours ago

I’m Midas
pbc hype

pbc hype . 21 hours ago

I’m the soccer one but I don’t play as much as I used to once you have played for 4 years than you would understand of not playing for a while and plus the game is becoming worse that bringing stuff we didn’t want but just pretend to be happy

HARRISON . 21 hours ago

1:23 @kiwiz
FaZe_ mmf

FaZe_ mmf . 1 day ago

And purple skull that’s my main skin what’s that?

AgentWuT . 1 day ago

I'm not into anime in fact I never even watched a single anime series

3Ree . 1 day ago

I mean, ive watched it 5:53
Phasma FN

Phasma FN . 1 day ago

Anyone i see wearing the new soccer skin is ass

LJS0607 . 1 day ago

dude the aura skin is such an accurate description of me Ive change by binds 10 times

Efficient . 1 day ago

Wow the master chief one is exactly me it literally felt like you were just talking about me 😂

Anxrchy_ . 1 day ago

Guess my main skin
Kerry Bartlett

Kerry Bartlett . 2 days ago

mr. me

mr. me . 2 days ago

0:44 you earned a sub with the jojos bizarre adventure yuda yuda 2:25 did u hack me cuz that's me
Hendrik Veeris

Hendrik Veeris . 2 days ago

Yo im scarlet commander i have god aim on controlla but i do quad edits aswell. Those who didnt ask just dont read this okay?
Jonathan Farr

Jonathan Farr . 2 days ago

I pick 8
Jamesy Boi

Jamesy Boi . 2 days ago

I cop wildcat skin i luv it 😊

Xqezv . 2 days ago

Bancily: Travis Scott Mongraal: I feel a disturbance in the force

E25N . 2 days ago

omg i love halo and i wear master chief constantly, and that is the perfect discription. I am actually better at warzone haha

Five_Skates . 2 days ago

mine is terminator because i’ve known terminator predator, alien for a very long time so yea

XRival . 2 days ago

I just wear peely because it makes everyone start playing like I'm a bot
Nathan Ryan Toups

Nathan Ryan Toups . 2 days ago

What about Dummy
Damien Vargas

Damien Vargas . 2 days ago

why was number 34 so on point he just said everything i did
wnnalis cioov

wnnalis cioov . 2 days ago

not me scrolling through the whole video to see if my skin is in there
Koax K

Koax K . 2 days ago

But what about nog ops?

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