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2023 Nissan Ariya First Impressions: Priced to Compete!
Auto Focus

Auto Focus

Published on 9 months ago

A first look at Nissan's first full-size EV - because let's be real, the Leaf is pint-sized.

Kristin Chong

Kristin Chong . 2 days ago

Saint Internet.

The best.

Like it literally feels like an aspirational spacecar port.

Bradley . 7 days ago

It doesn’t really show much imagination on Nissans part.
Kind of plain looking.
What Nissan should have done was put an engine under the hood and call it, I don’t know, the new long overdue Murano (which it really resembles), and go back to the drawing board and create a truly stunning electric crossover. They can do better….

SaiSatya . 2 weeks ago

That was excellent by design.
Spacious in size. Extraordinary space I visited a showroom and the car is amazing. Very big car
Mike R

Mike R . 2 weeks ago

Interesting that you prefer the looks of the Ionic 5 to this. To many of us, the Ionic 5 looks boxy and square, whereas the Ariya has some actual swoop and style going on. Now, the Ionic 6 is a different story from the 5, although it might be a little TOO stylish for some! Oh, and unlike you, I like the copper color! 😁

dh . 3 weeks ago

it looks futuristic which i like and the color does stand out in a good way. but the price of approx $60k is too high. i don't think it's priced to compete but that's me. i'm not rich.
Mr. Foxwiz

Mr. Foxwiz . 3 weeks ago

I would take this over Hyundai any day of the week.

Me . 3 weeks ago

At least it's better to have separated haptic buttons instead everything concentrated in a touch screen.
Leo Brown

Leo Brown . 1 month ago

It’s between Kia Niro EV and Subaru and Nissan
Xenos AR

Xenos AR . 1 month ago

hello marques, can you put what phone did you used when shooting autofocus videos
Bluue FSD Beta V11.4.2

Bluue FSD Beta V11.4.2 . 2 months ago

I honestly find it very nice looking inside, and the fact that the battery is active cooled, makes it more appealing as a car, not software, but when it comes to pricing, this is where I step on the brake pedal and lock the wheels 🤷‍♂🤷‍♂

danwat1234 . 2 months ago

9:50 map Gas station list screen... yeah that's well thought out.
Keith Gilbert

Keith Gilbert . 2 months ago

Tesla all the way!!!
Jovy Mac

Jovy Mac . 2 months ago

I hate the double shark fin antennae. Not only does it look foolish, that will make it a little inconvenient to clean the snow off in winter.
Sole4realex AK

Sole4realex AK . 2 months ago

Nissan was one of the first car company to bring out and put a push to all electric vehicles with the leaf.

D V . 2 months ago

Hey Marques, can you check out the bmw iX3? Or maybe the bmw i4?
Mike Mas

Mike Mas . 2 months ago

Nice Job thanks - Nissan put some damn knobs in the car and buy some batteries that you can charge - what a disappointment from a electric car company!
Theo Vaughn

Theo Vaughn . 2 months ago

7:40 Cherry blossoms? Easter eggs? Huh? What? Care to explain that, bc I'm lost.
Daniel ASMR

Daniel ASMR . 2 months ago

they removed the one barrier that kept crazy passengers from hijacking the pedals.

pjhalifax . 2 months ago

I wonder how these interiors are going to hold up over time. All of the little motorized doors and plastic bits look cool now but I feel like they'd be a nightmare to repair once they start failing. Your little sliding shelf will be hanging out halfway, the center console will be stuck in a position you don't quite like, etc. I guess they just want to ensure that the experience feels familiar - "See, this car has a bunch of cheap interior bits like your old ICE vehicle!"
Mr. D

Mr. D . 2 months ago

Ronald Fish

Ronald Fish . 3 months ago

You are totally nitpicking
Anthony Melendrez

Anthony Melendrez . 3 months ago

Have you reviewed the id4?

darkhorse2reign . 3 months ago

Another dope vid. I'm impressed by sunroofs and noting that EVERYONE has cool sunroof FEATURES like opening and closing and an auto Sun shade - except Tesla. It's definitely not a deal breaker but I'm about to buy a premium electric vehicle for commercial purposes. So far, it's MY and some close seconds: Lyric (loved your review), Volvo, Benz, and a quirky one - Toyota Rav 4 PHEV (top trim).
Jeff Rogers

Jeff Rogers . 3 months ago

Electric crap🤮
Ryan Rizzo

Ryan Rizzo . 3 months ago

I think one thing to point out that I don't hear enough... and it's important for these newer electric cars. It's that the software will likely... never... update. Or there might be one or two small iterations that you'd need to go to a dealership for. But still, this is the UI and features you will have for the remainder of the cars lifespan.
Patrick Mattra

Patrick Mattra . 3 months ago

update of Nissan Murano
J Saenz

J Saenz . 3 months ago

Anyone else pause to read the slack message on the watch?
Christopher Bowman

Christopher Bowman . 3 months ago

I was going to buy this for my wife but she told me no because she doesn't like Brie Larson. That's enough reason for me
Jeff Dulaney

Jeff Dulaney . 3 months ago

That gear shifter is in a terrible place. Seems like it would be in the way of your arm rest.

MC CG . 3 months ago

I thought ariya was a SUV.. disappointed its a hatchback

Limitlessential . 3 months ago

Which ev has the longest range

DU3L MAUL3RS . 3 months ago

I have a 2018 Nissan Murano and love it, so when I saw this I got a little excited. But as you said, for its price and Nissan's experience with the Leaf I wish they would have worked harder on areas/features common in similar priced EVs like more cargo space (frunk, etc.), charging speed and max range. Maybe a few more years in they will get it right at that price point. Otherwise, I do like the style personally and glad to see wireless charging and wireless Android Auto and the center console setup is nice. Thanks for the run through!

nedusin . 3 months ago

Does active aero not mean what i thinks it means? Did he mean functional aero? I'm confused

tukariko . 3 months ago

Dude, please use a microphone 🙏🙏
steven balas

steven balas . 3 months ago

I know this channel is about the phone shooting the video as much as it is about the cars but the wind noise picked up on this phones mic is making me dizzy and giving me a migraine. Wouldn’t wanna film on this phone myself. The audio even inside the car is nauseating
Adam Bartlett

Adam Bartlett . 3 months ago

Just give us buttons for the things that make sense. I love how my Mazda CX5 has 3 dials on the dash that do everything for the climate control. Simple and well done. I am interested in the Ariya and Ioniq 5, and hopefully the Honda Prologue when it comes out later this year as an eventual replacement for the CX5 that’s getting high in miles.
Daniel Murray

Daniel Murray . 3 months ago

Ashikur Rahaman

Ashikur Rahaman . 3 months ago

This guy really hates Nissan then why are you doing a review for their car.
Ahmed Omar

Ahmed Omar . 3 months ago

One thing I find strange is car reviewers always hold it against cars when they don't have physical climate control buttons. But when it comes to Tesla no one mentions the fact that they also don't have physical climate control buttons or sometimes mention it as a plus! Either you like physical buttons in all cars or you don't.
DrMario Pepper

DrMario Pepper . 3 months ago

I would rather have the Model Y however I would rather have the Ariya over the Model 3. I always liked Nissan and I did a test drive the other day and it’s an awesome car!

Dee . 3 months ago

would've never guessed he was 6'3
G Mercer.

G Mercer. . 3 months ago

Chardelra Conner

Chardelra Conner . 3 months ago

electrolyte strength are metaphysical properties that control subconscious sleeping ; cold start
Nicola M

Nicola M . 3 months ago

Missing a point here: the 130kw charging is actually faster than most 200kw in proportion. This because Nissan engineers have found a way to keep the charging constant until 80-85%, i.e. you still get +100kw at 80%. Usually the curve decrease by a lot.
Will Diesel

Will Diesel . 3 months ago

Las ventajas eléctricas del hyundai sobre este, las pierde con la mayor confiabilidad de los motores eléctricos del Ariya.
rahul nayar

rahul nayar . 3 months ago

The whole touch to move a box that’s essentially just storage seems super gimmicky. Not to mention the whole
“touch button” situation. Going EV doesn’t mean getting rid of everything in gas cars. Some things just work. If only these companies tried to create an electric car that was more reminiscent of their gas powered counterparts!!!
Scot Matheson

Scot Matheson . 3 months ago

Saw this SUV in Tokyo last week at a Nissan Future Showroom. Was very impressed with it in person and the fit and finish was excellent. That copper colour is outstanding as well
Josh Matlock

Josh Matlock . 3 months ago

I think I'd take this over the ID.4 but probably not the Ionic 5...I actually like the interior on this better than both and it's got solid range....I haven't heard how it's fast charging is...I'm sure people will start to test that as they become more available. I think this would be perfect for my wife.
kopmd j

kopmd j . 3 months ago

what's the range on a single charge?
Daniel Barker

Daniel Barker . 4 months ago

Model Y and good take.

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