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The whole world has lost its dang mind 不不不
Tom MacDonald

Tom MacDonald

Published on 4 months ago

Mandy Andreopoulos

Mandy Andreopoulos . 3 hours ago

My point is I hate no one. I dont care what you do in the bedroom. Your business. UNLESS you are hurting a child, the elderly, raping, etc. Reciprocal relationships are fine. NOT my business. But please dont victimize yourself. This is the most open country in the WORLD. You have rights. Everyone has something wrong in their life. EVERYONE. pushing this weird, strange agenda on children and infants is MAD. Ive never seen anything like this. Who buys a rainbow onesie for a three-month-old?? Why? Its sick.
Mandy Andreopoulos

Mandy Andreopoulos . 3 hours ago

Women make fun of other women ALL THE TIME! Straight women! If you dress like a ho women will talk. If youre wearing something ridiculous, women will talk. Its just how the world is. I mean, my generation rockers wore scarfs, womens clothes, etc. We laughed about it. Miss and LOVED Prince (I was a huge fan. Still am), but he wore some crazy s$&t. Its OK! Its our society. This world is officially nuts.
Mandy Andreopoulos

Mandy Andreopoulos . 3 hours ago

Lol. Dude. I love you. I cant believe Im saying that because I dislike tatts but吏MG. Love your truth!!

OR . 5 hours ago

I got to say it I liked it better when nobody exercised freedom of speech like they are today realize youre not seeing the freak show every day anymore I want the old days back like the 90s because the 80s sucked

OR . 5 hours ago

Lezlee Frost

Lezlee Frost . 5 hours ago

This is why I find myself pulling away from the LGBTQA++ community more and more... Making fun of me is funny when it's funny...
Retro a-go-go

Retro a-go-go . 6 hours ago

Certainly has the face for radio.......

Dumb activist take (as usual), snowflake, you're not anti-lgbtqiaxyz++, you're pro-sensibility.
Love you and your music Tom (and Nova) #hog for life!

(Yes, Joe Biden is a f**king idiot.)
zizo 246

zizo 246 . 10 hours ago

When you say being gay is ok, it makes you look so coward.. Being gay is everything not ok, its something ugly and dirty.. Why no one can speak his mind?!
Harold Bragg

Harold Bragg . 11 hours ago

I never apologize unless I'm factually incorrect, and I rarely am. By opinions are mine. If you find my comments offensive then you have no sense of humor then you need to stay off social media and stay in your safe space and stock up on tissues because you or your group, race, religion, beliefs or posts are fair game on social media. H.D.Bragg

Freddy . 11 hours ago

Love this guy

Lenny . 14 hours ago

Sam Smith is a freak of nature!

incognito . 15 hours ago

They can trash on us but we can't trash on them? Doesn't sound very equal of you.
Steve Zinko

Steve Zinko . 16 hours ago

Don't you just love how not one of the Woke Arguments make any bloody sense.
george marshall

george marshall . 18 hours ago

Bravo Tom!
James Dischler

James Dischler . 21 hours ago

Joe Biden aint just an idiot his literal chromosomes are being destroyed as I write this out
Facts, Shorts and Relaxing

Facts, Shorts and Relaxing . 22 hours ago

I would feel so safe if the dude in the glasses would cover my back in a war

Ghostmaster . 1 day ago

its ok for others to talk shit about straight ppl, but not ok to do it the other way around. also, blacks can be racist towards whites but not the other way around. Asians can do and say anything they want about Americans, but Lord be hold , If Americans say anything about them, then they are Racist! get Over yourself, MORONS!
Spring Summer Winter or Fall

Spring Summer Winter or Fall . 1 day ago

Take a crap
Cathy Martinez

Cathy Martinez . 1 day ago

LMFAO 手手手手
Diane M

Diane M . 1 day ago

Right on Tom! Love you buddy
Peterj McGee

Peterj McGee . 2 days ago

I my grandmother says love goes up a donkey's a** I used to wonder what she meant by that but the way the world's going nowadays I kind. Of figured that out there's a lot of a******* out there in the world and this guy with the glasses he fits that category I'm just. Tired of hearing all the c*** from the homosexuals and the LGB Q whatever the h*** they are and the transvestites and the and this and that. There's a lot of Americans that are out there and were tired of hearing these people squawk and scream and yell we're tired of it. We don't need to hear the bs anymore. You don't have any problems you don't have any less rights than anybody else. Everybody has rights they all have that everybody has the same rights. The only thing that you should not be doing is dressing up as a woman and going into woman's restroom because you are have a penis that you. Were born with then you? Are a. Man and going? Into a woman's restroom is not what you should be going to if. You have a penis you are a man you go into the men's room? I don't care if you're dressed in a dress. If you have a penis and a sack of balls between you are a man get over it until that is removed and made into a vagina and you. Are a pretend make believe woman that a man loves protective way? And maybe I'm just putting it this way and man made woman. You're still a man until you have that surgery and you should not be allowed to go into a woman's room. Where there are little girls you get me? Or do I have to spell it out for you? We can do it the easy way. Or we can do it the hard way
Wierd Beard

Wierd Beard . 2 days ago

That was not a gay man , it was a mentally ill boy whom is lost and confused.
Umbrella man

Umbrella man . 2 days ago

I dont understand why he called Joe Biden idiot? I know this kind of person acts like truth teller but reality is they not going to tell you the whole truth! They purposely leave certain parts behind because they dont want you focusing on the real issues! yeah there is problems with Democracy but they trying to fix it and other hand Republicans have huge issues antisemitism,homophobia, racism,white supremacy,nationalism,greed,misogyny and more! I heard his song and I dont impressed! Yeah he talks about BLM but only corpse..! Do you know why people get angry because black men or women got killed by police? They dont get Justice ! So many times white man screaming ,holding knife and never getting shot! Police always pull up taser not a gun!
Peter Vernon

Peter Vernon . 2 days ago

I think it's really impordant to pronounce the word important, and not sound like an uneducated entitled twit.
lorinda kappel

lorinda kappel . 2 days ago


Jeff . 2 days ago

Annnd lets not forget when Sam Smith got sued for copy right! " You don't think we know what you done" lol

Jeff . 2 days ago

Well said bro, like your music, seem like a smart dude and good head on your shoulders

URLoved . 2 days ago

I have to agree w Tom here..get over yourself ..everyone is free game in jokes. Relax look for the humor not the hate ..and you'll see it
Dario Carafa

Dario Carafa . 2 days ago

Honestly nowadays being gay is super annoying because it takes over people's personalities I remember when being gay meant you just like to put your genitals in a different area then most men but now it is a personality type a political ideology an environmental status and usually means that no one can say anything about you without being called a racist sexist homophobic xenophobe white supremacist etc etc. So I don't care we like to put your genitals but being gay is really annoying these days
Michelle Bastin

Michelle Bastin . 2 days ago

(V) (*,,,,*) (V)

(V) (*,,,,*) (V) . 2 days ago

Biden is a p3d0. That is different than straight/gay. The former is unforgivable. The other 2 are... whatever.

Michelle . 2 days ago

I totally agree
Tamara Vandinter-Mills

Tamara Vandinter-Mills . 3 days ago

Amen I love Tom MacDonald a man who dont give a care about what anyone says. I love truth tellers手
Ron B

Ron B . 3 days ago

"Something I feel obligated to do"... I'm so over these gays. I'm gay and they make me ashamed to be gay. Nothing in what you wrote was anti-gay. Sam Smith is a weirdo with NO TALENT. He gets worse with each album he releases.
Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca Johnson . 3 days ago

True that. I love your love song and you Mama and daddy that was in your video! They are precious! Just be a little bit more kind just a little bit will have more love
Liz Adessa

Liz Adessa . 3 days ago

I think it time to help all the confused people in this world and get them help they need

Hurztru . 3 days ago

Questioning is a conspiracy.

Questioning is a conspiracy. . 3 days ago

LGB has been hijacked by TQIA+

awesomeOrlie . 3 days ago

Tom you're awesome...always keeping it real and how it is....hell yeah
just jew it

just jew it . 3 days ago

Its hard not to focus on their sexuality when they make it their whole personality
Dave Miller

Dave Miller . 3 days ago

Its a mental issue
Chy Lohr

Chy Lohr . 3 days ago

This man always truthful and funny


fucking love it,,,,,,,,everyone like this shit

JazzyGirl13 . 3 days ago

If a guy with "hog" tattooed on his face thinks the whole world has lost it, then we're screwed
joe kap

joe kap . 3 days ago

Yeah but your song sucks too so 仄領儭 maybe talk to sparkly suit guys writers?

mikllg9 . 3 days ago

amen, tom

Sam . 3 days ago

I am really, really glad that I grew up with parents who had a good head on their shoulders and told me point-blank at 13 years old that my interest in the same sex was a phase and that I would grow out of it.

Guess what kids, I did.

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