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Hulk VS Broly Q&A | DEATH BATTLE Cast #211


Published on 5 months ago

The cast answer your questions about our latest fight, plus talk about what is coming in the next season of Death Battle! This episode is brought to you by Magic Spoon! ( Go to https://magicspoon.thld.co/cast to get free shipping on your variety
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Comments :

Rabbles the Binx Productions

Rabbles the Binx Productions . 2 months ago

3:05-ish No, it's because the Dragon Ball character won.


RikuRadical . 3 months ago

Superman kills him on accident

Mr Wick

Mr Wick . 3 months ago

So if Broly’s able to destroy planets while fighting the god damn Hulk, it literally throws the argument of Goku vs Superman right out the nearest window, because Goku actually wins that debate in almost every category because of Broly vs Hulk. Now, to those who know what I’m talking about, Superman’s obviously OP and the Hulk’s a damn tank with accurate research. Superman, at his highest peak ever, can only level a planet at his fullest power, and Hulk was able to fight off a Satanic version of HIMSELF, who’s equivalent to that of beyond universal level (mathematical also equivalent to Doctor Strange for those scalers out there). So according to their math, which was shockingly correct in that video, this means that not only does Hulk out-scale Superman, but Goku outweighs Hulk in terms of power. As they accurately shown that Goku whilst in Super Saiyan 3, or just that in SSJ in general, could basically do what Hulk did at his fullest power almost effortlessly, proving mathematically and literally that Dragon Ball characters are ridiculously OP. Now I’m not even gonna say I like Superman, but I don’t hate him either. In fact, some of my fav comics are from Superman stories. I don’t want this to feel like an attack against the Man Of Steel, I think he’s cool and underrated in some fights he’s in, it’s just that when against Goku, it doesn’t matter, he can’t win. I’m not a DBtard who thinks DB beats everything, I know that’s not true, as they can and will lose to stronger characters like Doctor Strange, Dr Manhattan and so on. I feel like what would’ve made this fight cooler if they had used Z Broly and classic Hulk, I would’ve been geeking the hell out

Jorge Raya

Jorge Raya . 3 months ago

Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja vs Marinette Dupain-Cheng: The Ladybug (Disney vs ZAG Entertainment)

Fernando Reaper Moreno

Fernando Reaper Moreno . 4 months ago

You must make JUDGE DREDD fight!

Brendan Bonmon

Brendan Bonmon . 4 months ago

Spider-Man vs Beast Boy

Anish Sharma

Anish Sharma . 4 months ago

So just a continuation, why wasn't it Asura Broly?

Little Ramsies 10,000

Little Ramsies 10,000 . 5 months ago

Storm(Marvel) Vs Sailor Jupiter(Sailor Moon)

Ramsies3000jurassic! Spencer

Ramsies3000jurassic! Spencer . 5 months ago

Storm(Marvel) Vs Sailor Jupiter(Sailor Moon)

Douw Victor

Douw Victor . 5 months ago

My superhero the all can actualy beat the one above all because he was at the beginning of time and every universe he actualy faster than wally west and his healing factor is better than lobo s and he actualy has a vibranium 2 skeleton that cant break he has the weapon arsenal to defeat every universe in existence his wealth is uncountable and unlimited infinite he is more powerfull than brolly he can lift an weight that weighs unlimited tons he has the spirit of vengeance with him he has an ultra link with him that is a clone of steel in max steel he has the omnitrix with him and the white latern ring he has every weapon in existence from the marvel nikelodeon dc and also tje max steel uneverse and all wrapons from the disney xd uneverse and he has the same powers as dany fenton and his combat hand to hand training is all the martial arts in existence including dance fighting and all martial arts in the regular show universe he can control all yecn


thebigEdziu . 5 months ago

What craziness have they prepared for us ?? :D

tysean isaac

tysean isaac . 5 months ago

(Soul Calibur/2B) Vs (Tekken7/Noctis)


PlsMyNameIsGerard . 5 months ago

Lol would actually win if they didn't downgrade him or better yet read more info on Hulk comics https://youtu.be/QdeDj8T1aqI

Adam TheKidRS

Adam TheKidRS . 5 months ago

Zoro vs killer bee

Jerome Lancashire

Jerome Lancashire . 5 months ago

Am I the only one who thought the weird green man in a suit was The Riddler not The Mask?


STARCOM CLAN . 5 months ago

You should do jiren vs sentry please do it next!!!

Reneé Elaluf

Reneé Elaluf . 5 months ago



Lightning2153 . 5 months ago

Ben saying that Frozen 2 was better than Frozen 1 totally came out of left field. I thought the first one was fantastic and had a great message about love and acceptance and believing in yourself. Frozen 2 just felt like a kid's movie, nothing more.


Lightning2153 . 5 months ago

Well, now I really want to see The Adventures of Wiz and Boomstick!

Ramon P.

Ramon P. . 5 months ago

Kenki Kaminari (My Hero Academia Series) Vs Misaka Mikoto (Toaru ) Both are electric users They both go to a school They are resourceful around their surroundings They are positively charge in combat

Essential And The Cable

Essential And The Cable . 5 months ago

Leon Kennedy Vs Lara Croft


siva . 5 months ago

wow i never knew these guys were a part of the new transformers series like i am really surprised because i really like the show


sickandloose . 5 months ago

Marvel and DC over dragon ball all day everyday

Micael Henrique

Micael Henrique . 5 months ago

Alvo Dumbledore vs Gandalf

Tyler Burns

Tyler Burns . 5 months ago

Gogeta vs kratos

Essential And The Cable

Essential And The Cable . 5 months ago

Whatever you do next season please Dont bring back too many characters. I Don't Want to see Ryuko Vs Shadow. I'd Rather See Ryuko Figgr someone else

Luckson Buleya

Luckson Buleya . 5 months ago

Please Natsu Vs Asta or Capt fuegoleon

Franz Evers

Franz Evers . 5 months ago

Please make a Fight With Whitebeard From one piece

jay anarky

jay anarky . 5 months ago

Is the rematch gonna be vergil vs sephiroth?

Julany Alonso

Julany Alonso . 5 months ago

how about mewtwo (pokemon) vs lillith (darkstalkers)

tracey ryan

tracey ryan . 5 months ago

Next is juggernaut vs Hermione or something like that I mean look at the characters head like helmet on the left


Leon . 5 months ago

I hope they do a Death Battle with Asura. That would be awesome.😄 Or a Chuck Norris vs. Segata Sanshiro Part. 2.😋


SuperHooktailJr . 5 months ago

Zim vs Moxxie.

bailey gates

bailey gates . 5 months ago

Can you please do Batman vs. Constantine! That would be a dope showdown. Both have the same level of intellect and if both prepare can defeat (almost) any foe!

munkhkhuslen khurelbaatar

munkhkhuslen khurelbaatar . 5 months ago

cmon make another goku vs superman

Mally _TV

Mally _TV . 5 months ago

Have gojo fight goku

Yugiman 101

Yugiman 101 . 5 months ago

Ultra instinct Goku vs Superman, Let's go!!!

Hayden De Silva

Hayden De Silva . 5 months ago

Could you do a battle between Darth Vader and Voldemort?

Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch . 5 months ago

@DEATH BATTLE! Could you do storm from X-men vs Thor from avengers

Talha Issabezz

Talha Issabezz . 5 months ago

pls do the samus vs boba fett again of the mandalorian has come oout

Tran Slator

Tran Slator . 5 months ago

can u guys do aang vs naruto

Gafra Avril Tiyanaqu

Gafra Avril Tiyanaqu . 5 months ago

Aigis and Labrys vs Cammy and Decapre(Persona vs Street Fighter)


Ormagoden . 5 months ago


anime cartoon movies

anime cartoon movies . 5 months ago

TMNT shredder vs Wolverine MCU please

lane B

lane B . 5 months ago

Can you plz do Baki fight

Bronze Tiger1995

Bronze Tiger1995 . 5 months ago

Next battle of the simps: Sakura Haruno vs Boa Handcock Battle of the Grandmas: Tsunade Senju Vs Bisky Krueger Battle of the Grampas: Zeno Zoldyck vs Hiruzen Sarutobi Battle of Strong Blooded Fighters: Heihatchi Mishima Vs Yujiro Hanma Battle of Native American Cheifs: Night Wolf Vs Cheif Thunder Battle of Lustful Fighters: Hisoka vs Juri Battle of Sharpshooters: Deadshot vs Domino Battle of Chinese martial arts: Kiaoh Retsu vs Fei Long Battle of the sorceress: Kan-Ra vs Quanchi


Jacob9815 . 5 months ago

Can you guys do Godzilla vs dark eater midir from dark souls 3? I feel they have similar abilities and would be an interesting match.

JcK Holmes

JcK Holmes . 5 months ago

Mera (DC) vs Katara (Avatar)

Keith Underwood

Keith Underwood . 5 months ago

Fexil the Cat vs. Mickey Mouse Donald Duck vs Daffy Duck Bugs Bunny vs. Roger Rabbit

The Dimensioneer

The Dimensioneer . 5 months ago

Idea: Joker vs Piedmon

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