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If You Say Any Block in Minecraft, You EXPLODE


Published on 1 week ago

If DougDoug or I say ANY block in Minecraft, we EXPLODE. Can we beat the game or will we die trying?

Thank you to @DougDoug for being nifty

Mod created by https://www.youtube.com/c/TheMinecraftOverlordOfficial

▶TWITCH: https://twitch.tv/pointcrow
▶MERCH: https://pointcrow.shop
▶VOD Channel: https://youtube.com/pointcrowvods
▶Twitter: https://twitter.com/pointcrow
▶Discord: https://discord.gg/pointcrow
▶Instagram: https://instagram.com/pointcrow

Artwork/Emotes by Lycel, SSSucrose, AbbyBagel
Editted by: https://twitter.com/verytiredkat

#pointcrow #minecraft #dougdoug


DougDoug . 1 week ago

I hope everyone is excited to watch us beat the entirety of minecraft in this video, literally all of it

City_beastboy . 4 hours ago

1:07 ha

City_beastboy . 4 hours ago


Jethro-goro . 6 hours ago

alas DougDoug's divorce bomb did not make it in
Killer Zer0X

Killer Zer0X . 7 hours ago

Right away says crafting table and doesn’t blow up

Cats4Content . 9 hours ago

Bro I thought it said if you see any block 💀

Cheeto_boy . 14 hours ago

Trecy DreamZ

Trecy DreamZ . 15 hours ago

Love these don't say words videos

Gamer_PETE-2012 . 16 hours ago

Chris Dunn

Chris Dunn . 16 hours ago

I’ve been watching DougDoug for a long time, I’ve never seen or heard him this stressed 😂

VileZX . 1 day ago

Nice Job.

lemonboi . 1 day ago

If you say any block in the game

Mister Fael

Mister Fael . 1 day ago

I liked the part where the bot said "Nice job"

Tr0pixX_ . 1 day ago

1:37 rip to the crafting table on the ground that blew up
Cole Kingsley

Cole Kingsley . 1 day ago

This video is just dougdoug talks then he explodes
Alex Donát

Alex Donát . 1 day ago

Janett Smith

Janett Smith . 1 day ago

Summary of this video even just *4 minutes in*: “Nice job. BANG! Nice job. BANG!” Just on loop lmfao

CloakedWasTaken . 1 day ago


Mcdonathan . 2 days ago

I have a simple solution: SHUT UP

whamer100 . 2 days ago

these two synergize so well, i love it

SHADOW BUNZ . 2 days ago

:nerd_face: :nerd_face: Um actually carrot is an item and not a block because you can place it down :nerd_face: :nerd_face:
tonar wodi

tonar wodi . 2 days ago

i love how they say literally anything followed by a second of silence, then the program saying "nice job" and then a distant explosion

Rhyz . 2 days ago

Mod Breath of the wild so Ganon won and you are the bad guy. Or mod it so you are a yiga trying to stop the Hero

Nubfairy . 2 days ago

Such a hilarious stream

Treezy . 2 days ago

never pause a point crow video.

your welcome.
Chilean foosball

Chilean foosball . 3 days ago

I haven't watched it yet, but he probably says "there are no thoughts behind those eyes" at some point and thinks it's hilarious. He just looks so proud of himself every time too.

AngreFace . 3 days ago

Nice job

GZilla311 . 3 days ago

"We got a scoopy cup, but we lost a tit in the process." - DougDoug 2023
Maria Hooker-

Maria Hooker- . 3 days ago

Alternative Title: 2 Grown men refuse to say certain words inside of a videogame to live another day
Obviously Anonymous

Obviously Anonymous . 3 days ago

How come "magma" doesn't set it off? Isn't that an actual thing now?

Also I think "there" set it off because of "air" 💀 (and probably "carrot")
Louka Ghostly Renaud

Louka Ghostly Renaud . 3 days ago

It should be with the items too

Rrek . 3 days ago

"I still need a B-word"
"B-word acquired"

McSpiffy . 3 days ago

Doug constantly exploding is just like Squidward and his “Karma”.
Blind EYE 20

Blind EYE 20 . 3 days ago

Plz put some thought in Genshin Impact through the other comments I have posted
Blind EYE 20

Blind EYE 20 . 3 days ago

Genshin does have similarities with botw but so many other games do to and I just don’t think that it is fair that people are memeing on it, even though other games have similarities and aren’t being memed on
Blind EYE 20

Blind EYE 20 . 3 days ago

Genshin Impact is similar to botw at the beginning but really steps away after fighting the dragon. I love both Genshin and botw and must admit that there are similarities but if you were to play while someone that plays Genshin explained some stuff that would be helpful
the end

the end . 3 days ago

Cave man speak

Darkshadoo . 3 days ago

Nice job.
Nutmeg does stuff

Nutmeg does stuff . 3 days ago

DougDoug: "Ooh!"
Minecraft: You will die now. Twice.
Nutmeg does stuff

Nutmeg does stuff . 3 days ago

Pointcrow: Says bed like 4 times in a row. Is fine.
Dougdoug: "You keep saying the b word-". Boom.
Collin Westergren

Collin Westergren . 3 days ago

at 1:37 you can see pcrow pass the crafting table
Nutmeg does stuff

Nutmeg does stuff . 3 days ago

"Is there a nice touch block?"
-Dougdoug, either 2022 0r 2023.
Nutmeg does stuff

Nutmeg does stuff . 3 days ago

Gotta love the wonderful things created by taking the ai at its word, such as doug saying "Coal, hello!"

Kurachi84 . 3 days ago

8:01 ... What did Eric say?!

Doug breathes.
Game: Explosion it is!

cxloyn . 3 days ago


Dooporama . 4 days ago

Can I download this mod anywhere ? I'd absolutely love to play it
Joshua Bublin

Joshua Bublin . 4 days ago

I don't know why, but the only thing I can think to say is "Nice job."
mr.Freettle 14

mr.Freettle 14 . 4 days ago

I feel so bad for Doug Doug TCS does not like him.

IzraelGraves . 4 days ago

It kinda lost its appeal when he kept exploding for no reason. Wasn't really fun to watch at that point.

Cmd3164 . 4 days ago

You can’t say befORE because it has ore

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