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Why Banks Fail
Johnny Harris

Johnny Harris

Published on 2 weeks ago

Our financial system is pretty wild.
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Ruxandra Maian

Ruxandra Maian . 18 minutes ago

For more info and a correction - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCjRbHL3cOs from Economics Explained

steve . 2 hours ago

The negative impact of SVB and SI debacles has been reflected in the regional bank ETF (KRE) which has witnessed a decline of over 20%. This event has triggered contagion effects, dragging the entire market lower. However, historically speaking, a localized and narrow contagion of this nature presents an opportune time to invest in strong, financially stable companies with substantial cash reserves on their balance sheets.
Francisco Costa

Francisco Costa . 2 hours ago

Thats just basic economics, that's how money is made... also your 10k was already a product of this feature
Syed Imtiaz

Syed Imtiaz . 3 hours ago

i remember they let lehman brothers failed - and the sun still came out of the sky - dick fuld walked away with billion dollars- who bailed out the people ? the people bailed out the orgy infested coke parties
Andres Garces

Andres Garces . 4 hours ago

Please do a video of China & Russia’s recent events and how the US is handling all conflicts (Ukraine) in the east. Your videos are amazing!
kiwi y

kiwi y . 4 hours ago

You are in the wrong biz if you don't want people to know who you are or what you do. Well made clips. 🎉🎉
Chris Coulson

Chris Coulson . 5 hours ago

Loans, ie credit, are really really important to building out society - and that's actually okay IMO
Leo Tamayo

Leo Tamayo . 5 hours ago

Can you do a video on BRICS Currency please?!
yomanyo maddog

yomanyo maddog . 5 hours ago

Keep up the good content!! Please make one about BRICS

Alemnop . 6 hours ago

You realize the “another 2008” hasn’t happened yet right?

No, of course you don’t, because you literally JUST WOKE UP to this issue
James Hatton

James Hatton . 8 hours ago

@3:15 I can see what you did there Johnny haha

Don't worry, those who are smart are filling in and blanks
De Goose

De Goose . 10 hours ago

Hate woke americans who think they’re perfect in every way
Tim Lövskog

Tim Lövskog . 10 hours ago

Wow never seen such a great breakdown about our economic system.
Maximiliano Madrigal

Maximiliano Madrigal . 11 hours ago

Lakham S Kvz

Lakham S Kvz . 14 hours ago

Yes that's exactly how the banks works and makes money💰. In short it's called "credit creation"
seyed alamdar

seyed alamdar . 15 hours ago

like your hair

JFOV . 15 hours ago

your work promoting american state neoliberal imperialism is astounding, you're doing the state departments job so good!! nice dog!
Rakesh Singh

Rakesh Singh . 16 hours ago

@Johnny Hariss, I recently started watching your videos and God I am so glad I did. Your contents and information you gather to make a 30 mins video with exceptional editing is phenomenal. The information we get are way better than anybody else. keep posting more.. God bless you.
Ori Morad

Ori Morad . 17 hours ago

Hey, instead of talking about the glorious multiplier effect which basically leads to a crash every decade, how about talking about non profit driven economic models, such as the one suggested in “Less is More” by Jason Hickel?
Temple Gabrial

Temple Gabrial . 18 hours ago

I'm so happy I made productive decisions
about my finances that changed my life
forever,hoping to retire next year... Investment should always be on any creative man's heart for success in life

Abhishek . 19 hours ago

This movie was bang on Money
Paul Kyunni

Paul Kyunni . 20 hours ago

Hi Johnny, could you make a video explaining bank bonds ?
Dylan Wong

Dylan Wong . 21 hours ago

The sponsor sounds like the Mafia lmao. Pay us and we will remove you from the lists but as soon as you unsubscribe, welp they have you on their list again

Kenny . 21 hours ago

JOHNNY [ The one that lies about seeking truth and justice by making/faking a pseudo-scientific deep “analysis” even though in truth everything is approached in a ridiculously superficial way, based on next to no research and data, and on rare occasions when he does utilize data and research it is so twisted and out of context, in order to serve his overly emotional bs propaganda ] HARRIS

Why else would he approach all topics in such a superficial way?! Because it is not about scientific rigor, he is not interested in taking his time to really understand a complex topic, and then to make a video about it so that other people can get an understanding too. No, that would require month and even years of research, but Harris wants to make easy money! That is his goal! Not to spend time, reading books, papers, studies and to interview knowledgeable people to deepen his understanding. It is much easier to sacrifice everything else, just to release as much content as possible to maximize profits! There is no time for proper research and analysis to give the complex nature of those topics justice. But he is not honest about the superficiality, the out of context information, lack of research, basically the low quality analysis. But instead he makes it look like he is doing a deep dive into the subject, with proper research and objective assessment, based on data and rational, without putting anything out of context. And especially hiding his own agenda, his overly emotional nature, and makes it look like he is “trustworthy”, “responsible” and “objective”. The sad part is, that most people are just not able to form their own mind, based on their own diverse and multifaceted research. They consume complex topics like fast food, they think they can get a deep understanding by just watching one or two YouTube videos and that is enough to make up their mind. They take everything at face value, whatever someone like Johnny Harris puts out, and thereby they get unwittingly misguided. There is no healthy skepticism, they don't take it as just his emotional opinion or an introduction into a topic and a challenge to further research and deepen their understanding of the matter. No, they just watch the low quality, superficial “analysis” by Harris and believe everything. And that's it, no more research, reading, listening, understanding needed! I mean hey, Johnny said it is like that, so why question it, he surely is knowledgeable and responsible with his information, there are no ulterior motives, no, he is absolutely objective!
privat privat

privat privat . 22 hours ago

18:26 the problem is that no one is responsible and accountable... and even worse...they hand out bonuses... and common people are the victim of the rich there failure...how corrupt can it get? who got held accountable in 2008 ? and even if u point fingers...what will it change? its like a doctor doing surgery and the patient dies...he made or might have made mistakes. the difference is that he does it do good, and save lifes and help the patient... the richs and banks only do it to save and enrich themselfs, many times in greed .on the backs of others
privat privat

privat privat . 22 hours ago

in the end its about the filty rich staying rich, and more importantly in control and pulling the strings...

TNT46DOG . 24 hours ago

Here’s what people can also do, STOP WATCHING MAIN STREAM NEWS! Agenda + rating driven machines meant to control your opinion and make money of your viewership. Instead come to channels like this to get educated.
michel Le havre

michel Le havre . 1 day ago

first statement is wrong the bank do not keep 10 percent of your money. That is old banking. I believe today banks are not required to keep any percent of your money in the bank. Today banking is so complex that the bank dont even require your deposit to create money. Why do you think that trillions of bank bonds floating around.? trillions of AT1/ Please read up on the AT1 first before trying to explain what happened/
Rafael Costa

Rafael Costa . 1 day ago

Bitcoin fixes it
Rick Burton

Rick Burton . 1 day ago

@JohnnyHarris Do you plan to cover BRICS, alternate reserve currency, and what it actually means for the west?
Overlord_ Actual

Overlord_ Actual . 1 day ago

Hey johnny, take a look at Economics Explained latest video he seems to disagree with you on money multiplier effect (and in general).
Lawrence Hemphill III

Lawrence Hemphill III . 1 day ago

The money multiplier system is a myth! Johnny, you are better than this!
Urban Developments

Urban Developments . 1 day ago

Jesus christ!

What a closer.

MrGhosthacked . 1 day ago

I love that Lehman Brothers isn't included on this list. . .
Brandon Hinton

Brandon Hinton . 1 day ago

Johnny, your video production and explanations are top-tier. Well done, Sir!
Joseph Calhoun

Joseph Calhoun . 1 day ago

Mr. H.

I was was wondering if you could make video explaining what’s going on militaristically in the world.

I know you’ve made several videos touching on subjects, but with Chinas recent visit to Russia, The U.S’s alleged retaliatory strike against Syria/Iran and just the whole reshuffle of the the Middles East. What does this mean? Is there something afoot, something happening behind the curtains? Or are this psychological chess moves? I’ve made some great guesses based just that… Guesswork, but I would love to see your epic journalistic point of view.

I request this because I have noticed a shift among my family and friends who are generally happily ignorant about to the U.S’s militaristic endeavors, but recently I feel my circles are talking more about and are afraid 😮.

toby4twenty . 1 day ago

#XRP Army
John-Paul C

John-Paul C . 1 day ago

The impact of taxes to the governments (state and fed) isn't even something you considered. The fact is every time those funds reach new hands its a new taxable event.
Danny T

Danny T . 1 day ago

Economics Explained said the money multiplier model is wrong

Cirko . 2 days ago

Damn, this was like a movie. Thank you very much for explaining!
Kai Sosceles

Kai Sosceles . 2 days ago

When banks have to raise new rounds of money to pay out old rounds of money, that's the economy.

When anyone else does it, that's the definition of a Ponzi scheme.

Buy Bitcoin. Hold it yourself.
Google User

Google User . 2 days ago

Fractional reserve lending when combined with interest creates money out of thin air... it's a perpetually bankrupt system. Watch "Money as Debt".
Aura Lila Orozco montiel Orozco montiel

Aura Lila Orozco montiel Orozco montiel . 2 days ago

It's this a landlord limosnero 🎉😂❤
Alwyn Pinto

Alwyn Pinto . 2 days ago

any other channels like this that i can follow....?
Awesome episode
Marcus Katsa

Marcus Katsa . 2 days ago

COME ON JOHNNY! I thought you said you studied economics. You should know that the money multiplier myth is false. Like how do you not know this. What?
madison picklesimer

madison picklesimer . 2 days ago

Please do a video on congress wanting to ban tik tok!!!
Moses jr Nkandu

Moses jr Nkandu . 2 days ago

Is that a Supra!!!!

Popefiction . 2 days ago

Economics Explained sure does not agree with the money multiplier effect. Sure hope for a respons video her. What about a collab?
Cody Ness

Cody Ness . 2 days ago

The money multiplier effect is a myth. Banks don't need deposits to make loans.

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