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100 Things Added in Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Update


Published on 2 weeks ago

Today I bring you 100 things added in Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Update. 100 new features such as amethyst geodes. New mobs such as axolotls & goats. New biomes such as lush caves. New items and blocks such as copper ore, candles and deepslate ores! Leave a "LIKE" for more Minecraft 1.17 cave update videos!

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Comments :


iDeactivateMC . 2 weeks ago

Hey what's going on guys! MY. NAME. IS. ANTHONY! Here is my huge 1.17 Caves & Cliffs video, enjoy! :D Also follow me on Instagram if u want: http://instagram.com/ideactivatemc

Shane O'Donnell

Shane O'Donnell . 3 hours ago

I'm bored so I wrote a comment slo byel

laura healy

laura healy . 3 hours ago

4:17 idid


David . 5 hours ago

Hearing iDeactivateMC and Block Facts at the same time makes me believe that they are the same person.

darsandude Gaming

darsandude Gaming . 9 hours ago

4:03 wardzee got 2 blue axolotl

Wai Ting Wong

Wai Ting Wong . 9 hours ago

Who wants to listen when I'm walking on the amythest blocks It sounds like amythest bell or a crime

Wai Ting Wong

Wai Ting Wong . 9 hours ago

When I found the amythest geode for first time It's in the underwater

TheStupidGamer ツ

TheStupidGamer ツ . 9 hours ago

At first, I wasn't happy with the update because of the ore texture changes. But honestly after watching this, this update isn't that bad. I can use the Minecraft Classic texture pack anyway!

Landyn Peav

Landyn Peav . 11 hours ago

Right click is LT on xbox

Venus Grant

Venus Grant . 12 hours ago

that's weird when a axolotl go on land it didn't die

Ryan The Epic Guy

Ryan The Epic Guy . 12 hours ago

him: casually explaining new minecraft update changes me: violently shaking from intense PTSD as the OOT Forest Temple theme plays in the background

Carlos Carpio ramos

Carlos Carpio ramos . 14 hours ago

I have found in axolotl blue2 Times


Spikejoy . 20 hours ago



just_930 . 21 hours ago

U back

Ice cube

Ice cube . 22 hours ago

The sus amongus imposter?!?

Zac Silverwood

Zac Silverwood . 24 hours ago

I loved it channel as a kid and I still do.

Gaming, Animations And More!

Gaming, Animations And More! . 1 day ago

The 1.18 update is here!!!!!!

Yessenia Gonzalez

Yessenia Gonzalez . 1 day ago

I got 6 of the rare axolotl

David Mistoffelees

David Mistoffelees . 1 day ago

Let's discuss new features! Here's the new biomes; they aren't in this update...


Parkiepsy . 1 day ago

copper ore? more like salmon ore

Hussain XV

Hussain XV . 1 day ago

I am really sad that you stop let’s play survivel


RapidPiqq . 1 day ago


Star Knight

Star Knight . 1 day ago

You forgot to mention lightning rod.

Chloe O Donnell

Chloe O Donnell . 1 day ago

idk if its bc im on xbox but i dont have candles


Toxinityツ . 1 day ago

Minecraft is so baaad

Law doo Mying

Law doo Mying . 1 day ago

But when I played Minecraft bedrock in the new 1.17 update and explored I found the drip stone craves??

Crysta Balla

Crysta Balla . 1 day ago

Yah I know cause I have that Minecraft😁😁😁

Hey Mama

Hey Mama . 1 day ago

Can't wait for part 2!!

Wai Ting Wong

Wai Ting Wong . 1 day ago

The secret one is a green axolotl. It has 0.000067% chance of spawaning


porksy . 1 day ago

ok just to make sure, the update already happened?

Kento Fidget Shapire

Kento Fidget Shapire . 2 days ago

can i download 1.17 mc nOw?

Squiddy's World

Squiddy's World . 2 days ago

If there’s one thing I love about your channel, it’s the fact that even though it’s been years, your videos are consistent and haven’t changed and I love it.

Mighty Orange

Mighty Orange . 2 days ago

You missed warden, that is in 1.17 not in 1.18 in ending scene


Jethro_Fluff . 2 days ago

I found one

maria martinez

maria martinez . 2 days ago

"this game is friendly" the goat: *laughing in the corner*

Among Bros

Among Bros . 2 days ago

you can make a squid farm


ASexyHusky . 2 days ago

So, the two new cave biomes can only be found with only 1 biome set? Does that mean I can find both the forest cave and rock cave, or only one or the other? Also is it different between java and bedrock ?


bloopymicrowave . 2 days ago

I appreciate the SMG music


DariSerg . 2 days ago

Bro please stop deactivating Minecraft


CoolClay . 2 days ago

I don't like iDeactivateMC here's why. He makes basically the same videos over and over again. Has barely improved over the years and for the most part, nothing is interesting about his videos. You can get the same experience from reading off the Minecraft wiki. He feels like the behind-the-meme of Minecraft videos.

‏‏‎Necro Brux

‏‏‎Necro Brux . 2 days ago

Drip leaf 😳

Giselle Guerrero

Giselle Guerrero . 2 days ago

I updated my minecraft and only some of the things in this list are in my game. Are the other things in part two?


BonnieGamer912 . 2 days ago

I can’t tell if this is a glitch or it’s just me but my game won’t let me use candles :/

Devon Bennett

Devon Bennett . 2 days ago

Fun Fact: You can freeze to death in the Nether. Freeze to death. In the Nether. *THE NETHER.*


WolfieGirlXox . 2 days ago

Thank you, I really needed this

Imogen Kelchure

Imogen Kelchure . 2 days ago

I have found a blue Axolot before it’s cute if you ask me.

Demon Eon

Demon Eon . 2 days ago

Time to do the same thing I always do just hoping to see the new stuff

Sebastian Cantiller Bonifacio

Sebastian Cantiller Bonifacio . 2 days ago

Funfact,players can now build statue of libertry using the copper


[D_NA8] . 2 days ago

Just to let u know thats not a new feature thats been in the game for a long time. 11:48

Sloth productions

Sloth productions . 2 days ago

Me: runs to farm and replaces cows with goats, squids with glowing squids and fish with axalotls

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