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The Funniest Bomb Defusing Duo!


Published on 4 months ago

In this video me and Ranboo defuse bombs in the game Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes and it was Hilarious!


Editor: @LlamaNeck

My Second Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRzNmYGvKNRHEwAfs1yLHWA
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/tubbo
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TubboLIVE

Comments :

not logan

not logan . 3 hours ago

Tubbo I love your videos because I have dyslexia and you are not afraid to say and talk about it. It's helpful.😁


Cleod . 10 hours ago



JustStickFig . 2 days ago

3:02 dyslexia moment


A S . 4 days ago

This, beautiful video, is my favorite video ever on all of youtube.


mrsbitterfly . 5 days ago

I LOVE THEIR CODE OF WHATEVER “the heartbeat” “trident” “then snake” “BIG SQUIGGLE”


-eqqnoq . 6 days ago


A random wanderer

A random wanderer . 7 days ago

I’m sorry but no one can convince me that there is something more adorable than tubbo doing the little L thing with his hand to figure out left and right

Jdgamerz Gaming

Jdgamerz Gaming . 1 week ago

Darn This Was So Thrilling?!!! Id Love A Part 2 Of This Lmao Have a Cookie 🍪

Sin Animations

Sin Animations . 1 week ago

Tubbo doing the thing with his hands to see which side makes a proper L for left I love you Tubbo V pogchamp

Agent iota

Agent iota . 1 week ago

Ok but someone doesn’t know how to spell breathe

Belinda Butler

Belinda Butler . 1 week ago

The mammoth attraction preauricularly rescue because possibility universally tour beneath a ugly bite. used, slim plate


Loxomyx . 1 week ago

No I wanted tommy not ranboo but this is cool anyway 🙂

Red DeMars

Red DeMars . 1 week ago

i love how tubbo cut out ranboo saying "I love you too tubbo"


Firekid . 1 week ago

Never thought tubbo and ranboo would play ktane.

Julie The Otaku

Julie The Otaku . 1 week ago

Why tf are they so good at this?? Like I'm just having flashbacks to Skeppy and Bad playing this lol

Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper . 2 weeks ago

Radio Module : *is bleeping Morse code* Me who didn't pay attention at Boy Scouts : *Nervous Sweating*

Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper . 2 weeks ago

2:56 I think it makes more sense if Tubbo said TL : Half Life Symbol TR : K but someone drew it's right feet wrong BL : The Triforce but someone removed the bottom line BR : A crack on the wall/diagonal heartbeat monitor

Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper . 2 weeks ago

"Funniest" and "bomb defusing" Should not be in the same sentence together

Cameron G

Cameron G . 2 weeks ago


Asa ł

Asa ł . 2 weeks ago

Если не соулмэйты, то кто 🥺


ruby_alexsandra . 2 weeks ago

Poor tommy


InnerVoices8289 . 2 weeks ago

Tubbo: I love you Ranboo Ranboo: *nothing*


WutCraft . 2 weeks ago

These aren’t fucking Chinese’s letters, it’ just symboles, not every thing that your fucking brain doesn’t know is chinese.

Yanoshi_fandom _

Yanoshi_fandom _ . 2 weeks ago

I spoke to a local storm today, I asked if tubbo and ranboo the best streamers and it replied in a way that agrees I call it purple lighting- cause it was purple

Andrea Camila Morales Domínguez

Andrea Camila Morales Domínguez . 2 weeks ago

Is it weird to find cute that tubo those the “L” with his hands to differentiate right from left I just ☺️


darthvador . 2 weeks ago

they really pulled an ethan hunt with that last bomb 😂

Bibi Boba

Bibi Boba . 2 weeks ago

I love how tubs doesn't know his left or rights it's so cute

Kiana Thayer

Kiana Thayer . 2 weeks ago

At 1:24 I never knew how to spell keep correctly, but now I know it's keeo ***the more you know***

Nothing Girl xox

Nothing Girl xox . 2 weeks ago

I feel you tubbo with having to use your hands to help with dyslexia !


Scarlz . 2 weeks ago

When they spell the words to each other 😆❤️

Ace The Wild Card

Ace The Wild Card . 2 weeks ago

"You're my Valentine's Day friend." Dayum, Ranboo just got SO friend-zoned.

Grace B

Grace B . 2 weeks ago

Im just eating lunch while watching this-

Blaze Wolf

Blaze Wolf . 2 weeks ago


this person

this person . 2 weeks ago

3:02 if you look at his hands really close, you can see that he is doing the L things with his hands to figure out which one is right and left and it made me really happy bc I have to do that too and my friends always make fun of me for it :(


Mooshroomy! . 3 weeks ago

that woah tho lmao

Farah Leong

Farah Leong . 3 weeks ago

he said top right twice


TreesBees . 3 weeks ago

I just noticed that Tubbo also makes the L with his finger to see if it’s right or left like me

Stephanie Moore

Stephanie Moore . 3 weeks ago

This is an amazing couple and the fact that they are defusing bombs on valentines day is f*cking amazing xD

Ha Hys

Ha Hys . 3 weeks ago

Tommy Sad

The gaming sisters 1 on 1

The gaming sisters 1 on 1 . 3 weeks ago

Awww he cut out the "I love you too Tubbo" part 😔

Christine Cann

Christine Cann . 3 weeks ago

My anxiety struck and this made my day 😭💕💕


4lex- . 3 weeks ago

The Subtitles: Rambu


Tencere . 3 weeks ago

Hi turbo

•Valle uwu•

•Valle uwu• . 3 weeks ago

Ranboo and tubbo defusing bombs: 15:50 Skeppy and bad: WHAT DOES IT SAY? IT SAYS SAYS!


TastySmarties . 3 weeks ago

15:50 I once had less than half a second left when we won

Ramona Watson

Ramona Watson . 3 weeks ago

I really like the subtitles :)

Mardee Thimesch

Mardee Thimesch . 3 weeks ago

6:43 ...am I the only one who say tubbo point down at himself when we says bomb..- like pointed in a weird spot,,,?

Keith Kogane

Keith Kogane . 3 weeks ago

Ranboo makes Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes 1000x funnier


Cam . 3 weeks ago

The chemistry between these two 👌🏻

Adely Ayala

Adely Ayala . 3 weeks ago

3:00 I love how tubbo had to look at his hand to see what was left

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