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Daft Punk - Epilogue
Daft Punk

Daft Punk

Published on 1 week ago

#DaftPunk #Epilogue

Comments :

Honey-Lemon Graham

Honey-Lemon Graham . 7 minutes ago

Thank you for all that you guys did. Your music is amazing. I am so sad that you guys broke up. Good bye Daft Punk. You will be missed😢❤️
Rosa Miriam Sanchez

Rosa Miriam Sanchez . 11 minutes ago

Esta separción no se supera tan facíl. Perdón no puedo más 😢😢😢.

Zardken . 11 minutes ago

The Alex Games 2099

The Alex Games 2099 . 13 minutes ago

Siempre escuché su música
Paolo Rolon

Paolo Rolon . 14 minutes ago

Stu Redman

Stu Redman . 19 minutes ago

The Robots 🤟🤟
Goose part 2 Electric boogaloo

Goose part 2 Electric boogaloo . 20 minutes ago

The amount of languages in this comment section truly shows their reach as performers and just how many people their music has touched while I'm disheartened that this is the end I would much rather they die before they live long enough to see themselves become the villain
Giant Slaughterfish

Giant Slaughterfish . 21 minutes ago

Farewell Daft Punk, thanks for the memories and music!

MOON MAN . 21 minutes ago

Thanks for everything The Best duo ever

ROO624 . 23 minutes ago

This is actually depressing af... 😭

LazyLion . 24 minutes ago

they didn't die. they became music.
Santos emanuel Anguiano rivera

Santos emanuel Anguiano rivera . 24 minutes ago

Gracias por su música
ElMonkeyHD HD

ElMonkeyHD HD . 25 minutes ago

I promess myself don't cry....:'(
Jose Carlos. L.g.

Jose Carlos. L.g. . 28 minutes ago

unfortunately every beginning has an end. 😟 Thank you D.P.
Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva . 29 minutes ago

Obrigado Daft Punk, por fazer parte da minha vida musical. Vocês foram os melhores neste quesito musical: música eletrônica. O teu último álbum, mudou muito minha vida. ❤️😢
Drew Cover

Drew Cover . 29 minutes ago

Come back silver robot! "Your work is NEVER over!"

Its_Rice . 33 minutes ago

Too political sorry
Tank no bad

Tank no bad . 33 minutes ago

they just made me sad

OneOneZero . 34 minutes ago


MARCØZ . 35 minutes ago

Thank You ♥️☕
Drew Cover

Drew Cover . 38 minutes ago

Nooo! The world needs more ROBOTS!!! Where will the good-funky vibes come from?!
3 BO

3 BO . 39 minutes ago

Nadia Chacon

Nadia Chacon . 42 minutes ago

Ohhhh 😭😭😭 thanks

Imeatingpancakesrn . 42 minutes ago

This is what real strong men cries to And women

ReljKos . 45 minutes ago

Leon Lea17

Leon Lea17 . 45 minutes ago

I was just listening to Daft Punk and I finally decided to sit down and watch this. Makes me wanna cry, I’m gonna miss you guys. Farewell I love you guys 😭👋🏾🥲
Nika The Rat

Nika The Rat . 46 minutes ago

I cried.

KrizAkoni . 47 minutes ago

Roblox Stop-Motion

Roblox Stop-Motion . 48 minutes ago

You will be missed

aciSd . 48 minutes ago

I mean. I like their music, too. Kinda grew up with them as you all did. In the end they are both two talented musicians who will continue to function as they are. We also might see a re-union (as it always happens in the music industry). Their music is really specific and unique for the most part, it will always have fans. We will see them doing something together in the (not so) near future. Cheer up for the fuck's sake.
Blue Thing

Blue Thing . 48 minutes ago

What were they? We’re they humans? AI’s? Or just another conspiracy theorists theory? No one knows but think is certain that there guys were Legends...Forever
Zachary Gastelo

Zachary Gastelo . 56 minutes ago

Thanks for the memories. Forever legends.
Cholan Gutierrez

Cholan Gutierrez . 56 minutes ago

law of attraction: i will become a famous youtuber soon🥺

pathly . 60 minutes ago

Their work is finally over
icee frost

icee frost . 1 hour ago

My emotions rn 😥😥🥺🥺🥺😭😭😥😓

M JUEGA! . 1 hour ago

icee frost

icee frost . 1 hour ago

I love you guys and I will forever miss you have a great life and carry on your other dreams you've never accomplished. Love daft punk❤️
Chandal Franks

Chandal Franks . 1 hour ago

Aww this is heartbreaking 💔.. but I understand
Yare Boyd

Yare Boyd . 1 hour ago

Goodbye Daft Punk...❤️😔❤️
Obsidian Nebula

Obsidian Nebula . 1 hour ago

What about the other one ?
Sufyaan Griffin

Sufyaan Griffin . 1 hour ago

I was born in 2006 I just came to this channel to see what they were all about I look to see if they’re still uploading because I really liked their music and I watch this video I just discovered them and know they are gone true legends that should never be forgotten

ボスピッグ . 1 hour ago

Daft Punkよ、ありがとう。そして永遠に。
DJ Sasukzz

DJ Sasukzz . 1 hour ago

Forever Daft Punk
Demetriogamer527 Gameplays y Tutoriales

Demetriogamer527 Gameplays y Tutoriales . 1 hour ago

Gracias por todo
Paxton pomykal

Paxton pomykal . 1 hour ago

You can really see the emotion even with the helmets on 28 years of amazing music. Rip daft punk

Todoroki_Shoto . 1 hour ago

1993 - 202∞. 😞😞😓😢😭
Seba Almuna

Seba Almuna . 1 hour ago

Change the world my final messeng good bye

pixlind . 1 hour ago

"we've come to far to give up who we are!" -Draft Punk 2013. You guys will be missed


Thanks robots, will always be present in my head.

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