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Aquaman vs Krillin | DEATH BATTLE Cast #223


Published on 2 months ago

The crew dives into your biggest questions for the first two fights of the season. It's a jam packed cast with all the writers!

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Comments :

A literal Bear

A literal Bear . 1 week ago

Krillin is beyond planetary compared to some fish boy

Erich Myles

Erich Myles . 1 week ago

Krillins hella fast and theres some degree of mental training since he does image training.

Theman X

Theman X . 1 week ago

hm i feel like krillin could really vaporize all the water near the area since he can basically destroy planets

Robo Demon

Robo Demon . 2 weeks ago

5min in and this guy says Aquaman is more powerful then krillin? 🤣😂 ..... Sorry no but I'll un pause now and continue Edit: these guys are essentially comparing namak Krillin to prime Aquaman so I'm just going to stop watching cuz it's just dumb

Roger Box

Roger Box . 3 weeks ago

Man don't you think that's a little unfair for Aqua Man?

CopperFish Lama

CopperFish Lama . 3 weeks ago

What if i told you krilling can go brrrrr with ki attacks and completely anhylate aquaman

Vic Vic

Vic Vic . 3 weeks ago

You also got 🤣🤣🤣🤣


SageNeoDraconus . 1 month ago

Honestly I can't believe how even this match-up could end up being. At a glance I instantly just assumed Krillin would stomp Aquaman. But after hearing about the telepathic feats of Aquaman, I think the match would be extremely close. Strength and speed are easily in Krillin's favor. However, any of Krillin's ki control could essentially be nullified by Aquaman by inflicting a migraine-like state on Krillin. Ki control takes concentration to maintain. If his mind was in total agony then he would not be able to form ki blasts, destructor discs, or possibly even solar flares. Which wipes out pretty much every arsenal advantage that Krillin has. Even Krillin's flight could be affected by lack of ki control. If that ability could be combined with the intuition reading style that Aquaman uses while fighting then Krillin's advantage drops to nearly nothing. Which then puts them on fairly even ground at this point. Then Aquaman could use water manipulation and creature manipulation to regain the edge needed to take Krillin down. But that's only if Aquaman can do all of that at once. I think the match would be very very close and now I kind of want to see something like this actually go down in a full Death Battle episode

Plannerartist S

Plannerartist S . 2 months ago

All of Krilliins Ki engergy is not equivalent to aquaman's strength. And to comment on his mind control apathy, he would actually do better against Krilin because he would learn from him how to defeat him. This would be an epic match for Krillin and he would make Aquaman more powerful after Aquaman defeats him.

Raymund Sanchez

Raymund Sanchez . 2 months ago

Make Homelander vs Omniman vs Sentry vs Superman rumble. So we have a Wildstorm, Image, DC, Marvel death battle!!!!!

Eric Smith

Eric Smith . 2 months ago

Aquaman has no telepathic advantages. Krillin showed resistance to them training with Roshi's witch sister in the forest.

Endo The One

Endo The One . 2 months ago

Comics power scaling is even more broken that dragonball 😂

Brady Sneed

Brady Sneed . 2 months ago

day 7802 of asking for minecraft steve vs fortight's recruit

Fox Lylat

Fox Lylat . 2 months ago

Looks like none of them has real knowledge about Krillin. They debate about the psychic attacks and none of knew about how much Krillin could do about that. Chiaotzu used those on him and it worked. But it didnt worked on stronger enemys like Nappa who had no psychic ablitys at all. Krillin could fight against Gohan in his mind so he defenetly has some skill in that.


JediOtter107 . 2 months ago

cute bird

Leonardo Balseca

Leonardo Balseca . 2 months ago

Shinto the Dragon 🐉 vs nine tail 🦊

Ameera Gulley

Ameera Gulley . 2 months ago

Tylie from avatar vs Hinata hyuga from Naruto.

Ameera Gulley

Ameera Gulley . 2 months ago

Tylie from avatar vs Hinata hyuga from Naruto.


Latrelant . 2 months ago

Krillen would kill him easily

Yashwant Choudhari

Yashwant Choudhari . 2 months ago

Golu ,cell, and north kai can do it also people who teach goku can do it

Fach Yutuob

Fach Yutuob . 2 months ago

Krillin would oneshot him if a destructo blade landed, especially now that hes tournament of power level strenght.

00 00

00 00 . 2 months ago

Yamcha is a better match for aquaman

A nice guy

A nice guy . 2 months ago

Sounds like someone is sleeping on krillin

Ken Krumbach

Ken Krumbach . 2 months ago

Krillen beats Aquaman and Goku would destroy the death battle office out of spite given Vegeat and Gohan beat their foes on the channel.

Peace in Peace out

Peace in Peace out . 2 months ago

Goku caught a heart virus. Don't sleep on the aquaman telepathy point. I'm not saying aqua wins at all because obviously dbz characters are unbeatable but theoretically it's a valid point


Advent616 . 2 months ago

Yo, Nick's Dragon Ball recollection is on point. He remembered why Goku is the only one who knows IT. I know it's been a while but it's kinda mind boggling that Sam doesn't remember. Remembering DBZ high feats is arguably the easiest thing to recite.

Tim Kirtland

Tim Kirtland . 2 months ago

Chewbacca vs. Worf

Tim Kirtland

Tim Kirtland . 2 months ago

Chewbacca vs. Worf

Im Thage

Im Thage . 2 months ago

Anime: Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken ~ Character: (Rimuru Tempest)

Myst Lunarbane

Myst Lunarbane . 2 months ago

43:53 Yeh basically everyone has died from Buu killing everyone/destroying the planet. Also due to 17 and 18 in the future timeline. Then further by Goku Black and Zamasu again in the future timeline. And then also in Ressertuion F when Freiza destroyed the Earth which Whis then turned time back due to.


Kingvenderose . 2 months ago


Captain Obvious

Captain Obvious . 2 months ago

Glad to see Nick back for a change. Also, as a fellow believer, I find it interesting Nick looks a lot like the guy who plays Thomas in The Chosen.

Black Activist

Black Activist . 2 months ago

Krillin stomps but sure

Gilberto Tabares

Gilberto Tabares . 2 months ago

Sleep on Aquaman at your own risk Krillmeister.

Rabbles the Binx Productions

Rabbles the Binx Productions . 2 months ago

Dude, did you guys forget that Aquaman can fly? It was _in_ the Aquaman vs. Manor episode. It's one of the powers his trident gives him.

Kevin Ostrander

Kevin Ostrander . 2 months ago

Next time get someone to debate the dragonball character that actually has some sort of clue what they're talking about.

George Jerry

George Jerry . 2 months ago

Aquaman better watch out for Krillin’s two rocks 🪨 🪨

Tim Kirtland

Tim Kirtland . 2 months ago

Dexter vs. Jimmy Neutron Saitama vs. Popeye Rick Sanchez vs. Hank Pym Starsky and Hutch vs. Sam and Max Gilgamesh vs. Odysseus Jar Jar Binks vs. Lars Barriga or Big the Cat Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama vs. Chuck Norris and Segata Sanshiro Wiz vs. Boomstick


AryanKing94 . 2 months ago

Aquaman's physically able to keep up with Lobo who is physically comparable to Superman who beat Goku enough said. P.S.: He fought Lobo without the Blessing or Trident of Poseidon which take his powers to another level.

The Weeknd

The Weeknd . 2 months ago

Aquaman solos the verse lmaoooo

Steven Kasten

Steven Kasten . 2 months ago

Can't aquaman fly with one of his tridents


RedirectionPro . 2 months ago

You should do Goku Or super man vs Sitama

Q Ball1442

Q Ball1442 . 2 months ago

I'm a DBZ fan, but Krillin is going to get bodied.

Nick linaras

Nick linaras . 2 months ago

Oh please , please we need to see Krillin in Death battle against the Aquaman that would be great . Who ever says the opposite then they are just lacking in imagination and losing good stuff . Krillin can beat Aquaman in speed and technigue but if something happen and the battle goes underwater it may be hard for him cause Aquaman may be quicker in water and plus the aqua animals he will call like blue whales or kraken

foureyes oni

foureyes oni . 2 months ago

I thought krillin is weaker than tien. Like when did he surpass tien

King Khozi

King Khozi . 2 months ago

Goku VS Ben 10?

Matt Tunes

Matt Tunes . 2 months ago

Ideas for Death Battle or DBX 1. Broly vs Asura (Dragon Ball vs Asura's Wrath) 2. Sunset Shimmer vs Lena Sabrewing (Equestria Girls vs Ducktales) 3. Captain Marvelous vs Kadoya Tsukasa (Gokaiger vs Kamen Rider Decade) 4. Wendy Marvell vs Yuno (Fairy Tail vs Black Clover) 5. Luz Noceda and Amity Blight vs Akko Kagari and Diana Cavendish (The Owl House vs Little Witch Academia) 6. The Meta vs The Predator (RVB vs The Predator) 7. Eternatus vs Ghidorah (Pokemon vs Godzilla Universe) 8. Ninja Megazord vs Gypsy Danger (Power Rangers vs Pacific Rim) 9. Whitebeard vs Escanor (One Piece vs Seven Deadly Sins) 10. Inosuke Hashibira vs Roadhog (Demon Slayer vs Overwatch) 11. Percy Jackson vs Lapis Lazuli (Percy Jackson and the Olympians vs Steven Universe) 12. Gon vs Deku (Hunter x Hunter vs My Hero Academia)

Curtis Mize

Curtis Mize . 2 months ago



AzureZoroarkZX . 2 months ago

I think it will be awesome if they put a Saint Seiya Character into death battle


DarkSteal568 . 2 months ago

Krillin would win. Easily

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