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World Falling Mod with Ranboo is Hilarious!


Published on 4 months ago

Me and Ranboo played the "Falling Falling" map and had lot's of funny! I PROMIES!


Editor: @LlamaNeck

My Second Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRzNmYGvKNRHEwAfs1yLHWA
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/tubbo
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TubboLIVE

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løñély_shìrø . 8 hours ago

Ranboo:"it'll be the handeist - aah! Tubbo:... Tubbo: ahh! Tubbo: yeah yeah


RandomMaddison . 11 hours ago

The only thing I’m concerned about is Tubbo breaking wood with a pickaxe XD

Mattie Blair

Mattie Blair . 14 hours ago

he has literally gotten 1.27 million subscribers in 5 months congrats bro you deserve it

Piper Ricca

Piper Ricca . 16 hours ago

du du du du!

ManxGriffin2331 -

ManxGriffin2331 - . 1 day ago

Is this a mock

Farah Nuffer

Farah Nuffer . 2 days ago

😭😭😭😭🥲😭🥲😭🥲😭🥲😭🥲😭🥲😭😭😭😭🥲😭🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲 I miss he tubbo and tommy ones 😭🥲🥲😭🥲😭🥲💔🥲💔🥲😭😭😭

Carter North

Carter North . 3 days ago

Tubbo and Ranboo are the best

Larry’s tour buss

Larry’s tour buss . 4 days ago

i feel bad for laughing abt all the misspelling😭😭😭😭


Monica’s_Deadacc . 4 days ago

i paused at the wrong moment- "THE LAST" "bitch"


MarMeik . 4 days ago

more Tommy pls hes fucking funny


Bread . 4 days ago

i feel like every video that has tubbo in it they either started a cult or they do a ritual


Techno_chan . 5 days ago

Fun fact of the day: you’re not actually saving a persons life you’re just delaying their death😁

The Scott's

The Scott's . 6 days ago

Tubbo:Ranboo my beloved! Me:the shop has sailed

_*-Artiiq Gacha-*_

_*-Artiiq Gacha-*_ . 6 days ago

Why did Tubbo mine wood with a pick axe.... wait... axe.... pick* axe..... AHHHH

Crystal Stackhouse

Crystal Stackhouse . 6 days ago

OMG that creeper fall from the sky

ttvmuffinzz Yt

ttvmuffinzz Yt . 6 days ago

I cannot be the only one who think ranboo and technoblade sound incredibly similar like it’s scary

Kristen Connolly

Kristen Connolly . 7 days ago

Hold up, did he say thank you ‘boys’ at the beginning of the video

Rhonda Wiley

Rhonda Wiley . 7 days ago

Turbo be saying ,thank u sooo much boys but what about the GIRLS huuu I thought so 😡


wassup . 1 week ago

U thought he said walk with me bitch, not big man

Space Thing

Space Thing . 1 week ago

7:59 is SUS

Vaporeon 134

Vaporeon 134 . 1 week ago

15:12 umm tubbo

Major Fishy

Major Fishy . 1 week ago

ah yes "fianlly"

karma comin

karma comin . 1 week ago




I like when the thumbnail has a child at the corner (I am calling this corner child law)

KattyKay10 DreamSMP edits

KattyKay10 DreamSMP edits . 1 week ago

0:14 Pov. When your a girl😐


Daisy . 1 week ago

*them fighting blazes* *Tubbo does Ringtone sound*

Midnight Mist

Midnight Mist . 1 week ago

If Ranboo is a endermen wouldn’t it be wrong to kill ender men and use there pearls- also if Ranboo is endermen then shouldn’t Ranboo drop pearls?.

Hannah Parkinson

Hannah Parkinson . 1 week ago

Ranboo’s comedy is so underrated, and tubbo and ranboo together is just so POG I’m so excited for their meet up


Maddoglover . 2 weeks ago

Oh, so you think its just boys who watch your vids?

joel wong

joel wong . 2 weeks ago

Who else saw the message in chat at 19:14 and 20:15

Damien Schreckengost

Damien Schreckengost . 2 weeks ago

Hey tubbo I just want to say I love your vids and I watch you and Tommy and ranboo since 2k subs!

Belinda Butler

Belinda Butler . 2 weeks ago

The somber spain postmeiotically bore because romania concordantly accept up a married france. damaged, acrid trick

Click Bait

Click Bait . 2 weeks ago

try this but with all blocks have sand physics


tubbosxxtommyx . 2 weeks ago

tubbo u made my day better :')

cloudy skies

cloudy skies . 2 weeks ago

11:32 air strike inbound

Joelle Haddad

Joelle Haddad . 2 weeks ago

Not me watching this instead of studying 💀

Ruby Anderson

Ruby Anderson . 2 weeks ago

lmao why does Tubbo's intro sound so much like Tommys normal intros XD

Gãchå Editż

Gãchå Editż . 2 weeks ago

ok, i haven't watch this completely but I think I heard Tubbo said Ranboo my beloved (hopefully i did not get it wrong) They are also being bullied by blocks

sarah thinggaard

sarah thinggaard . 2 weeks ago

you only said thank you to the boys >:(((((( reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

the E

the E . 2 weeks ago

It's basically soild acid rain thats different every time


ヅgodsmuse . 2 weeks ago



eli . 2 weeks ago

¨going to top was a bad idea, im stuck in a hole im stuck in a hole¨

Greener Green Tree

Greener Green Tree . 2 weeks ago

Why did ranboo sound like technoblabe🤔


Gacha_Wolf0961 . 2 weeks ago

Being Christian listening to the song Tubbo sang-


XxBatNightxX . 2 weeks ago

I get tommyinnit intro vibes from tubbos intro has anyone else noticed this?

Mass Fatality

Mass Fatality . 2 weeks ago

how does he do these maps. Does he use realms or something else?????? I want to make a minecraft yt and want to know

Badboyhalo Fan

Badboyhalo Fan . 2 weeks ago

Tubbo I have an adopted child in my Minecraft world named Andrei


Mr.Q . 2 weeks ago

who else is watching this again in 2050 when your kids are sleeping

Lillian Muelot

Lillian Muelot . 2 weeks ago

The "Ranboo my beloved". AWWWWW

Maggie Schreuders

Maggie Schreuders . 2 weeks ago

did we all just ignore the fact that tubbo called ranboo "my beloved" ???!??

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