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Hozier - Eat Your Young (Official Lyric Video)


Published on 2 weeks ago

Official lyric video for “Eat Your Young” by Hozier

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I’m starving, Darling
Let me put my lips to something
Let me wrap my teeth around the world
Start carving, Darling
I want to smell the dinner cooking
I want to feel the edges start to burn

Honey, I
Want to race you to the table
If you hesitate

The getting is gone
I won’t lie
If there’s something to be gained
There’s money to be made
Whatever's still to come

Get some
Pull up the ladder when the flood comes
Throw enough rope until the legs have swung
Seven new ways that you can eat your young
Come and get some
Skinning the children for a war-drum
Putting food on the table selling bombs and guns;
It's quicker and easier to eat your young

You can’t buy this fineness
Let me see the heat get to it
Let me watch the dressing start to peel
It’s a kindness, Highness
Crumbs enough for everyone
Old and young are welcome to the meal

Honey, I'm
Making sure the table’s made
We can celebrate
The good that we’ve done

I won’t lie
If there’s something still to take
There is ground to break
Whatever's still to come

Get some
Pull up the ladder when the flood comes
Throw enough rope until the legs have swung
Seven new ways that you can eat your young
Come and get some
Skinning the children for a war-drum
Putting food on the table selling bombs and guns;
It's quicker and easier to eat your young

#Hozier #EatYourYoung

chakameh mn

chakameh mn . 30 minutes ago


MC.B2B . 2 hours ago

Ajfjwoandoqksk Phantom

Ajfjwoandoqksk Phantom . 2 hours ago

Alex Lemaire

Alex Lemaire . 6 hours ago

the social contract, french revolutions... omg it's the 18th century all over again
Danielle Rose

Danielle Rose . 7 hours ago

Went from " take me to church" to
" come get some skinning the children for a war drum" " better eat your young " 😢
Megan R

Megan R . 8 hours ago

Been a fan since 2023
Karah Jo

Karah Jo . 12 hours ago

This song is insanely good.😮❤
Quinn Barry

Quinn Barry . 12 hours ago

Reminds me of a Carlsberg ad theme song tbh
Rachael Goan

Rachael Goan . 18 hours ago

Yesss!! Hozier for life!

Debilouuuuuuuuuu . 19 hours ago

Sounds so sexy and mainstream but such a serious topic at hand. You knew what you were doing hozier. Thank you. We love you!
Charlotte Appeltants

Charlotte Appeltants . 22 hours ago

I might be tripping but i think i saw a fish swimming by

YourMother1991 . 23 hours ago

Hannibal fandom, RISE!

MoodGorning . 23 hours ago

His is better than Meghan Trainor songs
Elisabeth Noir

Elisabeth Noir . 1 day ago

Not me just rewinding that first part over and over again. Whoof. Imma...go take a cold shower. Yup.

I 100% get what the songs about, and agree totally, but that doesn't make that "darlin'" line any less sexy.
Nakul Gavali

Nakul Gavali . 1 day ago

💫💫hozier never disappoints

Zing . 1 day ago

My guilty pleasure is looping this song for days on end.
lola lolita

lola lolita . 1 day ago

Can we start a religion with Hozier as our God? His songs as scriptures
Libby P.

Libby P. . 1 day ago

a very modest proposal indeed very swift lyrics sir

possumbly . 1 day ago

i want to wear this song for some reason
snert lert

snert lert . 2 days ago

this is such 2010 music, and im a old dude who likes to listen to much older music this. outdated to the bone and so much stolen from the band
"portugal the man". i hope he stops making music soon. jeez.

Ucddho . 2 days ago

Sarah Camilli

Sarah Camilli . 2 days ago

A música tem um significado totalmente diferente
Zachary Bernard Carlton

Zachary Bernard Carlton . 2 days ago

Manny Carving to The Bone. Many Kalel Carving to the bone. Farmer’s harvest. Carver’s forest. Forrage with you forte at. Too expensive 1.8B Valkyrie Teillions. Talon Baluhrkeh3
la Loba

la Loba . 2 days ago

His lyrics are like some silver tongued devil, come to temp me to just accept fate and roll with it. I'm terrified and he sounds cruel, but he's probably right and the comfort of his voice is so seductive because I'm tired of fighting.
Arunaava Ghosh

Arunaava Ghosh . 2 days ago

Hannibal personified
Fabio Nobre

Fabio Nobre . 2 days ago

Zachary Bernard Carlton

Zachary Bernard Carlton . 2 days ago

off your neck
and down your wing
let that swing
back to love and only love baby
hzl ult
Your betray the moon
Come and get some
New Incoming
New Mew incoming
New new
Aguaar Roars
Hussein hamza

Hussein hamza . 2 days ago

يا شيييييخ يا شييييييييخ
Jamie Hughes

Jamie Hughes . 2 days ago

Amazing. Love Hozier’s writing
Alexis Noelle

Alexis Noelle . 2 days ago

people are going to get pregnant to this song 😅😰
Zoe Tevka

Zoe Tevka . 2 days ago


Lenokw . 2 days ago

Shocking. I love it. 😈🔥
Rebecca Starovich

Rebecca Starovich . 3 days ago

With American children being sacrificed for political points and money, I feel the impact of these lyrics. Devastating.
Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown . 3 days ago

Song’s incredible - love everything about it! 💚🖤🫶🏻

Blitzwolf . 3 days ago

recién la termino de esuchar y puedo asegurar que es mi canciójn favorita <3
Zach Matousek

Zach Matousek . 3 days ago

This song is effing 🔥 I listen to this on repeat !
mike is dumb

mike is dumb . 3 days ago

Hozier's lyricis are unbeatable. They almost always have a melody that sounds sound like you could dance the bed-tango to it but the words in it are nothing to do with that, it's something deeper, darker. And I love him for that.
Leidy Gabriela Atmidjojo Parra

Leidy Gabriela Atmidjojo Parra . 3 days ago

Respect for this song all the way from Suriname 🇸🇷

Y . 3 days ago

Listening to this song, I think I felt something huge twist and die inside me, but in a good way.
Frenny sun

Frenny sun . 3 days ago

Ommgg finaallyyy (i know im late😅)
Janvi my adventures

Janvi my adventures . 3 days ago

What is this song about?
Raquel Carreon

Raquel Carreon . 3 days ago

It's about gluttony one of the 7 sins
Alaycia Earl

Alaycia Earl . 3 days ago

Omg finally!!!
Lorien Cox

Lorien Cox . 3 days ago

Per usual, poetic commentary on passion or apathy.
cal fynn

cal fynn . 3 days ago

took me a couple listens love it now eat your young is a great song. Lyrics perfect as always. Hozier proves that music can be great again and mean something.
Hyacynth Demetria

Hyacynth Demetria . 3 days ago

This is song are like me explaining our cruel system by metaphor to my friends and they take my explanation a sex story or wattpad plot 😂
Bruno Melte

Bruno Melte . 3 days ago

what a song
Mina Fuchs

Mina Fuchs . 3 days ago

The Pomegranate!
Associated with women as many men don't have the patience to carefully peel the seeds out of its delicate skin

marrrr . 3 days ago

New hiiiittttt ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
The Mighty Pika

The Mighty Pika . 3 days ago

"Skinning the children for a war drum is one of the darkest lines I've heard in years

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