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Giant Axe Vs. 10 Fire Extinguishers!
How Ridiculous

How Ridiculous

Published on 1 week ago

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SwirlDip82 . 3 hours ago

We just love breaking things😂😂😂
Justin Brewer

Justin Brewer . 5 hours ago

They should make a giant rexy

shy . 8 hours ago

spray paints were the best
Donald Bell

Donald Bell . 8 hours ago

Team Gaunson😂😂😂
Dreeyale Yazzie

Dreeyale Yazzie . 9 hours ago

Just gonna say think of it like a flower out of water. The stump is gonna dry out and start to split or tear away. Aging sucks.
oakie smokie

oakie smokie . 10 hours ago

Tungsten cube vs axe. If you still got it from 2yrs ago

synxz . 12 hours ago

start a petition to get these legends to get a hydraulic press.

T S . 12 hours ago

cool video
Wiebke Von den weiden

Wiebke Von den weiden . 14 hours ago

Und in Deutschland versucht man co2 neutral zu werden -.- läuft bei uns
Kamil Kamil

Kamil Kamil . 14 hours ago

Butle z gazem dawajcie 😂
Eye See You

Eye See You . 15 hours ago

Spray paint slomo was like deep space nebulae.
venkat chowdary

venkat chowdary . 15 hours ago

Bro put jaint axe making video ... from india
Mark Seaman

Mark Seaman . 17 hours ago

Ya’ gotta’ love those Aussies! G’day from Texas mates!
J Carter

J Carter . 17 hours ago

Legends say Paul Bunyan is still searching for his axe!😂

aone . 18 hours ago

Put a piggy Next time

HK0815 . 20 hours ago

Try straw bales
Richard S

Richard S . 20 hours ago

Should do fire extinguishers with cars either side… :D
роман кириленко

роман кириленко . 20 hours ago

Нихуя себе 🤪
Samuel Rutherford

Samuel Rutherford . 20 hours ago

You guys should see if giant axe
Can cut through a copper sphere
Сергей М

Сергей М . 20 hours ago


Baard2000 . 21 hours ago

Mr Guillotine would be very jealous...

Willo . 22 hours ago

so many white ants in the wood
Jexxa D'syn

Jexxa D'syn . 23 hours ago

May have slowey of the year already.

Edit: Haha... they said the same thing right after I posted it.
jos zoet

jos zoet . 24 hours ago

Great !!😅
M. Scott Reeder

M. Scott Reeder . 24 hours ago

Try bowling balls if you can effectively stack them for one slice.
Eternal Flame

Eternal Flame . 1 day ago

This channel is more more better than Logan paul...

KnightenDaise . 1 day ago

I dare you guys to try that cross cut with a maple stump..... Lol. Pick any kind of maple you want.
Chris Teachworth

Chris Teachworth . 1 day ago

If you could drop the flat part of the axe onto a blob and launch some things into the water LMAO 😂
Blue Tiger

Blue Tiger . 1 day ago

shop rexy in half
Steven Shasky

Steven Shasky . 1 day ago

Ok, so wood does and doesn't get stronger as it gets dry

When it is fully wet (green), it is going to be a lot more able to bend without breaking but would also deform or dent very easily

The more dry wood gets, the harder it becomes, but as with almost anything, the more hard something gets, the more brittle it becomes and thus easier to smash into pieces or crack

There is a sweet spot for the humidity levels in any wood, and it varies slightly based on the species because not all trees are made equal
Simon Landsberg

Simon Landsberg . 1 day ago

Next time use the bricks on each side as a retaining wall to keep the can pyramid in place
jack polley

jack polley . 1 day ago

I think gaunson is the funniest of the bunch
Michael Dawson

Michael Dawson . 1 day ago

Do a live cow

momolemurs . 1 day ago

I wonder how many Go-Pros they bring to filming this. Every video they seem to damage one.

TS_Mind_Swept . 1 day ago

I would ask why you started off with concrete pavera, but it appears they veat me to it
Oven Heating

Oven Heating . 1 day ago

You guys should set the fire extinguishers in a way where the axe chops the valves off each one sending them off like rockets lol. Do a distance test pick your fire extinguisher and whoever's goes furthest wins 😂
Gerald Dillman

Gerald Dillman . 2 days ago

The bricks made a Y then a V. That was awesome

ygts . 2 days ago

That's an efficient way to cut wood

Except you have to make a giant axe first

yutubve . 2 days ago

definición de cafres
Leslie Emery

Leslie Emery . 2 days ago


Tigger . 2 days ago

you should put a flare beside when you do gas canisters

toolnuts7777 . 2 days ago

I would like to see it used on donald trump ! That would be one big explosion of bull shit 💩

A M . 2 days ago

Waste of food isn't appreciated.

comediesmen . 2 days ago

i said 96

Mephisto . 2 days ago

Bigger fatter better 🤣🤣🤣
bocoy noiu

bocoy noiu . 2 days ago

Scott did actually explain wood fibres absolutely spot on. That's how I was taught by a carpenter on how to chisel out wood & how knowing about the fibres helps prevent you
Casper Deigh

Casper Deigh . 2 days ago

need to see if it can cut a car in half ?

adam . 2 days ago

problem with pyramids of pressurized vessels is the pressure will likely set off the bottom before the blade even gets close. If you had 2 racks, placed apart to let the axe fall through but would stabilize the items and prevent them from crashing into each other.. might get some interesting results.
Anton Benadie

Anton Benadie . 2 days ago

I started watching these videos a few years ago… then took a break. Now I’m back and I’m impressed by how popular this channel is.
Our thirst for throwing stuff onto other stuff seems unquenchable as a species 😂
natasha hoey

natasha hoey . 2 days ago

No it does not get stronger when it’s older❓😂😂

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