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What the HELL is Caroline? (A TERRIBLE Coraline Ripoff)


Published on 2 weeks ago

This is one of the WORST RIPOFFS I have ever seen. Why ripoff Coraline?! LEAVE IT ALONE!!!

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Comments :


Saberspark . 2 weeks ago

No joke, this one really hurt to watch lmao
Lucas Marty

Lucas Marty . 11 minutes ago

it's pronounced "broo-hair-e-us"
April Washington

April Washington . 49 minutes ago

Never seen him this angry before 13:59
Mary Neu

Mary Neu . 2 hours ago

Happy Halloween!
Bob Builder

Bob Builder . 4 hours ago

Ooooo really hate it when people rip off movies like this! I heard they ripped off HAPPY FEET to

miilkyorca . 4 hours ago

4:10 I'm hispanic, and I gotta say that you almost got it at some point. Just remember that the J in spanish is pronounced as the H in ham, that makes it easier
Jack Myers

Jack Myers . 8 hours ago

They're both simp
Langas LVDC

Langas LVDC . 8 hours ago

your spanish hurts me......
1oI Arzate Villanueva Angel Alberto

1oI Arzate Villanueva Angel Alberto . 11 hours ago

Saberspark: *Reads clearly a portuguese text* Also Saberspark: Is this spanish?
Karen Ruiz -_-

Karen Ruiz -_- . 12 hours ago

I talk spanish, portuguese and english. (also french)
Karen Ruiz -_-

Karen Ruiz -_- . 12 hours ago

It wasn't in spanish, it was in portuguese.
Fangirl Dreamer

Fangirl Dreamer . 13 hours ago

Coraline never left the other world!
Liam Ortega

Liam Ortega . 14 hours ago

Grandma got kidnapped by the IRS
master Prime

master Prime . 14 hours ago

Kid: can we get the Coraline movie? mom: we already have Coraline at home. Coraline at home:
xXJasinthepastXx 009

xXJasinthepastXx 009 . 17 hours ago

We ment to watch CORALINE but my mom accidentally rented Caroline ;-;
Luna Royal Games

Luna Royal Games . 18 hours ago

is it even a Coraline ripoff? The plot has nothing to do with Coraline
Murilo G.P.

Murilo G.P. . 19 hours ago

4:02 Brujerías is Spanish for witchcraft, in Brazilian Portugese it would be bruxarias, I know this because I am Brazilian.
Unipanda Gaming

Unipanda Gaming . 19 hours ago

I’ve seen this movie before but I don’t remember where

FAGS BURN . 19 hours ago

Caroline looks gay
Beast wars Megatron

Beast wars Megatron . 20 hours ago

I know every language
Killer Kittens

Killer Kittens . 20 hours ago

This was hard to look at.......

RockTheDragon . 20 hours ago

The animation reminds me of Morel Orel on AdultSwim, but obviously worse.
Alyxandra Mixer

Alyxandra Mixer . 20 hours ago

Concoct. It's concoct. XD
Vicky Chambers

Vicky Chambers . 21 hours ago

A coraline ripoff??????NO!!!!and it's a kids horror movie plus the ripoff is stupid that is not ok!
Jesus Rangel

Jesus Rangel . 22 hours ago

When I watch coraline:wow when I watch caroline:shut your f$$ken mouth
Cristina Rivera-Perez

Cristina Rivera-Perez . 24 hours ago

Brujerias is spanish for Witch craft ( dude, it's Spanish )
tomas garza

tomas garza . 1 day ago

Still waiting for a "Spirited Away" ripoff. Hell, even if it were only half as good, it still be a pretty decent movie.
Austin Clift

Austin Clift . 1 day ago

Is that a Volatile scream for the ending joke? I know the sounds of those fuckers anywhere >.>
Dgamer youtube

Dgamer youtube . 1 day ago

Velma's son?
Lauriss Ross

Lauriss Ross . 1 day ago

Tf is this?
Muhammad Abdurrahman Wahid Nur Ashiddiq

Muhammad Abdurrahman Wahid Nur Ashiddiq . 1 day ago

Please review dragon Ball super broly
Peachy Fuzz

Peachy Fuzz . 1 day ago

Did you just say animated o.o oh never mind :D also coralline is my favorite movie <3
Adnan Ad

Adnan Ad . 1 day ago

Me: Hey mom can we have Coraline at home My mum: we have Coraline at home Coraline at home: *CAROLINE*
¡! Toaster Cat !¡

¡! Toaster Cat !¡ . 1 day ago

I remember really wanting to watch coraline again when i was younger but i was small and kept pronouncing it like “Caroline” so we went to the store and bought the rip off, i played it for like, literally a minute before just stopping the movie like “nah this aint it chief”
jeremiah walker

jeremiah walker . 1 day ago

This movie had my face like this🤨the whole time 😭😭😭😭
Sophia nani

Sophia nani . 2 days ago

Hello! I know Spanish so I believe that's it is witch craft. (I don't know Portuguese)
LiTrAlLy Bonkerz luv

LiTrAlLy Bonkerz luv . 2 days ago

They call her Caroline...not COROLINE AT ALL my coraline fans get it😎

Frige . 2 days ago

My head literally hurts, I’m not even kidding, everything it’s just so out of place and weird that my brain can’t even handle it

dafaq117 . 2 days ago

Tas todo pendejo
Gael Cruz

Gael Cruz . 2 days ago

Yep brujeria means witch craft
oak lamb

oak lamb . 2 days ago

I know Spanish but I’m not gonna tell you

·Liz· . 2 days ago

Cj Garcia

Cj Garcia . 2 days ago

I watched that when I was younger but I thought it was good

XxxVeronika_playzxxX . 2 days ago

It's Portuguese not spanish!

Purple_Chowder . 2 days ago

Top 10 characters that could defeat thanos 1. Singing snails

beefwe2286 . 2 days ago

Someone make a caroline danganronpa execution i need to see that
Rf Laflame Rich Forever

Rf Laflame Rich Forever . 2 days ago

When I was younger I hated Coraline but now I love it
Cat Hunt

Cat Hunt . 2 days ago

read the book it is greusom bc uR just probaly a wimp theres blood
guilherme portela

guilherme portela . 2 days ago

brujerías? Im pretty sure its not portuguese....I mean... I'm from Brazil...never heard of that word before ps: bruFARIRAS?
Daniel Coker Jr.

Daniel Coker Jr. . 2 days ago

Check the Halloween family pls

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