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How China Lost Patience with Its Loudest Billionaire
Bloomberg Quicktake

Bloomberg Quicktake

Published on 2 weeks ago

The sudden cancellation of Ant Group’s IPO shocked investors, but Beijing's slapdown of Jack Ma was years in the making. And Alibaba and Ant aren't the only tech firms under scrutiny by Chinese regulators.

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Comments :

Bloomberg Quicktake

Bloomberg Quicktake . 2 weeks ago

Sign up for our weekly dispatches from Beijing in the Next China newsletter: https://bloom.bg/3wXeZys

Kali Paler

Kali Paler . 43 minutes ago

How to win a war without firing gun - sun tzu


KennethSNSDSone SMTOWN . 2 hours ago

*The King has invited you to Lake Laogai...*

Like Father Like Son

Like Father Like Son . 2 hours ago

jack ma is a puppet. and doesnt know anything about technology.

Ness Gabe

Ness Gabe . 2 hours ago


Ness Gabe

Ness Gabe . 2 hours ago


MH Gemini

MH Gemini . 4 hours ago

Where is Jack ma at?

bcvbb hyui

bcvbb hyui . 7 hours ago

Jack was nimble Jack was quick Jack jumped over the communist fire pit Jack grew old Jack got too bold Jack fell into the communist fold GOODBYE JACK.

Crypto Jack

Crypto Jack . 8 hours ago



Axency . 8 hours ago

It's weird because I start to know many chineeesssee brands thanks to Alibaba, I don't even know any other chineeessseee marketplace

Roz Henderson

Roz Henderson . 8 hours ago

The irony, from the publication of a democratic government system whereby financial corporations control economies, while the US-China trade war is a currency war!

Christian Castro

Christian Castro . 11 hours ago

Jack ma looks so much like an alien …. Very creepy

Mars Star

Mars Star . 12 hours ago

What is "ruling party" in China ? Only party in China is CCP

Jarod Yap

Jarod Yap . 14 hours ago

when Jack Ma thought his mouth can grow in proportion to his wealth lol


Mankind . 17 hours ago

This is not the full story, Jack Ma had connections to Xi’s political adversaries, I think this is one of the major reasons they went after him

Alvin chong Chong

Alvin chong Chong . 17 hours ago

You use other people stock in your company flow only

Richerd Williams

Richerd Williams . 18 hours ago

The unbiased shoe greely jam because save laterally poke astride a instinctive acoustic. helpful, instinctive radish


盲武士 . 18 hours ago

There can only be one emperor in China and his name is not Jack Ma


Staniel . 19 hours ago

A supposedly rich man in an old and poor apartment? In what world? haha

RiteMo LawBks

RiteMo LawBks . 21 hours ago

All of his facial features are concentrated in a small area of his face.


王Eric . 23 hours ago

Jack Ma said & I quote “Basel III accord is a rubbish”, remember 2008GFC? Hahahahah

Price is Right

Price is Right . 1 day ago

Defund all Democratic activist groups... climate change, race theory non sense China flu .. they are designed to steal and drain our tax dollars .. its all non sense.. there is no emergency !!!!!

Timepiece Enthusiasm

Timepiece Enthusiasm . 1 day ago

this dude's bank account has what his chin lacks

Djabrayil Magerramov

Djabrayil Magerramov . 1 day ago

bend the knee!

n zx

n zx . 1 day ago

The typical perspective of the Western media:the Chinese government's full control of an enterprises. It is extremely ironic that the United States is the first example of using all national power to illegally suppress multinational companies. Alibaba have made money unscrupulously in China ,undermined the rules and corrupted people's feelings for it's bad service. They have become notorious among the crowd for many years. People are very in favor of the Chinese government's management of Alibaba. Isn't it also a kind of democracy you call?

ziki na

ziki na . 1 day ago

Bloomberg , a white brainwashing media always trying to downgrade Asian countries


DESS BAG . 1 day ago

By 2025, the chip will be the price of cabbage! Thank China for reducing the burden on consumers buying electronic products

Merlion Sin

Merlion Sin . 1 day ago

Guided or State Controlled Capitalism. Hybrid economy for future world? We'll see

Mir Vaisselle

Mir Vaisselle . 1 day ago

They don't need him anymore. Jack Ma was manipulated by the regime since the beginning. He should try to ask the American citizenship if this is possible...

Andrew Krespov

Andrew Krespov . 1 day ago

Unfortunately this is how it should be; tech companies in the west (twitter, facebook etc) have gotten too powerful to even be regulated. The result is outright control and misbehaviour that can even threaten a countries stability and existence. I do sympathise with Jack but regulation was necessary in this regard.


sutats . 1 day ago

Hypnotised and lobotomised.


自干五 . 1 day ago

If you want take advantage from the people, Don't even think about. here is China, not the USA.


hana . 1 day ago


Existential Crisis

Existential Crisis . 1 day ago

11:15 😀 too funny.

k swiss

k swiss . 1 day ago

Laid low or dead.

asioe kiou

asioe kiou . 1 day ago

the biggest problem of the USA is analyzing China with a Western lens

Random Cubing

Random Cubing . 2 days ago

The government is just jealous of him because in Chinese History, a lot of riots are organized by strong, wealthy men, with mountains of supporters then acting

Truth Sayer

Truth Sayer . 2 days ago

This is cheating, this video only has so many views because 0.2 percent of the Chinese population watched it !

Truth Sayer

Truth Sayer . 2 days ago

“Some would say”? Or everyone knows it’s the government that has the final say !

Jb Nik's

Jb Nik's . 2 days ago

What world see ??? But one think is Monopoly .... Which divert to blame on china ...but china doing very well ... Love from india 😍😍😍 In coming days maybe same thing done ... Jio Ambani be ready for that 😜😜😜


KD0079 . 2 days ago

If he was as smart as Li Ka shing, he should’ve moved his fortune elsewhere other than to keep them in China. No matter who you are, under CCP you are still a puppet

Don Ward

Don Ward . 2 days ago

He is a lousy communist!!!

Melo Cowan

Melo Cowan . 2 days ago

Jack Ma is the Elon Musk of China. He is, however, inside a Chinese dictatorial rule. Who has better government - that's debatable.


CHUN . 2 days ago

i was surprised china took so long to summon jack ma. but classic china.

Cristian G

Cristian G . 2 days ago

Jack Ma looks like he’s seen every meme ever with his large cranium


Arctic77777 . 2 days ago

White experts working in China always end up with the same awkward hybrid accent.

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