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This is Ruining Electric Cars
Auto Focus

Auto Focus

Published on 4 months ago

The charging experience is just as important as the car experience. And it's lagging way behind.

Shot on Galaxy S23 Ultra

Jerry Bao

Jerry Bao . 2 days ago

This is where Tesla really has a competitive advantage because at least you can trust the superchargers. Can’t say the same about other public chargers

Crop_Faktor_1 . 5 days ago

At least almost all Cars in Germany use the ccs/type2 combo plug (even Tesla uses them in Germany) and we have a lot of type2 11kw chargers in the citys because most people live in flats without a garage and can‘t charge at home. But therefore we have to deal with a lot of different energy suppliers where you often need an extra account with an app or rfid card to get lower prices. It can cost you 70ct/kwh with one card or 40ct/kwh with an other. Tap to pay or even direct credit card readers are almost non-existent over here…
E Berk

E Berk . 1 week ago

Brilliantly said - E-cars absolutely will not take off until companies figure out charging infrastructure.
PS - that bird is up to something...
Kellic AnonymousTiger

Kellic AnonymousTiger . 2 weeks ago

People love to shit on the US government, or really any government but there is a reason why the term is GOVERNment. They implement standards and practices that can work, when not politicized. The government needs to get off their ass and make A STANDARD across the board for charging that needs to be implemented industry wide within 7 years of passing it. The reality is things like the size of the fill port on a gas tank? That is a standard. The size differences between petro and diesel nozzles so you can't put diesel into a gas tank. That is an industry standard. There are so many things that the auto industry has had standardized that we take for granted. We need that done with electrics. But also keep in mind that we have over 100 years of infrastructure build out for refueling cars. We have what? 15ish years for Electrics. This is not going to happen fast.
the Cunning Crow

the Cunning Crow . 2 weeks ago

Has anyone driven EVs in China? I always get the sense that they are figuring it out faster than elsewhere and I’d be curious to hear if any of these proprietary plugs and non-functioning charger issues is common there?

Gonzo . 2 weeks ago

Agree about non-Tesla chargers. My mom got a Tesla but it didn’t take her long to figure it out.
Luis Villanueva

Luis Villanueva . 2 weeks ago

Thanks for this information!
Ricardo Olguin

Ricardo Olguin . 2 weeks ago

I just lough to tears for the fact that of all the people around she choose to ask the most geek person around and it turns out to be F*ing MARQUES BROWNLEE!!! teaching you how to plug a cable. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Robin Singh

Robin Singh . 2 weeks ago

One of the best videos from this channel. This is real stuff. I am an Ioniq 6 owner and I'm slowly figuring out the local chargers just work around 50% of the time. Sometimes charging handles are cracked, tiny things like switches are broken or loose. Sometimes the chargers are out of sufficient juice or are in conservation mode. Yeah we definitely need routine maintenance for public chargers that's for sure.

Boof . 2 weeks ago

In my opinion the biggest problem is how I can't easily change the battery, and how much it costs to have a repair shop to do it if 1 cell goes bad. I would like to try a lightning truck, but I've had an f-350 for years and have fixed many various things with it, spark plugs, shifter cable, and an electric cable that my dog decided he needed to chew through to get a squirrel, to name a few, but all those parts were cheap and just took time to do, I thought changing a cell would be easy when before looking it up, like remove the skirt, shield, coolant and electrical cable from the certain cell block, unbolt the block, and replace, but no, it's all a large platform and everything comes down at once.
Kay J

Kay J . 3 weeks ago

Keeping it real!!!! Preach
Christian Louis

Christian Louis . 3 weeks ago

Getting ready to get my first phev and full ev next year. Hopefully, I’ll never need to goto public charging stations but I agree. It shouldn’t be a huge ordeal to get your car to charge yet sometimes I experience the same plug issues with my iPhone charger. Solution: wireless charging
Austin Calzada

Austin Calzada . 3 weeks ago

I’m new to the electric car world myself and I’m a tech savvy person and even I was thinking this. Like why is this so complicated? The different types of chargers and I need different apps or accounts as I have the ipace I can’t use Tesla stations. It was quiet a learning curb and it was also just eye opening now behind the infrastructure was. I see electric cars often and on the map it appears I had many chargers in my area only to find out so many don’t work being out of order or the slow chargers… charging my car in town is the worst part of having an electric car.

S G . 3 weeks ago

You should've bought a Fisker

Hyper_Fn_al . 3 weeks ago

Kim PhD x,D
Sharpe Racing

Sharpe Racing . 4 weeks ago

Charging stations for electric cars is just as important as gas stations are to gas cars. One of the biggest hurtles I have when looking at electric cars is the charging infrastructure needed to keep those cars on the road. Now I know that charging will grow and get better with time. But at the moment, it's not yet convenient as it is to go to a gas station. When it is, the switch to electric will be much easier and convenient for fence sitters like myself.

ODK . 4 weeks ago

I think these are all valid points. Of course the charging infrastructure needs to get better and of course the maintenance of these charging stations need to be better. I have rented a couple of EVs while traveling and all I can say is that it was easy peezy for me. Yes, a couple of ports didn't work but other than that, I don't see much of a difference (I have pulled up to gas pumps with the little yellow cover on them). The big thing that people need to realize is that despite all of the marketing from companies, we are still in the Early Adopter phase of this new technology. I think we are still a good 5 years away from the Early Majority phase were more of the masses will adopt. I think the infrastructure will be much better and more reliable by then. Plus, most of the people I know with EVs do at least 95% of their charging at home. If you are worried about road trips, maybe EVs aren't for you right now since it is still the early adopter stage.
Ernest henley

Ernest henley . 4 weeks ago

I actually stopped a woman from putting gasoline in her electric car it was a rental and she thought it was a gasoline car

L-Y3T . 4 weeks ago

3:25 ...which is why America (at the very least) will not be ready to go electric by 2035. Things like these take time and money. And 2035 is little more than a decade away. That is not enough time.

And this is coming from someone who *_WANTS_* an electric car!
Frank Pappalardo

Frank Pappalardo . 4 weeks ago

Luis Torres

Luis Torres . 4 weeks ago

I can say about 100 things that piss me off about owning my ev the number one thing I can say is that you really need to be tech saby there’s countless of charging glitches problems to trouble shoot yourself that it probably makes everyone regret it
Bryggman GamingTV

Bryggman GamingTV . 4 weeks ago

So true
M. S.

M. S. . 4 weeks ago

Not a problem for me. I'm still driving a 2001 BMW 530i (e39) with an M54 6-cylinder combustion engine with over 205,000 miles on the clock and this is the main will not buy one of these go-carts for this very reason plus I don't want to buy a new battery down the road.
Charles Bankester

Charles Bankester . 4 weeks ago

Thank you for this. I live in Louisiana and our infrastructure is far behind where it needs to be. I want to get a tesla but it might be a while for us here.
Justin Gudvangen

Justin Gudvangen . 4 weeks ago

I recently rented a Tesla on vacation to try out the electric car experience. I fully expected it to be a huge pain, but it was easier than I thought and I spent much less time charging than I thought I would. I ran into the stupid charge point not working problem in a parking garage. I thought it would be convenient to charge while shopping and it of course wasn't working. The super chargers were fast and easy to deal with. I had no acess to charging at the hotel, but a 10 min super charge every other day was fine for 80 miles of driving each day.
Kendre Lewis

Kendre Lewis . 4 weeks ago

True. That's why Tesla is the only real option in 2023

mooglely . 4 weeks ago

I'm interested in an EV and learning about how they work, and what's available. The lack of charging stations and information about charging is one thing that deters me right now. I don't want a hassle in a car. Thank you for this insight! I also love how the most replay part of the video is of the huge bird!
Street Knowledge

Street Knowledge . 4 weeks ago

Excellent video. Im in Canada and I was at a Toyota dealer the other day. The salesman told us not to buy a full electric for the very same issues highlighted in this video.
Avery Simmons

Avery Simmons . 4 weeks ago

Yup yup yup. I really want to get an electric car right now, but I don't really want a Tesla that badly (Don't love the design choices, kinda despise Musk) but it's the only car that makes sense due to charging issues. And you didn't even mention how impossible it can be to charge if you live in an apartment complex. I'm moving to the Milwaukee area and I've emailed 6 different places to ask if they have any charging capabilities and the answer is always no.
Sebastien Bechard

Sebastien Bechard . 4 weeks ago

You're spot on! and this is why I think that the "green car" turn around they promessed by 2035 or something is gonna fail! Cars are great but everything to support them is way behind and gonna take collosal amount of investments and effort to bring it to a user friendly status... For my part, it's gonna take a long time before I buy an electric car... for the same reasons.. Very good video!
Richard Servello

Richard Servello . 1 month ago

I agree 1000%. I’ve had an EV for 4 years and have dealt with down chargers with dangerously low batteries. I’ve had full stations. I’ve had tons of issues. Things are getting better tho.
Steven Carmichael

Steven Carmichael . 1 month ago

Given how many yahoos get off on vandalizing or blocking charge points, I'll be using hybrids for at least another generation.
JJ Philosophy

JJ Philosophy . 1 month ago

Watched a video by a guy who bought a truck from a major car manufacturer (won't mention their name bc I want to get one of their high end sports cars and they pick and choose who they'll sell it too) but either dude loved the truck but couldn't get the company to give him the adapter needed to charge it. Early adopters will deal with this type of this, the everyman will not.
Ezekiel Moseley

Ezekiel Moseley . 1 month ago

I felt the same way. I wish would have had some charging knowledge.
Cascadian Gaming

Cascadian Gaming . 1 month ago

Cars should have the ability to wireless charge. Cables running under roads and highways would power them.
Andy Newsom

Andy Newsom . 1 month ago

For me, tires are ruining EVs. Here in the rockies the potholes are bad and people with EVs are blowing out tires all the time. You have a 2 ton vehicle, so you need stiff suspension, and tons of power, so you need low profile tires. It's a bad combo.
Troy Broadaway

Troy Broadaway . 1 month ago

I had a similar experience today. A person had rented at Tesla and pulled up to a Level 3 Electrified America charger and he was completely lost. Unfortunately the car didn’t have any adapters. There is an educational part portion that comes with EVs and dealerships and rental services are doing a disservice to the industry by not giving a tutorial on charging etiquette, how-to, common issues.

slapassman . 1 month ago

Been driving EV since 2011. Public chargers for the most part suck. But they were fine in the early days. EVs great for moderate distances. I laughed at one charger that wouldnt click into my charge port. Turned out to be warped like it was ran over.
Jack White

Jack White . 1 month ago

I think Tesla supercharger chargers should be every and not these 7kw chargers that would take hours to charge. It should be you go grocery shopping for 30 mins and when you get out its at 80 percent.
Jack White

Jack White . 1 month ago

If you go a gas station and the pump is broke someone probably put up a sign. And there 18 other pumps

Reaper_San1 . 1 month ago

welcome to my day job
Josiah Rhodes

Josiah Rhodes . 1 month ago

There's plenty of issues with the infrastructure but I don't think this qualifies as one of them. No way would I give my mom (or anyone else for that matter) my electric car without her knowing how to use it. That just doesn't make any sense. I certainly would never give someone an electric car in a situation where they would need to go charge it and they've never done that before. Nothing about that seems smart. I would never give someone the keys to my stick shift car and they've never drive one before. That's insane.
samir vasani

samir vasani . 1 month ago

Carlos Galvis

Carlos Galvis . 1 month ago

Bro, admit it. You are pretty much a tool for the fossil fuel industries. Can't believe you manage to fool so many. I can see right thru your BS. All these negative "opinions" do NOTHING but to empower the doubters. So, keep being the tool that you are thinking you're fooling all of us. Oh, and by the way, no matter how "this is ruining EVs" (what fkn ever), do know that a whole lot of us can charge for free in a lot of places. Can you say the same for gas stations that are more convenient for your taste? When you find a free gas station, you just let us know, bud, ok? Think EVs are "inconvenient" go get yourself an ICE car and stop running your mouth about EVs being "ruined" by what you perceive as an inconvenience for yourself and all but a few...
Greg Simon

Greg Simon . 1 month ago

There's a company in Mesa, AZ addressing this issue. Their building an full ecosystem from batteries, charger stations, and an truck
Moussa lord monkey Nijmeh

Moussa lord monkey Nijmeh . 1 month ago

the ev under the current mindset is totally wrong. what is a good type of car reduces the need for energy conversions. meaning raw material to kenotic energy is down to one conversion. imagine instead of a battery we have a way to convert raw material into energy within car that quickly supplies power to a motor that provides close to 90% of converted potential energy to kenotic energy with minimal loss. now too much is lost in the supply line and application of energy into moving the EV... no truly effective.
gorrakk and leafs

gorrakk and leafs . 1 month ago

Paying for a war in Ukraine is more important than preparing for these stupid regulations come 2035. Never buying an ev
Leith Speights

Leith Speights . 1 month ago

Yes, I have a Mustang Mach-E and I can tell you that charging at a public infrastructure station like electrify America, TV, girl, etc. is a total crapshoot. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to explain to this to car manufacturers that the communications each manufacturer uses to a ChargePoint may be a little bit different as far as how talks to the charger and how it communicates to the home office to see if it can be used for free charging or a credit card on file etc. I can tell you that I have stopped all over Orange County California and I can tell you that one out of three chargers work on a regular basis for my Mustang. This has made it very frustrating. I find that it's easier and cheaper to charge at home and when my wife uses the car. She charges at her office on a standard 110 connection. We don't take the car on long trips because of this and that's fine but my wife gets to use the carpool lane and saves her 40 minutes and commute time every day so that it itself is a convenience but don't rely on the infrastructure it's not working correctly yet just because there's power to the charger doesn't mean that power is going to be delivered to your car. Not to mention, the education processing needs to take place because every charger does things differently, and there's a learning curve for every type of service for this fast, charging net work, which makes it even more confusing. I think the only way this would work is if every gas station had a charging area for cars as well. That way people may feel more comfortable about using a battery powered vehicle, knowing that we could go to a local gas station and get power as well.

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