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Ryan Reynolds' Vasectomy
Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds

Published on 2 weeks ago

The most refreshing cocktail in the world for the most refreshing job in the world... Dad. #FathersDay #AviationGin


Comments :

Billy Gribble

Billy Gribble . 11 minutes ago

What a d bag


MantisLoveMovies . 19 minutes ago

Man, you are good. You should do this for a living

cbr 900 rr

cbr 900 rr . 28 minutes ago

Now that was funny AF


LiL BEAN . 29 minutes ago

He can be a good comedian

sol star

sol star . 42 minutes ago


Abhinav Kapruwan

Abhinav Kapruwan . 54 minutes ago

Only celeb who's channel is worth the watch.


Deep . 54 minutes ago

it's not HALAL (:

Subas Stevens

Subas Stevens . 58 minutes ago

I like the first measurement

Shreeya Tyagi

Shreeya Tyagi . 60 minutes ago


John G

John G . 1 hour ago

At first glance I thought he was going be plugging an aftershave called Aviation ...lol

Nadia Azmi

Nadia Azmi . 1 hour ago


Namit Lodha

Namit Lodha . 1 hour ago

3 years prior I would have commented he is already one without getting the joke ...have come a long way

Chad Flintlocks

Chad Flintlocks . 1 hour ago

Ryan Reynolds tricked me into watching a commercial. I will never watch another Ryan Reynolds movie.


HakkaB . 1 hour ago

This is basically cranberry long drink we Finns have


MJorgy5 . 2 hours ago

This guy is funny. I wish his delicious gin wasn't so expensive.

bruce phillips

bruce phillips . 2 hours ago

there should of been a two week break between each side of the drink...........much like my vasectomy, twice the fun!!


1diggitech . 2 hours ago

I had it done in 98,wish I hadn't, after 2 children & looking back that ended my ability to reproduce, partly because of promiscuous activities at that time,so to those that aren't married,control your desires one more thing those times of "shooting jizz " long distances are gone,the barrel is still long but the ammo just ain't the same.🤫🥴lol!


Catman . 2 hours ago

Dead pool looking good after his plastic surgery

Ryan Michael Upton

Ryan Michael Upton . 2 hours ago

What do you call an area on the floor covered by Ryan Reynolds sperm after a Vasectomy? ........ Deadpool.

Ozy Mandias

Ozy Mandias . 2 hours ago

Stick to owning football clubs, mate.

techticstupid guy

techticstupid guy . 2 hours ago

As a biology student, seeing the title made me jump for a second

Jamilla Ananua

Jamilla Ananua . 2 hours ago

Love it!😆


IAM NOTNICE . 2 hours ago

Can he do this in deadpool costume???

Zoe M1

Zoe M1 . 3 hours ago

As refreshing as fu...emm!! Fatherhood.


Fabrizio . 3 hours ago

haha This guy have a sarcastic and irreverent attitude in his voice permanently present anytime while he speak which would represent absolutely fine a movie character who hide his emotional and existencial issues behind his dark and agressive humour, which causes his interpersonal flaws. I don't know, something like a mercenary with an extreme hability to regenerate physical damage in a way that don't let him die and, casually, wears a full-body red suit that without a doubt Stan Lee would praise. Mmm... And maybe somebody that uses katanas and, perhaps, would praise Hugh Jackman in his role of Wolverine. Yeah, something like that.


Ben . 3 hours ago

Lmao idk what I expected


BuriedFlame . 3 hours ago

*looks at vid title* A cut above to the love below?

Justin Arpon

Justin Arpon . 3 hours ago

why does this guy sound like deadpool

Robert Doback

Robert Doback . 3 hours ago

I shouldn't be surprised they are supporting vasectomies on father's day. Our country is truly deprived.


THUMPER . 3 hours ago

Somebody has been watching Japanese bartenders

erka null

erka null . 4 hours ago

All actors are creative to the point they acting same in literally every movie, and it becomes boring.


ZOCCOK . 4 hours ago

This drink embodies every man's eventual fear of not pulling out at the right time. Don't worry though, Vasectomy will solve your problems


Psychokater . 4 hours ago

Thats how Ad's should be! I would skip TV Shows and just wait for the Ad's!


Shazam . 4 hours ago

The joy on his face truly represents fatherhood in alot of cases.


Jason . 4 hours ago


Sonic X

Sonic X . 4 hours ago

Ryan Reynolds will ALWAYS be Berg from Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place to me, just makes me realise how it was just him all along.

josh bryant

josh bryant . 4 hours ago

Stupid political undertone. Father’s Day, get a vasectomy so you can’t have children. Pretty obvious stab

Henz Carl Tupas 328 Henz Carl Tupas 328

Henz Carl Tupas 328 Henz Carl Tupas 328 . 5 hours ago

Happy Father's day ⚓ greetings from Philippines 🇵🇭


toomuchSugaRush . 5 hours ago

why am I watching this after seeing 6 Underground? lmaoo HAHAH


Vasec_Tomy . 5 hours ago

Ausgefallener Name für ein Getränk.

Abhijeet Pandey

Abhijeet Pandey . 5 hours ago

This bartender should be an actor and he seems fit for Deadpool…

Preston X

Preston X . 5 hours ago

That free pour is my kind of cocktail.

demon cyborg

demon cyborg . 5 hours ago

Now this is the types of ads YouTube should be playing before our videos..


AffableAussie . 6 hours ago

I could see this guy playing deadpool, I mean seriously


XBOX360ROOK . 6 hours ago

1oz lol

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