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Testing VIRAL TikTok Beauty HACKS
Denitslava Makeup

Denitslava Makeup

Published on 2 weeks ago

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Eileen Bond

Eileen Bond . 2 hours ago


Evie&Scout . 3 hours ago

Even tho I looked through the comments and found out she didn’t shave her eyebrow when I watched it I still had a heart attack
Deepak Mahapatra

Deepak Mahapatra . 3 hours ago

Her editing skills are amazing ❤

Gabriella . 4 hours ago

No one asked but my favorite color is purple

terogi . 4 hours ago

Same I did to🫠

StormFire790 . 6 hours ago

The eyeliner one was pretty cool! I'll be using that hack...Your makeup:✨...Mine:💩.I love you deni💗✨
Tianna Elizalde

Tianna Elizalde . 6 hours ago

The finger thing is ALWAYS how ive done it....BUT its only ever to get them going in the direction finally. At the end, i dont even need eyeshadow since ive rubbed my poor lid red after trying so many times. It gave me the idea to hold 2 eyeliners at the same time so i can at least get a dot down, in the same place, just to have them even. If it works, i promise ill share my hack

BEETLEJUICE . 6 hours ago

Is her voice normally like that??
isai colindres

isai colindres . 7 hours ago

can u do a pink theme video
Y Behravan

Y Behravan . 8 hours ago

Oh myyy! That foundation technique killed me😶
Skylie Briggs

Skylie Briggs . 8 hours ago

u disappeared and i was scared we werent gonna get u back😭
Kelly Finley

Kelly Finley . 8 hours ago

Her accent is the absolute cutest!

Aislinn . 9 hours ago

The one where deni tries to put lashes on by putting it on the bottom row and blinking in the video where the lady does that there’s a cut in the video where she puts them on perfectly 5:54
Ileanix Ortiz

Ileanix Ortiz . 9 hours ago

Don't tell me no one thought she actually shaved her eyebrow! Her editing skills are on point!!!! love u deni!😀
Ileanix Ortiz

Ileanix Ortiz . 9 hours ago

Her editing talent is insane! I actually gasped when she accidentally ’shaved’ her eyebrow!
Sophia Barrella

Sophia Barrella . 10 hours ago

isa *check my description*

isa *check my description* . 10 hours ago

“I trust no one especially the process. Have you seen the process?!?! Mmnnnmmm!” -Deni 2023
Jessica Meade

Jessica Meade . 10 hours ago

Please post more content 🙏
Tori Silviano

Tori Silviano . 11 hours ago

I just love her voice its amazing ❤

ChocoFammmmmmm . 11 hours ago

Can you follow me love ypu
EvaValenti (ember-snow)

EvaValenti (ember-snow) . 12 hours ago

For the lash one, I think they put glue on the top side of the band to glue it underneath their top lashes, rather than on the edge of the lash band like typically done. That being said, it looks dangerous to me and a good way to get glue in your eye or glue them shut.
Its Zafta

Its Zafta . 12 hours ago

Why wasting too much foundation that animal has been tested on ! Even if it's for test i'm unfollowing you.
yasm fatima

yasm fatima . 12 hours ago

Let’s take some to appreciate the hard work Denny took to make this video. Her edits are so 😻 amazing love all your vids❤️🧡💛💙💜💝

Jenniecrawl . 12 hours ago

I think before doing YOUTUBE, deni was a professional editor..... I'm fully sure! She is very talented, I love her ❤️. I can't believe that anyone can do this level editing....! "IT'S EDITING SCIENCE!" 🔥
Love u deni...! From india ❤️.....!
Hina shafiq

Hina shafiq . 12 hours ago

Pakistani bridal makeup please..

Svitlana . 13 hours ago

You put the eyelash glue on the wrong side of the lash 😂 you need to put the glue on the top

♡•Mah¡¡_3ditzz•♡ . 14 hours ago

Her Editing was so good like when she shaved her eyebrow i got a heart attack🤣

clouddog . 14 hours ago

I actually thought the last girl was making a change makeup routine 😂
Hrimaya Shah

Hrimaya Shah . 15 hours ago

Bro Denny ur so cute!! Ur editing and accent makes ur videos so funny!
Mz Amreen

Mz Amreen . 15 hours ago

People with asymmetrical noses be lyk - _ -
Abcdef Abcdef

Abcdef Abcdef . 15 hours ago

you are best make artist sis you are so sweet
Abcdef Abcdef

Abcdef Abcdef . 15 hours ago

your voice is so cute and you also

Sara RHAZAL . 15 hours ago


Sara RHAZAL . 15 hours ago

Emily Thompsen

Emily Thompsen . 16 hours ago

Do a only green make up face
Kumkum Tomar

Kumkum Tomar . 17 hours ago

next video will come 10000 years later

FITRA BINTI IDLAN Moe . 17 hours ago

Denny i was crying and you made my day
Shailendra Singh

Shailendra Singh . 17 hours ago

Denny makes my life a dream❤she’s so bubbly funny sweet kind caring she’s the best
Thu Thu Lay

Thu Thu Lay . 17 hours ago

u look beautyful today❤
Kitti ・ᴗ・

Kitti ・ᴗ・ . 18 hours ago

"If the men find out we can shape shift their going to tell the church!"

CindyyyyMooooo . 19 hours ago

The reason why i dont really try tiktok hacks
Some of them kinda work tho
Jayaraju Thamballa

Jayaraju Thamballa . 19 hours ago

DENNNY!!!!! Can you pls try indian snacks pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls 🙏 😭 😢 😔 😫 😞 🙏 😭

Angle . 20 hours ago

Your edit is so insane I thought that you really shaved your eyebrow but then I released that it was just a edit so I was like "oh thank god it was just an edit "

FIDA AND FAIZA . 20 hours ago

99999999% of the commenter be like : "omg her editing skills are veryimpressive and the eyebrow shave was so realistic i didnt know it was edit '"
Me : how does she make that ponytail 🤔☹️
antoinette byrne

antoinette byrne . 22 hours ago

You are so super adorable and I love your humour!
Sharmistha ghosh das

Sharmistha ghosh das . 23 hours ago

deni your editing skills are soo gooooooood btw you look so cute

🐉QUEEN OF DRAGONS🐉 . 23 hours ago

I thought she REALLY shaved her eyebrow and i about near had a panic attack lol
Rosa Lee

Rosa Lee . 23 hours ago

You're a breath of fresh air. Love it

d.8709 . 23 hours ago

The silver ball lips were giving total "caviar lips" of 2017.

ADRIKA TRIPATHY . 23 hours ago

I can confirm my cousin is a more everything ruiner than eyeliner

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