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I went UNDERCOVER in SypherPK's fashion show!
Nick Eh 30

Nick Eh 30

Published on 2 weeks ago

100 player Fortnite fashion show hosted by @SypherPK and I'm undercover! (Chapter 3 Season 2)
• Sypher undercover in my fashion show (Chapter 3 Season 2) → https://d-yt.com/watch/t_lGEl_IGl8
• Sypher undercover in my fashion show (Chapter 3 Season 1) → https://d-yt.com/watch/uLWDTkYVYl4

0:00 Special Guest
0:37 SypherPK's intro
0:54 Round 1: Season 2 (99ppl)
3:57 Round 2: OG (45ppl)
7:16 Round 3: Family Friendly (23ppl)
11:12 Round 4: Land & Air (15ppl)
14:40 Round 5: Glider (15ppl)
18:03 Round 6: Streamers (7ppl)
21:32 Finals: Earth (3ppl)
23:17 Finals: Air (3ppl)


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Beast Champs

Beast Champs . 54 minutes ago

On top 3 sypher looks in his friends list and knows what skin nick eh 30
E V O K E 暗い

E V O K E 暗い . 2 hours ago

22:12 i dont think sypher saw but like if yall didn't understand well what I meant was that when he opened menu there is a chance he saw nick's skin from the icon lol

RAZ0R . 17 hours ago

It showed nicks name in his adds

Tingo . 19 hours ago

Did anyone notice sypher looked at nicks skin in his friends list
Gage Howard

Gage Howard . 21 hours ago

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123 det er en prøve

123 det er en prøve . 1 day ago

Loki,s staff has a infinity Stone and its the space Stone get your Marvel right 😡

Tasszn . 1 day ago

I love your videos it lights up my day I love to watch you improve and can’t wait until you are the best in the game.
Rayhan Gforce

Rayhan Gforce . 1 day ago

I don't like your videos because they are using guns and killing people that's not family friendly😡

Brawler . 1 day ago

Yeah baby lol
Last Safezone

Last Safezone . 1 day ago

These videos are very entertaining and interesting
Mars Swayze

Mars Swayze . 2 days ago

naruto naruto naruto naruto naruto naruto naruto naruto naruto naruto naruto naruto naruto naruto naruto

PhillyFan . 2 days ago

12:44 nick said a no no word
Paul McGlone

Paul McGlone . 2 days ago

these videos are just simply great keep on going nick
Logan Morrell

Logan Morrell . 2 days ago

sypher had the team tab open and it showed what skin nick was
mr.m cyber

mr.m cyber . 2 days ago

nice game
Luca Florin Tirei

Luca Florin Tirei . 2 days ago

My name is digito and i got a big....house am telling u now all the rapers suck come into my bed so we
bowen voowy

bowen voowy . 2 days ago

Your actually one of my fav fortnite youtubers ever! love you nick keep up the amazing work never back down and never give up EHHH!

snorlaxfan09 . 2 days ago

1:41 no it is the space stone

Rowlet . 2 days ago

22:13 he could see nick eh 30s icon in the menu which shows his skin

penguist . 2 days ago

Bro love it I'm wearing headphones and it sounds like a movie
YoItzDiggy Channel

YoItzDiggy Channel . 2 days ago

u in the same party
Tyler Reville

Tyler Reville . 2 days ago

There is someone in the booth it’s color

BBBCherri . 2 days ago

sypher should have said Nickeh30 is among US and not among these ppl
jesus Montes

jesus Montes . 2 days ago

3:00 what did he say

dunkindu . 3 days ago

hes so bad he cant even make a single combo without chat
Soccer Shorts

Soccer Shorts . 3 days ago

hi i hope everyone is having a great and blessed day whatever you are going through you will get through it bye
Lane Kaiser

Lane Kaiser . 3 days ago

He said, that matches the back bling EH

TigerSt0rmz . 3 days ago

I don’t think they realise that baby groot a lot of the time isn’t that family friendly and swears a LOT
Yeliel Ayala

Yeliel Ayala . 3 days ago

You is so entertaining and you are so hyped up and I love your energy
Jesse Rambler

Jesse Rambler . 3 days ago

Nobody knows how to pronounce mako 😂
The Elementals

The Elementals . 3 days ago

minij hooi

minij hooi . 3 days ago

Your actually one of my fav fortnite youtubers ever! love you nick keep up the amazing work never back down and never give up EHHH!

Cherko . 3 days ago

I might be very ignorant, but...
What is the map code in creative for this Fashion Show?
I hope there's one! 🧑‍🏫
Dissen 23

Dissen 23 . 3 days ago

Bro be singing his guitar 💀💀
Sam Skelton

Sam Skelton . 3 days ago

Watch grizz hood

Bryn . 3 days ago

Sypher can you keep it family friendly please please please, you’re the man appreciate yah 🤓
Das Tan

Das Tan . 3 days ago

They corrected infinity stone to mind stone even though it is the space stone
Saul Ramirez

Saul Ramirez . 3 days ago

why did code sypherpk shoot that person at 10:06 randomly ??

SirZach7 . 4 days ago

Sypher could of just looked at nicks name tag where you invite somebody and it shows what skin there wearing
Woahs Bwosz

Woahs Bwosz . 4 days ago

Furthermore, c
Ryder Wolfe

Ryder Wolfe . 4 days ago

Your chat probably was there for when sypher did his fashion show and told you that so you would easily pass
Ruby Lemmons

Ruby Lemmons . 4 days ago

I like how he said the scepter had the mind Stone even though it was actually the space Stone.

Swolecat . 4 days ago

Idk if anyone noticed but at 22:13 Sypher could have, and probably did see Nick's skin
Ali Bader

Ali Bader . 4 days ago

I think you ment space stone lol🤦🏻‍♂️😂

tr0llin . 4 days ago

Nick is such a troll😂

Crispy . 4 days ago

NICK YOU SAID CRAP im telling mum
Pᴀᴛᴏ Rᴇʏ

Pᴀᴛᴏ Rᴇʏ . 4 days ago

Sypher PK saw the wrong style backbling of the aura skin!

PugFighter . 4 days ago

22:13 Sypher can see which skin Nick is... (Top left)
Logan Wynn

Logan Wynn . 4 days ago

levi Kuipers

levi Kuipers . 4 days ago

Nick you could use naruto because he use wind style

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