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Published on 1 week ago

Ange Postecoglou's unbeaten start in the Premier League continues as Tottenham pull off an unbelievable comeback in stoppage time against Sheffield United. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #Tottenham #SheffieldUnited
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Tottenham Hotspur v. Sheffield United | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 9/16/2023 | NBC Sports

Tapanga Soul

Tapanga Soul . 24 hours ago

Heart breaking, a win over Tottenham would have been huge.
Sung H Kim

Sung H Kim . 1 day ago

Wow impressive Spurs

MKDKOK . 2 days ago

SONY! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Yoon Kim

Yoon Kim . 2 days ago

02:50 imagine training all your life to play the game just to try and cheat. Get hit on the head without being hit on the head.
Johannen Johnson

Johannen Johnson . 3 days ago

Sheffield UnitedvTottenham
Johannen Johnson

Johannen Johnson . 3 days ago

PremierLeague>Champions League
Johannen Johnson

Johannen Johnson . 3 days ago

Matt Reynolds

Matt Reynolds . 3 days ago

OMG. Did I see that correctly???
Did Richarlison really score? Talk about your Blind Squirrel finding a Nut! 🐿🌰

Other-stuff-sports . 4 days ago

Man we're gonna miss Ivan Perisic so much!!! <3 Get well soon Vanka <3
Walker Morgan

Walker Morgan . 5 days ago

Love how Ange celebrates. You can tell he was sorta nervous but still always believed in the boys and knew his coaching would pay off.
Daniel Maluenda

Daniel Maluenda . 6 days ago

these are the games that make a Club new & big
Daniel Maluenda

Daniel Maluenda . 6 days ago

Tottenham's got like an american football stadium vib
Daniel Maluenda

Daniel Maluenda . 6 days ago

i feel like Tottenham could get really big soon
Julian Noyola

Julian Noyola . 6 days ago

12 minutes of stoppage time? Tf
Daniel Maluenda

Daniel Maluenda . 6 days ago

The Tottenham STADIUM !!!
deez double O’s

deez double O’s . 6 days ago

hugo lloris would’ve conceded a lot of goals if he was goalie
Sebs bro

Sebs bro . 7 days ago

Christopher Sheppard

Christopher Sheppard . 7 days ago

Why did I just now realize that Vicario kind of looks like Meslier?

Stubby1085 . 7 days ago

Oh when the spurs go marching in oh when the spurs go marching in
Arturo Perez

Arturo Perez . 1 week ago

In Ange we trust

Brand . 1 week ago

7:05 did a guy really just fall off the overhang corner tunnel?!?!?!😲😲😲

Deandip . 1 week ago

good for richardlson
Yodel Odelstein

Yodel Odelstein . 1 week ago

I get that Sheffield played very cynically and wasted tons of time, but the new trend of adding on 8,10,12 or more minutes to every games is not good for the sport in my opinion. I think a better remedy would be to start punishing time wasters. Time wasting should be considered an unsportsmanlike act and be punished with a yellow card, period. A goalkeeper theatrically flops down on the ground after catching a weak shot-yellow card. Same for holding the ball more than 5 seconds after a save. Take more than 5 seconds to throw the ball in- yellow card, same for goal and free kicks. If a player goes to ground and stops play, make them have to sit out for a significant amount of time- maybe 2 minutes. Don’t allow subs in stoppage time. Make subs leave the field at the closest boundary. Make VAR more streamlined - use goal line type technology for offsides calls to make it instant. Don’t make the referee go watch a replay - just make the call. Or better yet, get rid of VAR altogether.

mezu . 1 week ago

Spurs deserved the win after terrible referee

Friendo . 1 week ago

wonder whats going on inside that VAR room jesus christ

굿텐탁 . 1 week ago

위아래 빨간 옷 여자와 퍽을 치고자퍼
Jordan Christeson

Jordan Christeson . 1 week ago

O-Town Review

O-Town Review . 1 week ago

I'm officially a Tottenham fan. This is too good.
Robert W Livings

Robert W Livings . 1 week ago

They do miss some big moments in these replays. What about johnson’s offside goal? Class bit of play.
Henry JumboHead

Henry JumboHead . 1 week ago

I’ve been watching this replay all weekend. It says a lot about a new mentality that Ange has instilled in the squad for them to come back so late in the match. We didn’t drop our heads and sulk like we’ve seen far too many times before.

yooswerv . 1 week ago

winning goal gave me chills, what a play.
Rob Brown

Rob Brown . 1 week ago

We got our Tottenham back

Madraz . 1 week ago

15 mins of stoppage time, utterly ridiculous
Samuel Pearlman

Samuel Pearlman . 1 week ago

Games should just be 1 minute long, with 100 minutes of stoppage time...
Hadush Gebremeskel

Hadush Gebremeskel . 1 week ago

Richardson with goal and assist is great boost for his confidence. They fought as a team till the last minute and won the game.
Yael Lopez

Yael Lopez . 1 week ago

12 added minutes is criminal
Noe Noenoe

Noe Noenoe . 1 week ago

Dejan cool as F-ski 😎
Christopher Elsworth

Christopher Elsworth . 1 week ago

Whoever edited this and cut off the full celebration at the final goal….. oooffff
Uncle Salty

Uncle Salty . 1 week ago

Ange ball is a joy to watch.
Tommy Mozier

Tommy Mozier . 1 week ago

7:04 anyone see my guy fall off the rainbow banner?

nevertouchinggrass . 1 week ago

Funny how these big managers that everybody knows couldn’t fix Tottenham and ange who is just a regular person and appeared out of nowhere is already cooking
Edwin Carranza

Edwin Carranza . 1 week ago

Two weeks ago spurs fans were ready to hang Richarlison out to dry, fickle as they are. Today he have them the win; a fantastic header, two minutes later, a judicious assist to seal the deal. Com’on now, give the man his due.

Wentmos . 1 week ago

hopefully this goal and assist gives his confidence a massive boost
Gil Fernando

Gil Fernando . 1 week ago

I am very, very happy for Richarlyson! He deserved that goal! This is a guy who scored the best goal in the Qatar 2022 world cup! He is a good player. It is ok to start in the bench Richarlyson because it gives you a better vision of the game and when you come in, you know what to do to help your team!
ignacio navarro

ignacio navarro . 1 week ago

yeah the game is just provoking more violence🤺

CDG . 1 week ago

Game of the year
Bostic Reiva

Bostic Reiva . 1 week ago

Sheffield on their way back to the Championship and it's still September
Nippleless Cage

Nippleless Cage . 1 week ago

Last year, we would have lost this game 2 or 3 nil. The difference in spirit is amazing. In Ange We Trust! COYS
Raz Adoti

Raz Adoti . 1 week ago

Great win! COYFS!!!!

REFORMchino . 1 week ago

its a movie , betway ... soccer its a scam im fully convinced,

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