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Minecraft, But Every Drop is Random...


Published on 2 weeks ago

so i played a Minecraft, But Every Drop is Random... 🤪

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Minecraft, But every drop is random [Playlist]
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Comments :


Orbitzz . 8 hours ago

Technically, you got 5.20224697127 likes.

COMEBACK GUY . 10 hours ago

What happened to the UHCs?
Kristina Georgieva

Kristina Georgieva . 12 hours ago

Brandon Wirtz

Brandon Wirtz . 16 hours ago

Me: Looks forward to relaxing Minecraft video. Kiingtong: We get fish from these and obviously we can’t make fish sticks in this game.
Rakshit Sanghi

Rakshit Sanghi . 19 hours ago

but wasnt the blaze rods supposed to be randomized too

CHUCK FURROW . 2 days ago

But why?
Alison Thomas

Alison Thomas . 2 days ago

The romantic close proximally connect because plantation atypically pack unlike a vulgar booklet. precious, pumped actress
Caryn Platt

Caryn Platt . 2 days ago

Hey bro this is my first vid watching of yours and you seem really cool so I'm going to sub to you I already liked the vid
Nino The burrito

Nino The burrito . 2 days ago

This vid is so pog
Deven Attale

Deven Attale . 2 days ago

You should start off with 3.15 likes

HazelTacy . 3 days ago

can you go back to old skin??

Tewqy_ . 3 days ago

We dont have a diamond pick axe me staring at the diamonds
gavin gouveia

gavin gouveia . 3 days ago

2:10 Will.exe has stopped working

SekkieGaming . 3 days ago

ok, but what did the dragon drop?
Advaith Sajikumar

Advaith Sajikumar . 3 days ago

when did he get a god apple

ItzSwitfy . 3 days ago

It hurts watching you break cactus because when you break a tall cactus you went from the top

🏈Austindpro✔️ . 4 days ago

I love your videos

_ . 4 days ago

Kiingtong is my favorite youtuber ever
Rene Wiley

Rene Wiley . 4 days ago

PLES whats the seed if u tell me I'll subscribe :<
Mindy Hard-Farrish

Mindy Hard-Farrish . 4 days ago

Jacc Jacc33

Jacc Jacc33 . 4 days ago

congrats on 2.15 million last tme i watched was 235k subs
Elizabeth Afton

Elizabeth Afton . 5 days ago

I clicked on this video faster than bakugou beating up deku,
ft. freddy

ft. freddy . 5 days ago

This part got me 7:06

tinyturtlett1005 . 5 days ago

Pov you mine diamonds and get stone
Ana Juarrez

Ana Juarrez . 5 days ago

Dis anyone else realized that kiingtong had diamond didn't make diamond tools

nurseali47 . 5 days ago

Maybe you could get a poisonous arrow

nurseali47 . 5 days ago

Why don't you get the first pick sword
Benny Rosenubsch

Benny Rosenubsch . 5 days ago

brooo I love these
bayley forbes

bayley forbes . 6 days ago

How did you do this you are a pro
Ines Vermot

Ines Vermot . 6 days ago

I might be the only one but how did he went from 5 to 12 ender pearls in like 2 seconds????

DarkEmo . 6 days ago

How do people do this?
Payed Processing

Payed Processing . 6 days ago

Randomizer!!! So happy this is back! These and lucky blocks are my favorite
Reggie Mason

Reggie Mason . 6 days ago

Who missed the old Randomizer UHC days? Please bring it back for at least one vid.😥😥😥😥😥😥
Lakshya Sharma

Lakshya Sharma . 6 days ago

How do you not fall down when you literally are in the Nether
Hadzzx YT

Hadzzx YT . 7 days ago

Who else is here at 666k views....
WoT time

WoT time . 7 days ago

Is being a lot of time sins I saw your videos

Firefighter72 . 1 week ago

finally another randomizer i missed this
Ali Ali

Ali Ali . 1 week ago

Shu-Ching Chan

Shu-Ching Chan . 1 week ago

You speak Chinese?
Shu-Ching Chan

Shu-Ching Chan . 1 week ago

King tong are you Martin?
Jennie Bean

Jennie Bean . 1 week ago

Does any one remember when he was at 300k subs He has come a long way keep it up
bilishu aliss

bilishu aliss . 1 week ago

Ah of course the creeper head is just what he wanted. Cultured man. Happy the randomizers are back!
وليد الحايك

وليد الحايك . 1 week ago

Iron golem drops iron block XD
Nada Chidiac

Nada Chidiac . 1 week ago

Hey I am a new subscriber when I watched this video I directly clicked on your channel and subscribed
Filthy Acts At A D4C

Filthy Acts At A D4C . 1 week ago

HmmM.. Yes ice is fake diamonds hmm

SHADOW MIDAS . 1 week ago

We hit it wil
Xian Doblon

Xian Doblon . 1 week ago

8:30 lol he is super lucky
Climax Killer AMVs

Climax Killer AMVs . 1 week ago

13:30 at this point he is more op than the dragon.
hvoojcc .Mohammad Ismail Hossain

hvoojcc .Mohammad Ismail Hossain . 1 week ago

Nice to see good

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