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Tesla Roadster - Living with the Original!
Auto Focus

Auto Focus

Published on 7 months ago

A look back at where the current EV revolution started!

Shot on iPhone 14 Pro

Armenian Mugger From GTA

Armenian Mugger From GTA . 22 hours ago

Also this original is still in GTA 5 / GTAO
Tegan Daniels

Tegan Daniels . 2 days ago

My old daily didn’t have power steering you just get used to it 😂😂
Kristin Chong

Kristin Chong . 3 days ago

Saint Internet. The best.

Breaking language for the orbital lift. 🎉🎉🎉
DJ Levy

DJ Levy . 6 days ago

I had a 2007 Lotus Elise 5 speed and everything you said about it is true in the way it drives and feels. I enjoyed this video because it was nice seeing how the changes affected the car.

mysteryshrimp . 2 weeks ago

I'm waiting with antici . . . pation for an ev Fiero, S2000, MR2, or MX-5.

Nobody . 2 weeks ago

It’s a lotus
Anders N

Anders N . 1 month ago

This car is so cool!
Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell . 2 months ago

Many sports cars especially from Italy made for small Italians not 6 foot plus Americans. Even side bolsters are too slim for larger Americans. Even sliding the seat back only a small amount vs other cars that offer more sliding room
Adolfo W. Wolf

Adolfo W. Wolf . 2 months ago

It is funny that before you went into the car, i was not feeling you would fit inside it, until you got in, i guess the perspective gets all messed up by seeing through a camera. But it's cool to see this particular car, and thanks for that little sound sample, sounded really cool.

1nnu3ndo . 2 months ago

I had kind of forgotten about the Roadster, but this video blew my mind how far Tesla's come. I just looked at the Roadster as a slightly older version of the Tesla's we know now, but compare this to a 2012 Model S and the model S is absolute space-age.

TheMarvelous . 2 months ago

So small! Would love to park my dodge charger beside it and see it comapred
Michael Marcos

Michael Marcos . 3 months ago

Is that the PIP?

cwuzii . 3 months ago

So every time you lift off the accelerator then brake lights come on? That’s stupid and highly annoying and confusing to people behind you.

DestruxandExploze . 3 months ago

That moment the past is cooler than the present.

DestruxandExploze . 3 months ago

I don’t really think it was ahead of it’s time. GM EV1

K Q . 3 months ago

Forgot to mention that tesla does not service their original roadster anymore. Fascinating for a 10-15years old car
Anian Brosig

Anian Brosig . 3 months ago

I would love to see EVs like this today. Just everything a car needs, nothing more.

Scy . 3 months ago

why does 2008 feel so old? I don't like the future
Anders Kristiansen

Anders Kristiansen . 3 months ago

Would have loved to see it next to a current day car like the Model Y or even just him standing beside it. It is hard to judge the size from that wide-angle camera
Marco Schön

Marco Schön . 3 months ago

Why need Americans always big cars?!

Cyber_Steve . 3 months ago

I love the way Marques is amazed at the fact that have you have to manually put the key and turn it to start the car without releasing most average people who have cars have regular keys lol

DKHR07 . 3 months ago

I wish I could have this as a daily driver, I own a 370z so I'm used to the rough ride but I love the feel

Deru . 3 months ago

I wonder what this car looks like next to a Mazda Miata

SeaBay86 . 3 months ago

Does Dougy D send a cease and desist everytime someone says “quirks & features” while reviewing a car?!?!
Wade McLure

Wade McLure . 3 months ago

0:34 WOW, they had Grand Canyon panel gaps back then too!
Andy Swift

Andy Swift . 3 months ago

The only Roadster model ever.
Everett Davis

Everett Davis . 3 months ago

I'd rather have a car like this than a modern tesla.
Junior Marshall Hastings

Junior Marshall Hastings . 3 months ago

5:00 Did you hiccup? 😂

JayPuff . 3 months ago

I just have to remember 2008. Not trashy car. This is what it used to be wow we really improved alot
Unusual Comment

Unusual Comment . 3 months ago

I don't know how it is on other car cause I have never driven an automatic transmission but I really don't get why you would put the lever to the rear to engage Drive and to the front to put in Reverse??? 🤔
Unusual Comment

Unusual Comment . 3 months ago

I like the mood of you talking to the phone less formally but damm the images are awfull with that Iphone 14. Can't you gat like a tiny point and shoot camera with a flippy screen to up your image quality? Like those Sony RX100 are great!
Dylan Owens

Dylan Owens . 3 months ago

Ammonia fuel is future not electric or hybrid vehicles.  ammonia aka nitrogen hydrogen 3 NH3 is a cheap renewable  fuel that can be used in any gasoline engine and diesel with minor modifications.  Look up videos of ammonia as fuel. And you will see you've been lied to for over 70yrs about needing  oil gas, solar wind, nuclear,  and now electric cars
   Ammonia has been used as a  fuel before gasoline or diesel fuel even existed.. Ammonia engines existed before the combustion engine.
Ammonia was used in 1960s Nasa space race,  it is still used in rocket fuel, aviation fuel, race car fuel. A rocket car running off straight ammonia holds the land speed record. There is more energy available in ammonia than gasoline,  diesel,  ethanol. 
You don't hear about ammonia as a fuel  because of corrupt politicians and corporations  know it will destroy the oil gas, electric car,  solar wind,  nuclear power,  power grid companies.
All takes to run a gasoline engine car, truck, boat , generator etc off ammonia is a propane tank and 2nd fuel pump set set up. a diesel need a propane tank fuel pump and a cpu tunner kit to get compression right. 
You can make ammonia at home or buy ammonia making processor, and easily made anywhere in the world even in the most poorest nations. 
Ammonia is made by pulling nitrogen from air, bonding it with hydrogen through Electrolysis with water and bumping off oxygen.

Aidan Chappelle

Aidan Chappelle . 3 months ago

"I bet you could run over a dime and tell if it's heads up or tails." This made me laugh out loud at 1am, thanks.
Rob Manser

Rob Manser . 3 months ago

The big problem with this car was that most of what made the Elise a great sports car was its weight. I owned an Elise made just a few years prior to the Tesla Roadster coming out, and it was 800kg. The Tesla Roadster, at 1305kg, was over half a tonne (62.5%) heavier - it weighed about as much as a Porsche 996 Carrera, Civic Type R etc, and in doing so lost all of the advantages of the Elise over existing sports cars (yes, "all"). The Model S, on the other hand, took on the luxury car market, and excessive weight isn't as much of a problem there, in fact its barely a problem at all, which is why it's been such a success. The only real performance credential a luxury car can have is straight line performance, and obviously the Tesla has that sorted! The same applies to the 3 compared to its competitors. Hypercars to some extend can trade punches based on straight line pace, which is why the Rimac is so revered. The true sports car remains an enigma. Which, actually, is ok, because hardly anybody buys sports cars anymore.

h . 3 months ago

that roadster > any other new tesla

i hate like those overmodernized cars that u control with screens only
Pho Dac Biet

Pho Dac Biet . 3 months ago

That's more storage room than in my Toyota. Lol
Strategist AOW3

Strategist AOW3 . 4 months ago

Doesn't look like tesla at all on logo makes it tesla
Strategist AOW3

Strategist AOW3 . 4 months ago

Is this car for my child?
Brandon Toy

Brandon Toy . 4 months ago

What’s in the front hood

Sookipro . 4 months ago

69F outside what a nice number! 6:41

SEET . 4 months ago

Just one of these is on sale in Germany for 160.000€ 😮
Royal Safewood

Royal Safewood . 4 months ago

I don't know why, but it really, really annoys the living crap out of me when you go and sit in front of the cars, talking like you're in bed with long sleeves.
Persoana a 3-a

Persoana a 3-a . 4 months ago

My fucking God...
Whoever bought this car back in 2008 must have been insane...
Pavlo Chebotiuk

Pavlo Chebotiuk . 4 months ago

All you got to know that original developers of tesla are from Netherlands, thats nothing related to Elon Musk in terms of development this car.

Badger . 4 months ago

Quirks and features? Also a Doug fan I see :D
Wothaya Wamboi

Wothaya Wamboi . 4 months ago

I want it! I’m getting it ❤
james pong

james pong . 4 months ago

I would buy it if I could
Alberto Della Regina

Alberto Della Regina . 4 months ago

"there is only 10% of Lotus parts.."
Meanwhile Lotus owners thinking... yeah sure.. I can count a bit more than that! LOL

AK . 4 months ago

The only sports EV in GTA V is the only way I know this.

Megapangolin . 5 months ago

Great video, so interesting to see you driving an "old" car, and how curious you are about it being small and quaint but it is a year 2008 car, which for many is pretty new. I have driven the original ICE Elise, it is so light and fast and reckon it is the best driving experience of all time. They always were very noisy and bumpy and that is the fun of the car, but it can be driven for hours on twisty European roads. It does everything in one small package.

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