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Luke Combs - 5 Leaf Clover (Official Lyric Video)


Published on 2 weeks ago

Listen to "5 Leaf Clover" from Luke's new album, 'Gettin' Old' out now: https://LC.lnk.to/GettinOld

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I go to work every Monday
And get to do something I love
I make it home every evening
To an angel God sent from above
I got an 8 point on camera from last year
That this season looks like a 10
I got a barn with a fridge full of cold beer
And on the weekend it’s full of good friends

I know I’m a lucky man
But I ain’t sure why I am
‘Cause it ain’t like anyone deserves
The world in the palm of their hand
I’ve hit my knees thankful as can be
But the one thing I can’t get over
Is how’d a guy like me who’d a been fine with 3
Wind up with a 5 leaf clover

I got a half ton that’s parked in the driveway
That my dog wags his tail when he hears
I grew up in a good place to be from
My folks still got a bunch of good years

I know I’m a lucky man
But I ain’t sure why I am
‘Cause it ain’t like anyone deserves
The world in the palm of their hand
I’ve hit my knees thankful as can be
But the one thing I can’t get over
Is how’d a guy like me who’d a been fine with 3
Wind up with a 5 leaf clover

I know I’m a lucky man
But I ain’t sure why I am
‘Cause it ain’t like anyone deserves
The world in the palm of their hand
I’ve hit my knees thankful as can be
But the one thing I can’t get over
Is how’d a guy like me who’d a been fine with 3
Wind up with a 5 leaf clover

How’d a guy like me who coulda wound up with weeds
Wind up with a 5 leaf clover

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Gio Stevens

Gio Stevens . 8 hours ago

Yo this man is raw af I love Luke combs coming from a city boy out the ghetto I wish ppl have a real taste in music n expand there taste
Jake Currie

Jake Currie . 12 hours ago

This man never disappoints people with songs another great song

DONT WATCH THIS . 17 hours ago

Love you Luke, grateful for wonderful music ..
j rose

j rose . 1 day ago

i’m not exactly country fan but i had to ask my husband what this one was! i love this
Drew Everett

Drew Everett . 1 day ago

This dude can't miss. another flawless record 💯💯💯
Marykay K

Marykay K . 2 days ago

A keeper! It's great he's talented with feet on the ground. And he thanks the Lord 😊

Hoozmanz . 2 days ago

Been waiting for this album and I’ve been working sooooo hard that I forgot it got released 👍🏽
Sean Yoakam

Sean Yoakam . 2 days ago

Best song on the album imo!
April Hartwick

April Hartwick . 2 days ago

Better dig 2
April Hartwick

April Hartwick . 2 days ago

I wish ❤

leahplayzroblox . 2 days ago

i love luke combs songs
Kyle Lowe

Kyle Lowe . 2 days ago

What a tune 💥
seeni gzty

seeni gzty . 3 days ago

I absolutely love your music, Luke. You're an amazing country singer. You are will go down as one of the greatest country singers of all time. Keep up the great work!
Kristina Klecka Johnston

Kristina Klecka Johnston . 3 days ago

Musical mastermind ❤❤
aeucn usio

aeucn usio . 3 days ago

It will always be a good day when you have a new Luke Combs song to listen to
Edward Ombac

Edward Ombac . 3 days ago

You answered your own question in your lyrics Luke! “But I ain’t sure why…I AM.”

Exodus 3:14
David P

David P . 3 days ago

my fiancée left and took the dog, i dont appreciate this happy stuff
Angela Altizer

Angela Altizer . 3 days ago


Maddy . 3 days ago

I love thesis song
Riley Murrell

Riley Murrell . 4 days ago

Love this song so much❤️
Christopher Kush

Christopher Kush . 4 days ago

Great song man! Love the Irish fiddle melody
Breckyn B

Breckyn B . 4 days ago

Like she’s lucky to have a good guy to marry
Bonnie Walters

Bonnie Walters . 4 days ago

Ralph and Mandy

Chonktown . 4 days ago

Gdam this is a good song
Tiffany Jewell

Tiffany Jewell . 4 days ago

There isn't a bad song on this album. Great Job Luke!
Smitty Ervin

Smitty Ervin . 4 days ago

Luke Combs Going Going Gone cover by Smitty https://youtu.be/Ud2VHVQjdFw
T Mann

T Mann . 4 days ago

This dropped two days after my son was born ❤
matthew scornaienchi

matthew scornaienchi . 4 days ago

Songs already legendary🍀🍀🍀🍀
Melody Langford

Melody Langford . 4 days ago

Sweet song it's truly awesome You also have a good heart 💯😇
Not Your Ordinary Scrapbook Channel

Not Your Ordinary Scrapbook Channel . 4 days ago

I love this song! ❤❤❤
Will Botti

Will Botti . 4 days ago

this song is very good but not great like so many others i've heard... idk i'm still a new fan, just being honest.
peace and love to all

Irunoncoffee . 5 days ago

Benjamin Arnold

Benjamin Arnold . 5 days ago

Got to hear this the night I proposed to my fiancé at the grand ole opry. Definitely gonna be our wedding song! Thank you so much for signing our poster for her 👏 👏 ❤😊
Veno Jr

Veno Jr . 5 days ago

In love with them lyrics! You Sir can never make a bad song! Much loves! Im melting!🥹❤️
simone cronin

simone cronin . 5 days ago

Love itttttttt!!!

Lorenzo . 5 days ago

bellissimo brano
Pamela Maloy

Pamela Maloy . 5 days ago


Amy . 5 days ago

Love this song

Richard . 5 days ago

Just brilliant
tim cullimore

tim cullimore . 5 days ago

I love this song!
mat macey

mat macey . 5 days ago

I love this song
Abraham Melendez

Abraham Melendez . 5 days ago

This song hits hard. Feels like that used to be me... things haven't been the same. I've done everything right and the one thing I ask for, God the universe whatever says no. I don't want anything from anyone anymore. I don't think it's asking for a lot for that one thing but maybe I've been too greedy asking for it. Either way I'm done with doing everything and more for others. I know it's my fault for the choice I made years ago. But I figured at least this one thing I asked for I could have... nahhh I'm just going to float on by and watch everything go. Feeling numb has been a better feeling than feeling like crap. That's why we have tequila and whatever else the appetite sees fit. Great song Luke. I mean that with every ounce of respect for you. Here's an idea read this comment and you can use it to make a song. I'm not being sarcastic I literally noticed you can when I was typing lol
Robert Balmana

Robert Balmana . 5 days ago

I’m loving this song 🙏❤️
A-day with Ginger🤠

A-day with Ginger🤠 . 5 days ago

Omgggg❤ I cried
Ewind Ayav

Ewind Ayav . 6 days ago

Never disappoints us!
Emerald Game Cave

Emerald Game Cave . 6 days ago

Saw you on Rogan not knowing who you are or what you're about and you are a hell of an interesting dude. I related about your story on impulsive thoughts and controlling your universe. Really honest and inspiring. Then I come here and find out you're really talented.
I'm not the biggest country fan but you kill what you do. Instant fan dude. Cheers 🍻
Connor Miller

Connor Miller . 6 days ago

My Dad taught me that you’re a lucky man if you can count your real friends on one hand. That makes a five leaf clover! ☘️
Western Wa Gal

Western Wa Gal . 6 days ago

This man could sing my shopping list and it would be a hit.
Alesha sienna Sylvia

Alesha sienna Sylvia . 6 days ago

Omg luke combs I've started listening to this song and I'm already in love with it your voice is incredible keep up on the brilliant singing you steal my heart every day through your song I love them so much ❤ 😊
Kadien B

Kadien B . 6 days ago

See you at arrowhead in June

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