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Ashley Judd speaks about mother’s passing l GMA
Good Morning America

Good Morning America

Published on 2 weeks ago

The actress told ABC News that it was important for her family to talk about what happened before things “become public without our control.”
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Meadow M

Meadow M . 4 days ago

So courageous of Ashley. Such a beautiful soul. Naomi is at peace now.
Lu Prudhomme

Lu Prudhomme . 5 days ago

It is BRAIN HEALTH ! No different than other diseases , that need treatment! Emotional pain is so much more worse than physical pain and not very much can heal it sometimes 😰 The Lord is our relief💜☦️ Bless you Naomi — you were one of the most beautiful ladies on earth ❣️ My heart bleeds grieve that earth coukd not help you😰‼️ Successful as a registered nurse , successful single mom , successful in the music industry due to a natural God given talent ❣️ The world loves you ♥️ You had the mist beautiful everything( manner of speech, loving heart , gorgeous vocalist , exquisite inside and out! Oh, i am so grieved that the devil told you all those lies to deceive you from the truth 👺 He tries to deceive each if us ‼️ You are a child of God, an angelic being 😇 You are now healed, happy and FREE 🙏❣️ Your children will see you when they return to their eternal home ☦️ Oh, how i wish i had known and could have reached out to you , to listen , to mentor away from the devil’s lies 👺 YOU EXCEEDED MOST INDIVIDUALS , in all that you had to offer , on earth 🌍
Oh, how I wish you could have seen yourself, as others see you and God sees you— a worthy child if God ; accepted and lived unconditionally ♥️ No one/ the devil cannot steal the truth , from the world 🌎 You are cherished ❣️ I wish i could reverse the ending 🙏 But as no bereaved family member wants to hear — she is well now and home . Thus does not relieved the pain of her earthly lost, on the grieve journey‼️ However, in reality we are blessed to know that she has eternal life 💜☦️🙏
I am a bereaved mom — daughter age 31 innocent homicide victim of mass shooting, 2008 Charlotte, NC She too knew the Lord and looked like a Victoria Secret model, 5’9” perfect body , spirt 😇 I understand the grief journey from a traumatic lost ! I know you have unlimited resources, but if i could possibly lend a listening ear, hold your hand and share your pain— contact me on FB messenger 🙋‍♀️ i, too, am a registered nurse and 14 years study on the grief journey , by personal experience 😰🙏🙋‍♀️ It dies’t go away , but the pain does get softer over time ; 5 years is a milestone 😰 May the Lord give you supernatural comfort and may yiu recognize signs, from Naomi, as the weeks and months and years go by ❣️ There will be signs that verify they are from Naomi ! Things you both would connect on !
Music, a smell, an animal, dream you remember anything that she knows that you will connect 😇
Williams Ballack02

Williams Ballack02 . 6 days ago

Your great experience brought me permanent my Herpes healing, with the help of your herbal medication I have fully recovered you are in need a true man of your word all thanks to you #DRuduehi
wuoi zuiu

wuoi zuiu . 1 week ago

together as a couple. God Bless your family.
Donna J

Donna J . 1 week ago

This was a beautiful interview.
Melanie Hale

Melanie Hale . 1 week ago

Ashley, I am heartbroken for you and your family. That must have been exquisitely painful. You seem to be such a pure, genuine soul. I pray 🙏 🤲 for your comfort and peace.
j durham

j durham . 1 week ago

RIP Miss Naomi. Thank you Ashley. 🙏
Joyce Piantes

Joyce Piantes . 1 week ago

So sad about their mother.

bernardspeggy0 . 1 week ago

She was walked home what does that mean exactly.....
Janet Savona

Janet Savona . 1 week ago

Was her depression successfully treated? I suffered from it and became well with the help of therapy and medication To take yourself out like that when you have two loving daughters wasn't fair to them
Sangita D Bag

Sangita D Bag . 1 week ago

It's really a helpful video very happy to introduce with this thank you for making this please keep it up recommend to all please watch this your concept will be cleared

JVDEO . 1 week ago

heartbreaking video
Anusikta Das

Anusikta Das . 1 week ago

The fact that this family had to go thru this because society doesn't know when you simply let people be is so heartbreaking.Losing a loved on this way feels like you never really stop grieving. Thanks for sharing this video.
Sonu Sarkar

Sonu Sarkar . 1 week ago

Informative video. Keep up the good work

MST. PAPIA KHATUN . 1 week ago

My heart hurts for Ashley, Wynonna, Pop and the rest of the family. Having lost my brother to suicide, I identify with their grief.


Sabana Begum

Sabana Begum . 1 week ago

My heart is so heavy as I wipe away my tears...I wish I could put my arms around Ashley and comfort her...I hope everyone will honor and respect the family's wishes...😪
Md. Hakim Uddin

Md. Hakim Uddin . 1 week ago

Deplorable. I love the manner in which Ashley makes sense of despondency as the liar that wouldn't permit her to trust every one of the beneficial things. So evident.
Susmita Dhar Dhar

Susmita Dhar Dhar . 1 week ago

This was such a precious way to share this information with all of her fans. Ashley did a wonderful job and it shows just how much her mother was loved. I pray for solace and strength for the family.
Papishan Aathy

Papishan Aathy . 1 week ago

My heart aches for these daughters who are mourning the loss of their mother. They weren't expecting her to come this way and will have to recover. The Judd family is in Off Cam Celebs' thoughts and prayers..
Ananya Mitra Majumder

Ananya Mitra Majumder . 1 week ago

I'm literally breaking out into tears on the truth.😭 My heart goes out to Ashley and the trauma she's going through in discovering her mom taking her life with a gun. I admire her courage and faith in getting the help she needed after seeing her mom dead on the floor that day. May she know God is with her and Wynonna and the rest of the family at this time and He knew this would happen to Naomi but only because this would help bring her family,friends,aquaintances,and fans closer together and realize their need for help in the mental illness world.
Monojit Dey

Monojit Dey . 1 week ago

This was such a precious way to share this information with all of her fans. Ashley did a wonderful job and it shows just how much her mother was loved. I pray for solace and strength for the family.

ANNUR ISLAM . 1 week ago

ar ashiq

ar ashiq . 1 week ago

Ashley is a brave woman.Our hearts go out to the entire family. Everyone has someone in their family who suffers from.
Pinki Sarkar

Pinki Sarkar . 1 week ago

This is such a special family. In the midst of their grief they shared this personal tragedy in hopes of helping others. My prayers are for all of them as they move forward in this painful time
piyali das

piyali das . 1 week ago

My heart aches for these daughters who are mourning the loss of their mother. They weren't expecting her to come this way and will have to recover. The Judd family is in Off Cam Celebs' thoughts and prayers.
Shi Man

Shi Man . 1 week ago

My heart aches for these daughters who are mourning the loss of their mother. They weren't expecting her to come this way and will have to recover. The Judd family is in Off Cam Celebs' thoughts and prayers.
Md Rajjak Ali

Md Rajjak Ali . 1 week ago

thanks for your video.this video is helpful.i know a new some.
Md.Saydur Kabir

Md.Saydur Kabir . 1 week ago

I pray the public is respectful and allows them their privacy. The Judd's deserve our admiration and respect. Naomi Judd was truly amazing, talented and generous. I did not know until Ashley shared it in thisE.specially so soon after the fact. I hope the family can heal from this.
lakshan bandara

lakshan bandara . 1 week ago

Ashley is an amazing brave woman. Heartbreaking
Mst Papiya

Mst Papiya . 1 week ago

My heart is so broken over this. I can’t even imagine the pain she was going through but the only comfort through all of this is that Naomi can have peace now. She is not hurting anymore. RIP Naomi, You will always be loved. My heart goes out to the Judd Family.
Nazida Parvin

Nazida Parvin . 1 week ago

Tha video is very nice and very helpful. Thank you..
Radha Rani Das

Radha Rani Das . 1 week ago

Amazing video

Justice🎋Jannie . 1 week ago

RIP "NAOMI" Diana Ellen Judd💐🌸💮🏵🌹🌺🌻🌼🌷🌱
Mike Hollister

Mike Hollister . 1 week ago

Ashley is a real jerk, obviously all of you dont know her
robert gardell

robert gardell . 1 week ago

I think it still will be out of control. Gossip will not allow Noami to rest in peace. That is the bad part about being in the public eye like The Judds did.
Carol Lute

Carol Lute . 1 week ago

So sorry hun. I understand your trama of finding your mom. Mine was another person but traumatic. I do hope your seek professional help. That trama can plant itself in the back region of your brain and a professional can help you with that when your ready.

Thoughts from us here in Oregon.
Gary Mclaughin

Gary Mclaughin . 1 week ago

Yes it hurts and the hardest part is thinking that somehow the self absorbed nature of if affects everyone else. Which isn't true anxiety mostly go 500 miles and hour then shut down. Curious why my sister and I can't remember exactly all I know myself and younger brother were there and we had to come from afar. I broke free at 16. Accept and control the narrative. Sawadee Khap.🤠
Patty Vanpilsum

Patty Vanpilsum . 1 week ago

Naomi Judd Was A NURSE, And Naomi Judd Was Found It Sounds Still Alive, And By Her Daughter. I Believe She Wanted To be Found Exactly The Way That She Was ..
AM Walmsley

AM Walmsley . 1 week ago

God bless the judds it’s a shame Ashley and her family felt they had to go public with this personal information. Leave this family alone to deal with this awful tragedy in their own way. God bless them and look out for them they are going to need it.
Lois McMillan

Lois McMillan . 1 week ago

Imagine - taking her life - where she could be found - by her family - how awful for her to have done - always- always - they do that !!!!
bocoy noiu

bocoy noiu . 1 week ago

God bless all of you and give you strength through this. Sending love.
Gregory Bierman

Gregory Bierman . 1 week ago

Ashley says her mother was "Walked Home".....she wasn't walked home.....she blew her brains out. Naomi didn't "pass away"......Stop glossing over the truth.....Why did Naomi have access to a gun? Questions like that will not be asked.....The " pity party " is pathetic.
Linda Gibson

Linda Gibson . 1 week ago

My heart is so broken for Ashley and Naomi. Never Ever lose the Love your Mother gave you. Cherish her life and hold it tight within your heart.
May God comfort you and one day give you peace...

lestudio76 . 1 week ago

HayleyLovesLife 101

HayleyLovesLife 101 . 1 week ago

RIP NAOMI JUDD! Depression is horrible! It’s not a joke
Youtube Viewer

Youtube Viewer . 1 week ago

I like seeing Diane Sawyer
Youtube Viewer

Youtube Viewer . 1 week ago

My gosh, she found her mom that had killed herself, and she's on MSM that fast?
Auntie Gliz

Auntie Gliz . 1 week ago

She's unbelievably articulate while in extreme emotional trauma. God bless the family.

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