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Cowboy Bebop takes on Outlaw Star for some intense anime talk with Kdin Jenzen!
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Comments :

James Dagnan

James Dagnan . 1 week ago

Outlaw star is my favorite anime, but Cowboy Bebop is an absolute classic. It's just not a fair matchup for Gene since his anime is lesser-known, but Gene Starwind is a super dope character and a total badass. He gets my vote, but Spike can't lose a popularity contest here. There aren't many matchups that would beat Spike when comparing him with similar characters. Gene is my guy though. Can't vote any other way. Gene deserves more respect.

Eric Kruckenberg

Eric Kruckenberg . 2 weeks ago

Gene Starwind would probably almost die but his luck seems to never run out. Also Number 5 caster shells.

DanBanz VanXan

DanBanz VanXan . 2 weeks ago

Should of been Vash the stampede VS Spike Spiegal No one cares about outlaw star 🤡


lostgenius . 2 weeks ago

Cadene is a guy

Eugene Godzilla

Eugene Godzilla . 4 weeks ago

Goku vs ghostfreak

Casey The Coolest

Casey The Coolest . 4 weeks ago

Spike Spiegel Vs John Wick is better for me


LOL . 4 weeks ago

istg if Spike doesn’t win 😐‼️

Alex V

Alex V . 1 month ago

Not a bad idea, although I do think having Spike fight Nicholas D. Wolfwood (from _Trigun_ ) instead would be a lot closer.


IrishKatana . 1 month ago

Yeah Gene Starwind wins hands down

irregular mana

irregular mana . 1 month ago

Gene needed a whole crew for shimi and only lived because shimi "accidently" gave him a faulty gun... Lol i love both shows and watch them all the time but Spike takes this one easy.

David faulkner

David faulkner . 1 month ago

You've never seen outlaw star?! Twilight Sazuka is the greatest, and the way Gene deals with her is perfect. Wit's and charm are where Gene does his best work.

ernest isom

ernest isom . 1 month ago

Tao magic and ley lines can counteract the caster which I believe spike learns or knows about in some episodes. Caster shells are also ancient relics in limited supply and cost a lot. The special shells have to be made by priests on the hot spring planet and cost life force to use because not enough Mana exist for such high level spells. Spike is also capable of finding his own caster gun and getting his ship modified. Gene wins though he gets the girl and gives up the galatic ley line to continue someone else's journey.

Daniel Aspajo

Daniel Aspajo . 1 month ago

Now if you bring Vash the Stampede we could have a Mexican standoff

Brimatt Attybe

Brimatt Attybe . 1 month ago

I thought the Castor Gun Gene used drew out the life-force of its user. Remember the old man comparing it to of times you it kills you? So...weakness in a battle? Maybe...


xBcustom . 1 month ago

Just talking about names. I wanted to name our first child Spike, and I was standing my ground till the week before he was due, then I caved. I still regret it especially since I had a corgi named Ein at the time, it would've been a perfect pairing.


DEADPOOLII . 2 months ago

they forgot about the anchor


kaonohiokala09 . 2 months ago

the dude with the red hair is pretty cool. they should bring him back again

Ssj Swag

Ssj Swag . 2 months ago

Outlaw star is so slept on

Christopher Harris

Christopher Harris . 2 months ago

Spike only wins in hand to hand combat...MAYBE in a gun fight, but that would depend on a lot of different factors. The Outlaw Star takes the Swordfish unless you consider that in a death battle, Gene would have to pilot it without Melfina or the rest of the crew 🤔


DoctorLazers . 2 months ago

Round 2, Gene vs Vash The Stampede.


DoctorLazers . 2 months ago

This debate can be ended with two words. Caster Shells.


DanteBrian . 2 months ago

Hand to hand combat: Spike Weapons fight: Gene Space battle: Gene

Steven Gendler

Steven Gendler . 2 months ago

Outlaw Star is one of my top favorite series, period.(double period)

Steven Gendler

Steven Gendler . 2 months ago

kept hearing, "in chat" as "in Chad" just couldnt help it

michael puente

michael puente . 2 months ago

Outlaw Star underrated anime

Johan Stenfelt

Johan Stenfelt . 2 months ago

Who would be a good and/or fitting matchup for Kat (Gravity Rush)?

Johan Stenfelt

Johan Stenfelt . 2 months ago

Who would be a good and/or fitting matchup for Black Rock Shooter (Black Rock Shooter)?

Johan Stenfelt

Johan Stenfelt . 2 months ago

Who would be a good and/or fitting matchup for Bernkastel (Umineko: When They Cry)?

Johan Stenfelt

Johan Stenfelt . 2 months ago

Who would be a good and/or fitting matchup for Hibiki Tachibana (Symphogear)?

Johan Stenfelt

Johan Stenfelt . 2 months ago

Who’s Kdin Jenzen?

Dio Jaeger

Dio Jaeger . 2 months ago

Ngl I think vash vs spike is a better matchup

Marcos Armendia

Marcos Armendia . 2 months ago

Damn! I am ok with Spike winning, but by that margin? They did Gene so wrong...


Lucky . 2 months ago

Lucy heartfilia vs someone

The Indepundit

The Indepundit . 2 months ago

Cowboy Bebop has better music

xellos metallium

xellos metallium . 2 months ago

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger VS Sailor Moon; the Gokaiger would utterly destroy the sailor scouts. A good match up would be Mahou Sentai MagiRanger VS Sailor Moon that would be Epic. Magic vs Magic, who is stronger?


Scroopulous . 2 months ago

finally a match up that actually makes sense. I hope they actually do this.

Agustin Garfias

Agustin Garfias . 2 months ago

Does anyone want to see luffy in death battle?

william mater

william mater . 2 months ago

and we never got to see them fight now it is death battle with out the fighting???

Steve Jackman

Steve Jackman . 2 months ago

hopefully the community death battle doesn't exclude this match from getting a proper episode...

A.K. waZey

A.K. waZey . 2 months ago

Spike Spiegel would be more of a winner when it comes to hand to hand or on ground level period. But jean starwind would win in a spaceship fight.


safecracker8606 . 2 months ago

Never considered gene starwind as a match for spike. Would like to see that match up too. Still want spike vs Vash the stampede. So another week of requesting spike vs vash


SHC SANDID . 2 months ago

Don Quixote Doflamingo vs Kankuro

Brady Sneed

Brady Sneed . 2 months ago

day 7808 of asking for minecraft steve vs fortight's recruit

Robert Curley

Robert Curley . 2 months ago

Hiccup & Toothless VS Hiro & Baymax (How To Train Your Dragon VS Big Hero 6) Symmetra VS Simone Cole (Overwatch VS Clive Baker's Jericho) Yugi Muto VS Dan Kuso (Yu-Gi-Oh VS Bakugan) Qrow VS Domino (RWBY VS Marvel) Jesse McCree VS Erron Black (Overwatch VS Mortal Kombat) Storm Hawks VS Battle Force 5 (Storm Hawks VS Hot Wheels Battle Force 5) Hatsune Miku VS Haruka Amami (Vocaloid VS [email protected]) Guardians Of The Galaxy VS Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (Marvel VS Power Rangers) Po VS Iron Fist (Kung Fu Panda Vs Marvel) Dinobots Battle Royale/Grimlock VS Slug VS Sludge VS Snarl VS Swoop (Transformers)

Mega meta

Mega meta . 2 months ago

random ideas for death battle cast: old man logan vs brad (marvel vs lisa) or doc ock vs aloysius animo (marvel vs ben 10)

Andrew DiMartino

Andrew DiMartino . 2 months ago

I love this show so much.


Shinobu-chan . 2 months ago

I'm old enough to remember Iria: Zeiram The Animation.


AgentRedhead . 2 months ago

Please tell me I'm not the only one who wants to see Kdin debate more matchups, even if they're not anime-themed.

jason vanway

jason vanway . 2 months ago

OutlawStar was great up untill the end. The ending of outlawStar sucked

Son of Aries 216

Son of Aries 216 . 2 months ago

I like both of them but I got to give it Gene Starwind

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