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The Cosmic Wonder

The Cosmic Wonder

Published on 2 months ago

Spider-Man No Way Home plot leak from real source! The Multiverse and Spider-verse for Spider-Man No Way Home have been confirmed as well with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield returning!
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Comments :

The Cosmic Wonder

The Cosmic Wonder . 2 months ago

More and More crazy news about Spider-Man No Way Home!This plot leak seems very legitimate and I'm all for it! What do you think? Woof woof! Head to http://squarespace.com/thecosmicwonder to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code (TheCosmicWonder). GIVEAWAY!!!!! HOW TO ENTER: -Subscribe to my channel -Subscribe to Cosmic Culture --- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtImxuAZxeLOLx5fIxfZK-g

Urantulga Erkhembayar

Urantulga Erkhembayar . 2 weeks ago

My theory: MCU will have their own green goblin and electro Doc ock will arrive early mcu(like 2004)through the black hole and hiding since Mysterio faked his death and hidden Vulture and scorpion break out of prison Green goblin will find and reach out to electro doc ock vulture and scorpion. Forming incomplete sinister 6 During that matt murdock helps peter in the cort After that dr strange will use magic to restore spiderman's hidden identity, he will have 2 attemts He will fail the first try and that brings the other 2 spiderman without dr strange knowing it(somehow) He will succeed the second try After that 3 spideys will have a fight Until sinister 5 attacks and alfred molina's doc ock will see tobey and goes into rage mode Sinister 6 is formed and retreats Sinister 6 will use the incomplete device that when used right it will teleport them into the multiverse They will try to get more villians But the trio stops them and at the last minute green goblin throws a bomb and hits tobey The tobey's spidey dies Oh and marvel will de-age alfred molina during the arrival in the mcu scene Dr strange helps andrew's spidey to go back to his timeline And in the post credit scene a spider comes out and bites miles morales


Herbivor325i . 2 weeks ago

Who is the leaker? I know they’re supposed to be a credible source, are they like a producer for the movie or something

Art Rivera

Art Rivera . 3 weeks ago

Dr strange imprisons doc ock and green goblin . Then tom spidey lets them loose . Then dr strange takes tom to get the other 2 spider men to fight the doc , goblin etc villians . Tobey dies first , so does ned .


Cameron . 3 weeks ago

This movie gonna be at least 2hr 40 fr it's too much to put in. Endgame spiderman style 3hrs

Ryan Burgess

Ryan Burgess . 3 weeks ago

Great vid

lity fity

lity fity . 1 month ago


Goddard Neutron

Goddard Neutron . 1 month ago

If this comes true i bet green goblin kills happy. But if not him its gotta be may


ForJustice1324 . 1 month ago

Look even though they say Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock is from Spider-Man 2 the Electro that Jamie Foxx is playing in this isn’t the one from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The MCU is probably gonna take a page from Into the Spider-Verse but it’s not gonna be a direct adaptation of it. Tobey Maguire may only have a cameo in the film just as a nice callback to original trilogy and as for Doctor Strange, according to sources he’s probably only gonna show up in the film as an astral projection cause he’s busy handling the Scarlet Witch.

Arden Taylor

Arden Taylor . 1 month ago

Please bring Maguire back

Sayak's Been Here

Sayak's Been Here . 1 month ago

Can't wait to see Toby Maguire as Spider-Man the original one indeed. I knew him since I was 6


D M . 1 month ago

"Nobody Dies". You've lost all stakes achievement unlocked.

John Pritzlaff

John Pritzlaff . 2 months ago

I'm so pumped for this movie. I wish Kingpin was in it

Jrcooldawg H.

Jrcooldawg H. . 2 months ago

If they kill my spider-man(Tobey) i'm going to actually cry rather than not crying when Tom Holland's spider-man died in infinity war

Bobtwi Chew

Bobtwi Chew . 2 months ago

My $ is on Ned or MJ getting killed. I doubt they'd kill off Tobeys or Andrew's Spidey's. Tobey has been rumored to have his 4th installment of Rami's Spiderman. I also heard both are appearing in DSMOM.

Sir Shabaz

Sir Shabaz . 2 months ago

Oh no......... Rest in Pease Aunt May

Rohit Jadhav

Rohit Jadhav . 2 months ago

I can't wait to see my childhood

Biraj Shrestha

Biraj Shrestha . 2 months ago

Let's go!!!!!!

Krrish Sharma

Krrish Sharma . 2 months ago

Sounds pretty crap


Hayley . 2 months ago

pizza time

Sean Couture

Sean Couture . 2 months ago

I just wanna see it already, I can not wait!!!!!



Think about who is leaking the data risking 😂🤣

Manuel Duarte

Manuel Duarte . 2 months ago

Its crazy how I already knew this because marvel sent out a instagram post 4/5 moths ago then deleted it 6 minutes later but thanks for going in depth on this 👍

Jared Voisin

Jared Voisin . 2 months ago

Yo this final battle bout to be lit


ITendToOverThinkThis . 2 months ago

Honestly there’s 100% no way it’s not a multiverse movie at this point


TECHZOOKA . 2 months ago

OMG! I think this like another big end game Waiting Tobey ❤

Emmanuel Kebede

Emmanuel Kebede . 2 months ago

Sounds like a mess

Anthony Demeo

Anthony Demeo . 2 months ago

Mj will probably die in the movie and the other Spider-Man will go to their earths die sacrifice themselves or stay on toms earth

O.A studios

O.A studios . 2 months ago

I just checked online and I saw the whole cast! If you want to see just search spiderman no way home cast

Dog School

Dog School . 2 months ago

Wish they brought Evan Peters Quicksilver back.

Jake Britton

Jake Britton . 2 months ago

As long as Andrew Garfield returns im good with it. I can do without Tobey. If this pans out as the movie I'll enjoy it just the same because it has an interesting concept.


Senpai-_-2k . 2 months ago

why cant people just shut up and wait for the trailer

Bobo Karate chop

Bobo Karate chop . 2 months ago

I hope he’s right!

Samil Battenfeld

Samil Battenfeld . 2 months ago

what if they have a post credit scene where Topher Grace's venom comes thru a portal (or however they get there) but then tom hardy's venom instantly comes and kills him and says, "there can only be us"


THE PUNISHER GEAR . 2 months ago

imagine if this was a tv show 🤩


AB . 2 months ago

More speculation and false information

Ivan Maldonado

Ivan Maldonado . 2 months ago

Awesome news hope its true

Jackson Partin

Jackson Partin . 2 months ago

5:33 i think MJ or Ned will die or possibly one of the spoodermen.


Jojo . 2 months ago

I came across your channel and subscribed with no second thought, good shit


Jojo . 2 months ago

Im so excited for this movie

Nguyen Minh

Nguyen Minh . 2 months ago

Imo this and Dr Strange 2 might be the most ambitious films since Endgame


VenomCrow . 2 months ago

Hmm, Okay, so he said "Tom Holland's Spider-Man will cry and be enraged to try and kill Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin" After he kills someone major, which in itself kinda confirms that neither Tobey's or Andrew's Spidey are gonna die, because Tom's Spidey wouldn't be crying and ENRAGED over their death, having in mind he'd probably been knowing them for..Well the amount of time the movie takes place in, couple of days perhaps? So I'm thinking probably Tom's Aunt May, who else could it be? Happy? Michelle Jones? Ned?

Claudel McCauley

Claudel McCauley . 2 months ago

This one is going to be really HUGE. I don't know how they plan on doing this but hey this is the MCU and anything is possible. Great job Marvel. I can't wait...


danzx . 2 months ago


Ranger Raph

Ranger Raph . 2 months ago

Do much for us complaining about there being 3 spidermen

RedTigerGhouls World

RedTigerGhouls World . 2 months ago

I wonder if there will be a scene where Andrew Garfield Spider-Man shares his story of Harry Osborn and tobey maguire’s Spider-Man shares the story of his Harry Osborn

Daniel beats

Daniel beats . 2 months ago

Lies and more lies

Ethan Bennett

Ethan Bennett . 2 months ago

Aunt may or happy hogan is gonna die 😢 highly unfortunate or maybe they will reveals that green goblin killed uncle Ben and he tells Peter and that sets him off???????? I am kinda disappointed this isn’t going to be a sinister six movie but this sets up some villains staying in this marvel universe so maybe spider man four


YEEYEEBOY 01 . 2 months ago

In spider man 3 they know that Osborn is dead quote from bloopers "THE BLADE THAT PEIRCED HIS BODY CAME FROM HIS TRAILER"

Michael Jaynes

Michael Jaynes . 2 months ago

These are so fake lol

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